Mongrels and Mutants. Oh No.

29 07 2010

The Hill:  President Obama calls African-Americans a ‘mongrel people’

Nothing but the dogs in them.

UK Telegraph:  Mayor calls Asda shoppers ‘mutants’

“Be Normal:  Shop at Needless Markup.”

TMZ:  Obama Brought to Stammering Halt … By Mel Gibson

Damn you, Mel, sneaking off with the teleprompter like that.  How many times have we told you not to do that?

P-D:  Woman charged with running down ex-boyfriend with car in Clayton

Beyond all her legal troubles, she’s going to have trouble finding another boyfriend.

5:  Police: Florissant bank robber shoves money down his pants

Most guys who are on one of the blue pills are pretty much doing the same thing.

P-D:  Ohio signs for ‘Wildman Road’ swiped too often

Forbid that Wildman Road should have junctions with Routes 69, 187, 420 or 666.

5:  Police: Naked man sets prosthetic leg on fire with crack pipe

The headline is pretty much self-explanatory.

LAT:  One in five Californians say they need mental health care

Meaning the three in five Californians are in denial.

P-D:  A hunt for the most boring story

By all means, tell us, so I can make fun of you for harping on it.

5:  11-year-old gamer receives porn on Xbox

______________ public education __________ sex-ed class____________.  You can fill in the blanks yourself.




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