Thursday Wrap-Up

18 02 2010

I know.  You know already.  They didn’t deserve their own posts.

(1)  Several zingers from Robert Stacy McCain’s latest musings:

Yet the egalitarian illusion of every 18-year-old receiving the same diploma serves the interests of the bureaucracy, which retains both the dullard and the genius for 13 years of taxpayer-funded public schooling. And the result — as can be seen in the hallways of any large “comprehensive” high school — is an insanely heterodox mixture of students, herded together willy-nilly so that they can all cheer for the same football team every Friday night.

“School spirit.” Go, Team!

Newt Gingrich once called high school “subsidized dating,” which is an apt eptithet for this misguided system organized more on the basis of political or social purposes, rather than for any goal than can truly be called educational.

Good timing on his part, b/c I dealt with major education reform a few days ago.

(2)  The New York Post dug deep to break the news to the world that a professional athlete went out for a run.

Wow, I would have never guessed.

(3)  Why can barely more than a quarter of young Britons afford to purchase their own home?  Because mass immigration is doubly hurting those prospects:  (1)  An increasing labor force depresses wage growth,  (2)  More people bidding for the same housing drives the cost of housing way up.  Squeezed from both ends.  They call it a pincher movement.

It’s your easy peezy lemon squeezy economics lesson of the day.

(4)  A 15-year old Briton is the youngest person ever charged with the crime of expressing a politically incorrect opinion, after he uploaded a video of FBI Agents, FBI informants/shit disturbers and SPLC/ADL poseurs lynching a black man and brutally disposing of his body parts.

(5)  I don’t remember voting for free porn.  But I’ll take it anyway.

(6)  Malkin notes the hypocrisy of Grover Norquist signing a declaration for constitutional government, while demanding the GOP allow every Muslim on Earth to immigrate to the United States.  I know how this story ends — The Constitution won’t survive terrorist attack after terrorist attack, so it’s hypocritical to support the constitution and then want the wholesale import of a group of people whose never-ending propensity for terrorism would conflict with the American tradition of civil liberties.

Norquist was pushing this Muslim pandering nonsense starting in 2000, and didn’t stop even after 9/11.

(7)  Homeland Security can’t even secure its own guns.  There’s your lunch barfing moment of the day.

(8)  Kevin Slaten that Tony LaRussa bought in Mark McGwire as hitting coach because LaRussa needs to rehabilitate McGwire to get him into the hall of fame, and that LaRussa’s angle is personal, because LaRussa’s fate is McGwire’s fate.  If McGwire doesn’t get to Cooperstown, LaRussa won’t, b/c they were joined at the hip for so many years with two different teams.

LaRussa just acknowledged that any McGwire failings will also be his own.



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