Belleville Bus Beating (Some Dare Call It a Hate Crime)

15 09 2009

Yesterday, it was a hate crimeToday, it wasn’t.  The Belleville P.D. and St. Clair County State’s Attorney’s office sure did a quick cover up investigation.  Actually, they didn’t do any investigation, because they don’t want to do an investigation.  They know what the honest conclusion would be.  Hell, even the Belleville School District is going to call in all the black students on the bus, and the driver, to find the truth.  Yet, the office vested with the criminal and civil power of the state of Illinois in St. Clair County couldn’t be bothered to do that very simple step.  Perry Mason not required, don’t you know.

Everything that needs to be said about the subject has already been said by James Edwards.  Even Rush Limbaugh jumped into the fray today, and through his sarcastic reductio ad absurdum blaming the white teenager for black teenagers beating him up and cheering it on, linking that to the recent Newsweak (deliberate misspelling) article that white babies are bigots starting at six months old (though this does not apply to non-white six-month olds).

I just knew that when Official Belleville called it a hate crime yesterday, that it wouldn’t take long for them to start the blackwashing.  What else would you expect in Obama’s America in Obama’s state, flanked by Dick Durbin, Roland Burris and Rod Blagojevich?

The authorities are wondering why the bus driver didn’t pull over and stop the beating.  Two theories:  (1) S/he is black, and approved of a hate crime on a white teenager, (2) S/he is black, but was rightfully scared to intervene, because it would have been 25 high school students against one adult, (3) S/he is white, and had similar feelings to (2), or (4) S/he is white, and was scared to intervene for racial reasons.

I recorded Rush’s show today on KMOX radio, as KMOX makes it down here to Carbondale fairly well.  Not only did I record Rush, but I also recorded the local show after Rush, to see if/how they would deal with this matter.  They did, but wanted to downplay it as “bullying.”  That’s like calling the Pope a Catholic Priest.

In 1991, CBS’s 60 Minutes did a hit piece on Belleville, which at the time was a nice, livable white Kraut town, and its attempts to prevent East St. Louis’s blacks from moving to Belleville and tearing their way through one more Metro East city.  When CBS said jump, the Bush (41) Administration said “How High?”  So it wasn’t long until the U.S. Just-Us Department opened the floodgates, literally and figuratively, between ESL and Belleville.  This hate crime took place on the school bus full of Belleville West High School students, and such a bus had only one white on it.  That tells me that the west part of Belleville has to be majority black by now.  Eastern Belleville, and Belleville East H.S., is still very white, from what I understand.

There are any number of well-known white people who were actually born and raised in East St. Louis, that do everything they can to cover up where they were from, as it would be too much of an embarrassment.  Jimmy Connors always says he was from Belleville, when the truth of the matter is that he was born and raised in ESL, but later moved to Belleville when the usual suspect that chewed through ESL are now chewing through Belleville.  In fact, the house that Connors lived in, and the tennis court that his parents built for him on their property, are both still in good condition.  I would assume that a black man or woman now owns the house, and is keeping it up because they’re speculating on Jimmy Connors perhaps buying the property in the future for sentimental value.

Senator Dick Durbin and Governor Pat Quinn were also born in East St. Louis.

UPDATE 9/16: Now it’s not even bullying anymore.  The party line of the day is that it was nothing more than a dispute over a seat.  Of course they’re all forgetting that a lot of lawyers know about the “but for” doctrine.  The factor that has by far the best explanation using the “but for” test is race.

The bus driver behaved within policy, and one of my theories turned out to be right — the reason for the non-intervention policy is to prevent a mob attack at the hands of larger high school students against a bus driver, who is likely older and weaker.  However, the subtle obfuscation of race at the hands of the St. Louis MSM (read:  The Post-Dispatch) continues.  Look at the sidebar — It tells you about recent school bus violence, but not black-on-white hate crimes.

UPDATE 9/17: The driver has been bounced out anyway.

In other opines, in spite of the fact that most whites driven out of west Belleville moved to Fairview Heights, O’Fallon or some place like that, I think the reason why east Belleville might be okay for awhile is that its residential profile is almost entirely white and owner-occupied; very few apartments.  This means that East H.S. will also be mostly white for some time to come.

UPDATE 9/17: And here we go again:  Another bus beating in the St. Louis area, this time in the (increasingly black) Hazelwood district, with a white victim.  The school district isn’t releasing the bus video because of “privacy concerns.”  What that means is that a black did it.

UPDATE 9/18: Two of the black teenagers that did the lion’s share of the beating were charged today in juvenile court with various felonies.  Legally, their cases will have to stay in juv, which is probably a good thing, because if it went to adult court, they could get a jury, and in St. Clair County, Illinois, that means at least three blacks.

However, you can probably discern the answer to your most pressing question:

On the issue of a hate crime, [St. Clair County State’s Attorney Robert] Haida said: “No evidence is present to suggest that the motive for the conduct was the race of the victim. Illinois law requires such evidence in order to support that charge. Illinois law is clear that the fact that a defendant and a victim are of different races is insufficient without more evidence to support a hate crime.”

Of course “no evidence is present” of hate.  That’s because Official Belleville couldn’t be bothered to spend the five minutes and 12 calories required to gather such evidence.

In other news, Rush Limbaugh and SPLC Pseudo-Intelligence Chief Mark Potok were involved in a contretemps yesterday and today.  In the process, Potok accused Rush (on MSNBC, of course) of actually calling for school bus segregation, when it was sarcastic on Rush’s part.  Rush called Potok “an embarrassment of a human being,” which of course is ten years late and ten billion dollars short.

Mark Potok is what he is. But why did Rush Limbaugh have to carry on in a sarcastic manner about the concept of school bus segregation? I can think of at least two white parents in Belleville that think that it would be a good idea, and I bet that a majority of white people that listen to Rush weren’t exactly laughing along with their host, either.

UPDATE 9/21: One of the suspects has been released to the custody of his father.  He has a 24-hour curfew, and therefore must be at home or in the presence of his father while he isn’t at school.  I wonder if he can still take the bus.

An Assistant State’s Attorney alleges that one of the other assailants (not the one released to his father) flashed gang signs after his part in the beating.  Now isn’t that special, as the Church Lady would say — The State’s Attorneys can spend time and money to figure out that one of the perps flashed a gang sign, but they still aren’t looking for evidence of racial enmity enough to add on hate crimes riders.  The story was in the Post-Dispatch, but had the name of the judge who is involved in the pre-trial motions.  Therefore no link.

UPDATE 9/22: The Belleville School Board permanently expelled the two students that did the most beating.

That begs the obvious question:  They keep telling us that it was nothing more than a dispute over a seat.  Would a school board bounce two students out for good over a seat dispute?  And why did the school board net out the punishment?  Usually, disciplinary decisions are left to principals, although using board-countenanced guidelines.  That (1) The school board would take up the matter, and (2) expel them, is an indication that the board thinks (or knows) that it wasn’t a seat dispute, and that there were aggravating circumstances, such as race hate.

UPDATE 9/24: I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that the parents of the victim have hired a lawyer.  I would have hoped that the reason for the legal help would have been to look into the status of Illinois hate crimes riders on the civil/tort end, so that they can file lawsuits against the perps and accomplish what the Haidaburo can’t be bothered to do, and that is to prove racial enmity.

Alas, no.  The parents hired a lawyer to denounce “racial bigotry” and “white supremacy,” on the occasion of a planned protest by certain provocateurs on the FBIATFADLSPLC payroll.  (Hey, genius, why do you think the St. Louis MSM cover everything those so-called “National Socialists” do and plan to do, when the St. Louis Chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens got almost jack shit in the way of media coverage during its most active years of public street theater?  You always give the most publicity to the kookiest kooks among your opponents.  If I were rich, I would secretly see to it that radical black and Hispanic hatemongers would be on every powerful radio station in every big city, spewing as much frightening rhetoric as they can, and at the same time secretly founding and funding a right-wing analogue to the SPLC denouncing such black and Hispanic hate.  I do have a Hegelian side, after all!)

I tell you, the young man can’t catch a break.  If it weren’t for bad luck, he’d have no luck at all.  First, a number of blacks on the bus try to beat him senseless because he had the audacity to be white, now his parents have practically painted their faces black and kicked their son in the gut yelling out “die you motherfucking white cracker honkey” in the process.



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