KTVI Sports Anchor Has Links to Extremist Hatemongers

13 11 2009

I swung a deal with my immediate supervisor at work this week, such that I worked on Vets Day this past Wednesday in order to have today off, and therefore a longer weekend back in STL.  Today was the first non-holiday weekday I have spent back in St. Louis since I moved to Carbondale in January, and I spent a little bit of it flipping around the local radio dial.

I knew that the 1490 AM station in St. Louis, call letters WFFX officially, but marketed as WESL, had changed format back in July, to become an “urban” (read: black) oriented sports talk station, and that Richard “Onion” Horton would do the morning drive, in spite of the sports format.  That I found out from Mike Anderson over at STL Media.  I also know that the Romaniks are buying the station; they being the driving force behind KZQZ, and are well on their way to owning every AM in the Metro East.

You know who has a show following Horton every weekday morning?  Rob Desir, a sports anchor at KTVI Channel 2.  Desir mainly does 9 and 10 PM.  Desir’s radio co-host, someone named “Moses,” is someone I’ve never heard of.

One of the regular callers on that station, so I understand based on things I’m implying, is a black militant who calls himself “Jacob Israel.”  His claim to fame is that he calls himself a “black Hebrew Israelite.”  Since Mr. Israel has called other radio stations in St. Louis over the years, and even been a Sunday morning host for a short time on one station, I have a distinct understanding on who he is, and why anyone who gets close to him ought to be raked over the coals.

I’ll have to digress on a bit of background.

In the late 19th and early 20th Century, at the height of the British Empire, there emerged a movement called British-Israelism.  It was a religious sect, that believed that white Britons (“white” used to be self-evident when saying “Briton”) were the reassemblance of the twelve tribes of Israel that scattered out of Roman-occupied Judea after the Romans drove them out and burnt the original Temple in 70 A.D.  The obvious inference we’re supposed to take was that Britons were the “true Jews,” and “God’s chosen people,” and Divine blessings explained the power and prosperity of the British Empire.  In the minds of British-Israel adherents, those calling themselves “Jews” (i.e. the real Jews) were diabolical fakers and interlopers.  (As an aside, there is a possibility that British-Israel ideology was a partial driving factor behind the post WWII British government’s insistence on a Jewish partition of their divestment of their Middle Eastern and Mesopotamian imperial possessions, the Jewish partition became the modern day state of Israel, the rest beoming Jordan, Syria and Iraq.  However, the whole thing is very much a subject of debate.)

Later on, in the United States of America, near and encompassing the height of its imperial power and material prosperity, there arose a similar religious faith, called Christian Identity.  It is almost a carbon copy of B-I, except you erase “white Britons” and substitute “white Americans.”

In both the case of B-I and CI, those religious ideologies were built on the foundation of assuming that white Britions and white Americans (respectively) were nothing more than the reassembled twelve scattered tribes of Israel.  Any good amateur historian can tell you why that has more holes than a square miles’ worth of swiss cheese.  Therefore, B-I and CI are factually wrong, and therefore cannot be faithfully correct.  Furthermore, both Jewish intellectuals and anti-Semitic gentiles used to believe that modern-day Jews were descended from Khazars and not the original Israelites.  (This is how B-I and CI adherents were able to make the case that the “supposed Jews” weren’t really Jewish, even if the notion that white Britons or white Americans being a reassembly of the 12 Tribes of Israel is historically problematic.)  Mitochondrial DNA sequencing has proven that theory wrong; most modern-day Jews are direct descendants of ancient Israel, and several old Israeli surnames denoting profession have survived to this day, the modern Jews with those surnames are descended from those of that profession.  For instance, “Cohen,” or its many variants in spelling, comes from the Hebrew word “priest.”  Therefore, “Cohens” in ancient Israel were priests.  Today’s “Cohens” are mostly descended from the priestly class in ancient Israel.  The whole upshot of this is that the true Jews are the true Jews, and that B-I, CI and BHI (see below) are FACTUALLY wrong.

But what I think is going on is that, throughout history, and even into today in spite of our becoming less superstitious and more rational and logical, there is this need among human beings in successful countries and empires to attach an otherworldly explanation for that success, to contrast with less successful countries.  In other words, it can’t possibly be because the country’s people are smarter, more diligent, more moral, more altruistic, harder working, industrious and innovative, and given to education for both practical motives and just for the sake of itself, oh no.  It’s God’s doings, or Zeus’s, or Jupiter’s, or Amon-Re’s.

That said, a black Hebrew-Israelite, as Mr. Israel describes himself as, and has preached the tenets of on various radio stations in St. Louis at various times in the last decade and a half, is someone who believes with B-I and CI believes, but applies only to black Americans.  Black Africans, black Hispanics and black Brazilians aren’t included.  Therefore, black Americans are the reassembled twelve tribes of Israel, and therefore God’s chosen people.  (Not much of a God, eh?)  Unlike B-I and CI, Mr. Israel does not say that black Americans are successful because of God; this would be kind of a stretch.  But, like B-I and CI, Mr. Israel and his BHI school of thought does say that the true Jews are diabolical fakers and interlopers.  On top of that, Mr. Israel often calls white people (both Jewish and Gentile) “heathens,” “white devils,” and representative of a “demon seed.”  He’s not shy about this, he does it on the radio a lot, including a couple times when I was listening today.  Among his less obnoxious habits are to greet friends with the word “Shalom,” the Hebrew word for peace.

Back to Mr. Desir — If he were white, and started a talk show on a radio station where white adherents to Christian Identity were regular callers, then KTVI couldn’t get his ass out the door fast enough.  I myself wouldn’t be having the kind of cow I having if it were just that with the Mr. Desir we all know and love.  But I heard him today ACTIVELY praising Jacob Israel, about how wise and smart he was, and how he “just brings it.”  (Exact quote).  Of course, Mr. Israel called in some time after that, and did his usual spiel about the white devils/demon seeds/heathens.  Mr. Desir also praised Onion Horton, talking about how he has such big shoes to fill every weekday after Horton.  In case you don’t know, Mr. Horton, while avoiding the hateful invective of a Mr. Israel, is an obsessive black fanatic himself, blaming whites and “white racism” for almost everything, seeing a Kluxer under every rock.  From what I could tell, Mr. Israel is a regular caller on Mr. Horton’s show, the latter heaping praise on the former, also.  Of course, Mr. Horton is himself given to anti-Semitism from time to time.  None that I heard today, but he has made slurs against “the Jews” on occasion in the past, linking them to our foreign policy support of Israel and our military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Mr. Horton is also sympathetic to communism and the dictatorial mass murdering regine of Mao Tse-Tung in China, but again, not today, but in the past.

So, there you go.  KTVI has a sports anchor, the face of its sports coverage in late prime time and post-prime time, knowingly and actively cavorting with blant anti-white and anti-Semitic black bigots and worshipers of manical communist mass murderers.  His bosses at the TV station ought to hear about it.  I think they will, from me.

Like I said before, I know the Romaniks are about to buy 1490 AM.  Here’s hoping they don’t change the format, so I can smoke out some more haters in the future.




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