She’s Baaaaaack

18 02 2010

The Duke Fake is now in the sling for a bunch of charges, including attempted murder, arson, assault and battery.  The alleged victim is her current boyfriend who, like Miss Crystal Gale Mangum, is 33 years old.

I feel sorry and I don’t feel sorry for Mr. Walker at the same time.  He had to have known about all her lies about the three Duke LAXers.  When you hook up with a broad that psychopathic, you run the risk of being murdered in a bathtub.  After all, psychopathic people do psychopathic things.  He’s just lucky to come out of this with his dick intact.

Unlike the woman who I now believe to be a victim of Kobe Bryant’s sexual assault, (Thanks to RK for telling me that she got a rape kit, and it showed injuries consistent with rape, something that even I didn’t hear), whose identity I concealed even while I thought that Kobe Bryant might not have raped her, I am very comfortable in concluding that Miss Magnum falsely accused the Duke LAXers of rape.  Therefore, her name and pix are fair game.



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