Sunday Wrap-Up

7 03 2010

(1)  Some might say “NHS.” I say “AAN” — Affirmative Action Nurses.  Same difference.

(2)  A very high percentage of Britons over 55 that are retired have either moved or are considering moving out of country, thanks to the bad economy, rotten weather, the high cost of living and high crime.  The last two are a direct consequence of non-white immigration, BTW.

(3)  I can’t put it any better than the AP did:

LONDON — Dutch anti-Islam maverick Geert Wilders took his cinematic assault on the Quran to Britain’s House of Lords on Friday, sparking heated debate inside the building and angry protests outside.

The invitation to Parliament, and Wilders’ stunning political gains in the Netherlands this week, highlight a growing dichotomy in Europe: concern at the increasing number of Muslims who reject long-cherished liberal values, against the liberal tradition of welcoming the world’s unfortunates and embracing multiculturalism.

Wilders screened his 15-minute film “Fitna” to about 60 people, including a half-dozen peers, in a wood-paneled committee room in Parliament. The film associates the Quran with terrorism, homophobia and repression of women.

Outside, about 200 protesters jeered and chanted “Fascist thugs off our streets.” Police scuffled with several demonstrators who tried to block a street to prevent a demonstration of pro-Wilders activists from the English Defense League from approaching Parliament.

So the milieu of white leftists and radical Islamists want “fascist thugs off the streets.”  Two words:  Go home.

(4)  I usually don’t disagree with the John Birch Soceity, but this is one time that they’re letting their (and my) isolationism and neutralitarianism get the better of them.  Their minds are so warped by their (and my) own dogma that they wind up countenancing Ziggy Brzezinski of all people, who is a traditional JBS bane.  I wouldn’t side too enthusiastically with Israel over Iran, but by the same token, I don’t approve of killing white people on the basis of ideological zealotry.

(5)  As much as you don’t want these kind of things to happen, it just might be what it takes to wake up a certain segment of the American leftist body politic that radical Islam is a threat.

(6)  The authorities that govern Little League Baseball in Northern New Jersey have turned down a sponsorship offer from a firearms dealer, while they have accepted the same from area liquor stores and boobie bars.  Now, you see, your problem is that you’re not thinking like a good liberal.  There is no inconsistency here.  I don’t know what age that is the minimum to go into little league, but you know that they’re all old enough to have absorbed kindergarten sex ed.

(7)  British public school class sizes are gradually getting larger, to where more than 200 teachers have class sizes in the 40s, and one in eight students are in classrooms of 30 or more.  Tories are sticking their tongues out to Labour, who promised in previous election cycles to reduce class sizes.  Of course, they might want to hire more teachers, but the poison pill when it comes to Labour (and the Tories, too) is that they want more non-white immigration, which winds up filling up public schools pretty quickly.

(8)  The President of the Detroit City Public School Board has the writing skills of a ten-year old.  He wasn’t able to earn a degree from Wayne State University in Detroit until the school dropped its English and grammar course requirements in 2007; the man in question unsuccessfully tried to use the court system to get WSU to drop this class in 1992.

“Wayne State.”  Sounded familiar, and for good reason:  The poster Proactive wrote this on AR about a year ago:

Way back in the 70’s when I was about to graduate from Wayne State University in Detroit, we soon-to-be-grads had to assemble in one of the campus auditoriums to write a 250 word essay. Regardless of major, every student had to pass this simple (and widely known) exercise in order to receive their diploma. It was blindingly simple. The instructors gave handouts explaining that you had to introduce the subject, discuss it in the body, and then write the closing. 500 topics to choose from were listed on a separate sheet of paper, and an overhead projector kept the instructions, as explained verbally, cast on a huge screen in front of our huge group. A postcard came in the mail a week later telling if you passed or failed. I was already working at a job in my major when I read in The Detroit News how a large group of black students was suing the school for discrimination. It’s important to note here that Wayne State U in Detroit is and always has been just to the left of Karl Marx, politically. Political Correctness may have been born on this campus. Blacks with just over 1.5 high school GPAs were admitted as freshmen, and they were passed no matter which courses they took. Dumbing down for black students and social promotions were the rules of the day at WSU. After 4 years of, uh, “study”, they had failed the simple essay requirement. Their argument was that the requirement was biased against blacks due to the “fact” (sic) that writing essays were particularly difficult for their race. What’s the complaint in this AR article? That multiple choice tests were too difficult for blacks? What testing method is left? A few weeks later I read where the black students vs. WSU lawsuit was thrown out of court. Due to the absence of a healthy shame among blacks, and their near total disregard for learning while IN school, these idiotic lawsuits continue. Today, the courts appear to be so PC-corrupt that the litigants often win. With the liberal messiah in the highest office, expect more of this insanity. After all, he’s our first PC, affirmative action prez.

This means that this wasn’t the first time that blacks tried to use WSU to get their oh-so-stringent academic requirements weakened or eliminated.



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