When Will Illinois Enact a Tax on Headlines?

22 02 2010

P-D:  Obama wants students prepared for college, careers

Those are the only two real tracks for high school graduates, unless alien abduction has become a credible option while I wasn’t looking.

CNS:  AP: Obama Offers Last-Ditch Health Care Plan

At least it’ll be shovel ready.

P-D:  Home owned by Gerald Ford on the market

He was the only person to have owned the home without actually buying it.

Tongue Tied:  Calif.’s Negrohead Mountain renamed

It’s about time — There have been about six or seven changes in the PC-accepted names for that racial minority and for that act since the mountain was named, so “African-Americanfellatio” won’t be PC for much longer.

WMAQ-NBC-5 Chicago:  Doomsday Predictions Tax Illinois

Create a sentence using the words in that headline.  I’ll start:  Illinois will enact a tax on doomsday predictions.

Arizona Republic:  Sen. John McCain: I was misled on bailout

And yet, he said that he was the experienced one to become President, at the very same time he was being “misled” and duped.

MOPNS:  Video: Roy Blunt Addresses African American Conservatives in St. Louis

So we not only get to read about what took place in that broom closet, we get to see the broom closet.



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