The Future of Sprinting Is So White, We’ve Gotta Wear Shades

11 07 2010

Because I’m a regular reader of AR and Caste Football, I’ve been somewhat following Christophe Lemaitre’s career for a little while.  I haven’t talked about him, because the professionals there have said everything that really needed to be said.  A reader of mine from my new home town finally piqued my interest enough.

On Friday, he became the first man of non-west African descent, and by definition the first white man, to break 10 seconds in the 100, at the French track and field championships.

This is purely an amateur observation on my part, and is probably subject to correction.  But I have noticed that in the universe of elite 100m sprinters on the international level, blacks (i.e. west Africans, either from Africa or their diaspora in Europe or North America) turn in their best career times in the 20-25 age range.  The few whites that are credible in that universe peak in the 25-30 age range.

Lemaitre turned 20 last month, so he will be 22 for London, 26 for Rio and 30 for wherever the 2020 Summer Games will be held.  While he has a credible shot to do well enough in the 100 in London to make the finals in that discipline, he’ll be 22, not yet in his peak (if my amateurish racial generalities hold), competing against a lot of blacks in their prime.  So I doubt he can medal in London.  However, in Rio and in 2020, he’ll be in his prime competing against younger blacks in their prime — Don’t be surprised if he becomes the first white man in a very long time to earn a 100m medal at one of those two Games.

BTW, Usain Bolt?  Roiding.  Mark me.




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