Headline Requiem

26 08 2009

KSDK:  Former State Senator Jeff Smith: “We aren’t white knights”

Just pale queens.

KSDK:  Kennedy ‘fashioned the modern day’ immigration system

It worked out so well that the rotten system has been “reformed” three times since them in the same rotten way, with a fourth on the way..

CofCC:  Fidel Castro joins MSNBC in denouncing Obama’s critics as “racists.”

Newsflash:  MSNBC has doubled its viewership.

Jihad Watch:  Daily Kos sides with Islamic supremacists who want to extinguish free speech and oppress women and non-Muslims

Who wants to start the investigation to see how the money that starts at Al Qaeda gets laundered on its way to the Daily Kook?

CNS:  VH1 Cancels Reality Shows with Dead Murder Suspect

The bad news?  A man murdered his ex-wife then killed himself.  The good news?  One fewer reality show.

CNS:  Preparing to Mark 60 Years of Communist Rule, China Worries About Terrorism

I’ve always wanted to see a tiger and a grizzly bear go at it.  I just might get my wish when it comes to China vs Islam.  Sit back, pop open a Sammy Adams and enjoy the carnage.

CNS:  SC Lt Gov Will Ask Embattled Sanford to Resign

You don’t think the Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina has any personal incentive here, do you?

John Lott:  Felons in prison sent stimulus checks

$250 in prison will keep your ass unstimulated for quite a long time.

MOPNS:  Chris Matthews: “Barack Is The Last Kennedy Brother”

Oh boy, Joe Kennedy was running out on Rose with a black woman.  At least we’ll see a birth certificate soon.

Paducah Sun:  Walgreens ready to open 13,000-square-foot drug store in Metropolis

Could you imagine?  A Walgreens store is getting almost as big as a Wal-Mart store, but you don’t have to walk past as much crap in Wal-Mart to get to the pharmacy.

WND:  College kids recruited to join Obama’s ‘army’

If you join the Obama Army, you’ll inflict almost as much physical pain through violence was you would in the U.S. Army, though you’ll be wearing a blue SEIU shirt instead of camos.



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