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6 04 2010

(1)  Bad choice of words on the part of the AP to describe the Cards’ win in the season opener at Cincy:

On only his second swing of the season, Albert Pujols(notes)  knocked one over the wall. A few innings later, he did it again.

The National League’s MVP each of the last two seasons is off to another invaluable start, this time with Mark McGwire providing the pointers.

“Pointers” from Mark McGwire.  LOL.

(2)  And you wonder why I call him Karl Roverrated.

In spite of that, I’m not buying the contention of this article that Roverrated’s incompetence on the Iraq issue led to the election of Barack Obama.  It was the economy, stupid.

BTW, I always thought that Saddam Hussein had WMDs (i.e. real ones), transferred them somewhere diplomatically sensitive before the invasion (he had plenty of time to do so, considering that we debated invasion for 14 FRICKIN’ MONTHS before the fact), but the truth of the matter was too much of a tar baby — the WH, I thought, wanted to take the rap for lying and/or CIA gross negligence than actually tell the truth on where Saddam Hussein sent his WMDs.  As it turns out, he dumped them on Syria, which, AFAICT, isn’t the world’s most shocking fact.  So it wasn’t a WH strategery, it was Roverated’s short-sightedness.

(3)  Deval Patrick’s success in 2006 in both winning his party’s primary and the general election, both times against the odds, foreshadowed his good buddy Barack Obama doing the same two years later.  Now, Patrick seems ready be bounced out this November, which also might portend for his good buddy in 2012.

(4)  Leonard Little leaving St. Louis?  Better late than never, I suppose.  But not late enough for the Gutweilers.

(5)  My, how times have changed — libs hated the IRS between 1969 and 1974, but love it now.

(6)  In spite of requiem masses given to the pursuit a few years ago, ham radio is growing.  Among the theories given for its surprising resurgence is that since ham radio is most often talked about in emergencies, and people seem to be preparing for bad times (hint: all the guns, ammo and gold being sold), that people are getting ham licenses because they think they can be future heroes; that people want a more thrilling and challenging way to communicate (i.e. anyone can send an e-mail to someone else in Slovakia, but it’s quite a thrill when 20 meters gets wide open to central Europe); that Morse Code is no longer a requirement to get a license to work most HF bands (though I don’t think dropping Morse Code was such a good idea — Unless you got all your fancy kilobuck Icom rigs contained in a Faraday cage, it’ll be nothing more than a heavy kilobuck doorstop when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lops an EMP bomb over Kansas.  Morse code transmitters/CW equipment can be easy to build in a pinch, and transmitting in CW requires less power to get your message out.)




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