Turnabout Is Fair Play (Today’s 48th State Stack of Stuff)

17 05 2010

(1)  <liblogic>Just because San Diego wants to boycott Arizona doesn’t mean it should work the other way around.</libogic>

Before San Diego had the chance to boycott Arizona, Arizonans are boycotting San Diego.  And it’s coming at the worst possible time for San Diego, because summer has already hit in Phoenix, and like I said in this medium a few days ago, people from Phoenix and Tucson who have the means to do so go someplace cooler on summer weekends, especially long holiday weekends like Memorial Day.  San Diego is one of their popular choices.  I’m sure a lot of Arizonans already had San Diego hotel rooms reserved for months for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, and they’re canceling those reservations now as fast as the communications bandwidth between the two places will allow.

(2)  Gosh golly, we’re not hearing her say it’s inhumane to deport illegal aliens now.  Then again, in a sense of speaking, Jan Brewer, unlike Miss It’s-Inhumane-to-Deport-Illegals, can see Mexico from her house.

(3)  Ironically, labor unions used to be all about immigration restriction.

As a matter of fact, organized labor, in spite of the fact that it wasn’t as powerful in the 1920s as it became in the next decade, thanks to the fact that the House, Senate and White House were in Republican hands before 1932 and Democrat-run after, and another, far more taboo organization traditionally associated with the Democrat Party in one region of the country, the Ku Klux Klan, were the two forces in American non-elected political life largely responsible for the passage of the essentially race-based immigration restrictions in 1924 that stood until 1965.

(4)  What a surprise, what a shock:  Open borders Cheney hearts open borders Meg Whitman, comparing her to open borders Reagan.  And they wonder why CA will be forever blue in terms of Presidential politics.

(5)  The next Governor of Illinois has finally tipped his hand on SB 1070, and no surprise, it’s a winning hand.

(6)  My estimation of Marco Rubio has gone way down since he came out against SB 1070.  So for him to come out against dependence on big government, yet having no problem with importing people who almost entirely depend on big government, is hypocritical.

Florida voters, I hope for your sake that “None of the Above” is an option in November.

(7)  I have a bridge to China that I want to sell you.  You’re the perfect candidate to buy it if you believe that either:  (1) The current Chinese government actually gives a rat’s ass about homelessness, racial discrimination, immigration policies and treatment of Muslims in America, or even bought it up in this supposed “human rights” symposium, or (2) Any American employed by the State Department actually has the audacity these days to bring up those obvious human rights abuses in China, when Beijing has been the sugar daddy to enable runaway government spending of both the Bush 43 and the current Bush 44 administrations.

If the Chinese actually did complain about how “poorly” Muslims are treated in America, the obvious one-word response is Uighur.

(8)  They held a contest this past weekend.  One of the judges was Hispanic with roots in Cuba, and the winner was a Shiite Muslim from Lebanon.  And yet, they had the audacity to call this thing “USA.”  Of course, SB 1070 was brought up.




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