Elections Next Tuesday

28 10 2009

I won’t be formal about it, because there isn’t too much to deal with.

GOV-NJ: I hope Chris Christie does not win.  He beat a conservative in the Republican primaries, and should he win, in a very blue state, then the Stupid Party will start preaching moderation.  Also, he’s for “gun control” (duh, stupid, it’s not population density that make guns behave so badly, it’s racial composition), and he’s got links to the second worst President in American history — he was George W. Bush’s U.S. Attorney for northern NJ.  That’s not a fact lost on the Corzine campaign, as his recent ads has linked Bush and Christie, and then linked Obama (who won NJ by 16 points) and himself, and that’s how Corzine has been able to narrow a big deficit down to a dead heat.

I wouldn’t vote for either Christie, Corzine or Chris Daggett, the environmentalist third party candidate, if I had a vote.

This is the People’s Republic of New Jersey we’re talking about here.  My prediction is Corzine wins a squeaker in spite of himself.

GOV-VA: Bob McDonnell all the way.  I would vote for, and will win big.  His win will prove that VA isn’t turning blue, and is therefore still relatively sane.

NY-23: I would vote for Doug Hoffman.  I have no prediction about how it will turn out, it seems that it could go to either him, the lib woman that the Stupid Party hand-selected to run, or the Democrat.  This is an upstate district that someone I know lives in.  BTW, how ya doin, Kilometers?

If Hoffman wins, or even if the Democrat wins, this will be a big poke into the eye to the Stupid Party.  If this were a Republican primary where people voted, Hoffman would have won the primary easily.  Only the Stupid Party establishment would have been dumb enough to send up the person they did.

Mayors, New York City and Los Angeles: I would vote for Walter Moore if I lived in L.A., nobody in NYC, but I doubt Tuesday will be much of a disappointment for the two incumbents.  Michael Bloomberg’s win will mean that he’ll have a third term thanks to city charter changes he demanded and got a few years ago.




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