Tomorrow Is Voting Day in Massachusetts. (And Unlike Most Voting Days in Massachusetts, People Actually Have a Choice.)

18 01 2010

Today’s stack of stuff re Brown/Coakley.

(1)  Ed Schultz:  Full voter fraud ahead.

(2)  Schultz just might get his wish.  Some 600,000 people on MA’s voter rolls are either dead or have moved out of state.  Watch for reincarnation miracles tomorrow evening after 8 PM EST, and by gosh by golly, all those Lazari will be Democrats.

(3)  This is perhaps anecdotal evidence supporting my axiom that union membership isn’t a good predictor of partisan voting patterns.  White union members’ party split is close to white non-union workers’ party split, ditto for blacks and Hispanics.  It’s race, not unions.  The last time I saw those SEIU blue shirts, they were whacking a guy selling T-shirts at a St. Louis town hall meeting.  Except the people underneath these t-shirts were black.  Same T-shirts, different race underneath them?  Way different results.  Like, Duh.

(4)  I’m going to make a final prediction.  Brown wins but with a small margin.  Counted absentee boxes, comprising 9% of what is estimated to be all votes, show Brown with a 16-point lead over Coakley.  Weather tomorrow in The Commonwealth will be rotten, but there will be GOTV/GOTVF (F is Fraud) efforts.  This is why I don’t think that the absentees will be indicative of the election day voters.




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