That Movie Better Have Some Nudity

30 04 2010

P-D:  Payne: “I’m a very physical safety”

Unusual, because the position of safety in football is known as the one for wusses and wimps.

UK Telegraph:  Aspiring model convicted of murdering boyfriend

That actually might not endanger her modeling career, if you think about it.  It will definitely decrease her income stream.

NYP:  Lindsay Lohan likely headed to jail after ‘habitually’ violating probation

Hopefully, the Made for TV movie will be on Skinemax.

Schalfly:  Democrats Try To Lock Up Their Base

If not, they’ll just lock the rest of us up.


Friday Wrap-Up

30 04 2010

(1)  There has been a rash of car break-em-ins on the parking lots of gyms in Loweryville.  Apparently, many gym patrons leave their valuables in the car and in plain sight, instead of using their gym locker.  Which probably means they also don’t use the gym’s showers.

(2)  Iowa is now a “shall issue” CCW state.

(3)  I think Walter seriously needs to chill out.  I also don’t think the carrots, cucumbers, celery or milk are for Walter.  Hence, the need for the extra large butt plug for Walter.

Today’s 48th State Stack of Stuff

30 04 2010

(1)  Why SB 1070 is now law, Part 1.

(2)  Why SB 1070 is now law, Part 2.

(3)  Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is against SB 1070, and wants amnesty and open borders.  Well, duh.

She’s Bringing Sexy Back

30 04 2010

I know you’re not supposed to talk about a woman’s age.  So I’ll be diplomatic in what I’m about to say:

For an upper middle-aged woman, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is smoking red hot.

I can only imagine what she was like when she was about my age.  Just extrapolating the age regression, and imagining it on my computer monitor, makes me want to get up and give her the ole wolf whistle.  I don’t imagine Mr. Brewer will take too kindly at someone ogling his wife, even from 1,300 miles away.  But I am, even if it comes with the risk of him traveling all that distance just to kick my ass.

You read it here first:  Janice Kay Brewer, 45th President of the United States.