30 06 2010

Don’t need a long, drawn out expensive mendacious one.  Just stand on the corner of Grand and Enright, and see what streams in and out of there at every shift change.

BTW, why is Russ Carnahan the one demanding an investigation?  The STL VA Hospital isn’t in his district, it’s in Lazy Clay’s district.  Oops, I just answered my own question…




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20 07 2010
Tuesday’s Big Bag O’Tidbits « Countenance Blog

[…] I miss the news that the problems at the VA hospital in his district were all fixed, (by another Congressman, FYI), that he can now run around and dick around with […]

3 10 2010
Sunday Wrap-Up « Countenance Blog

[…] *  Hey, Lazy Clay.  Maybe you should take a break from making wise cracks about white men and basketball and do your fucking job for once. […]

6 01 2011
Slay Pw3ns Clay « Countenance Blog

[…] Lacy Clay is such a useless piece of shit that I hope by some miracle that the redistricting committee up in Jeff City doesn’t shove […]

10 02 2011
How Can You Tell If Lazy Clay Is Saying Something Stupid? « Countenance Blog

[…] Lazy, how’s that VA Hospital investigation coming […]

22 02 2011
Customer Satisfaction, Not Guaranteed « Countenance Blog

[…] “customer satisfaction” surveys.  The proposal comes in the aftermath of the scandal at John Cochran relating to (I’m about to say it, hold on your hats) black affirmative action employees and […]

10 03 2011
Thursday’s Toestubs « Countenance Blog

[…] Meanwhile, I did my own investigation. […]

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