Hate Crime in Southern Illinois (This Time, They Did Look and Did Find)

28 09 2009

Southern Illinoisan:

SESSER – Four men are in Franklin County Jail today after a weekend fight that police say was racially motivated.

Joshua W. Szczeblewski, 28 and Nathan R. Loucks, 23, both of Mulkeytown, and Aaron J. Parker and Shawn D. Parker, 28, both of Sesser, were charged with mob action and hate crime, Sesser Police Chief Rob Barrett said.

Sesser police were called to the 100 block of South Locust Street late Saturday night where the four men, allegedly highly intoxicated, were discovered allegedly yelling racial slurs, Barrett said. The racially charged language was allegedly directed toward Hispanic residents in the neighborhood.


Barrett said he will seek assistance from hate crime units with the state police and FBI because of recent racial tensions in the Franklin County town.

“This is unchartered territory for me and my staff and they have investigative units designed to deal with things like this,” Barrett said. “Ninety-nine percent of the people in Sesser are very good people but you have 1 percent who are idiots that do things that embarrass the rest of us. That’s a fact.”

Now, you see, Bob Haida?  When you actually look for evidence of hate where you think it might be, gosh darn you just might find it.  You might have been able to invite the FBI into Belleville to help out, though since the FBI’s bosses are Eric Holder and Barack Obama, don’t hold your breath.



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