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10 08 2010

* Remember the last time law enforcement authorities in Northern Virginia were oh-so-sure that a serial killer was a white man? Now, this one might actually be white, because, unlike in the matter of Messrs. Mohammed and Malvo, there are eyewitness descriptions that the doer is white, or at least white-ish.  UPDATE:  WaPo indicates that it might be a Middle Eastern man, and this might make sense as he is suspected of homicides in Michigan (two of his non-fatal victims were white).  Also, the LEAs in NoVa are instantly concluding that it was a hate crime and reaching out to the NAACP, even though the cops in Michigan have not yet settled on race as a motive.  Those cops in VA must be clairvoyant, as they can discern the motive of a man whose true racial identity is unknown as he has not yet been apprehended, and they can discern this motive even though it’s admitted the suspect has uttered nary a racial slur while committing his crimes.  Meanwhile, the Belleville, Illinois Bus Beating still isn’t a hate crime, the Christian-Newsom murders in Knoxville still aren’t hate crimes, and a lot of black-on-white crimes with clear evidence of hate aren’t hate crimes, and white advocacy groups have not yet been approached by law enforcement for help or console.

* Tunku Varadarajan and I must be long lost cousins. The pull quote is dead on. And, like him, I think Rove stunk.

* The spending bill passed and signed into law today, that is essentially nothing more than a bailout of the pension systems of public school teachers and other Democrat-friendly public employee unions, is said to be “paid for” by supposedly plugging a tax loophole used by corporations to ship jobs overseas. This technically fulfills an Obama campaign promise, (all the while, Obama countenances outsourcing white collar car industry jobs to India and building new “American” car plants in Mexico), but if that was the White House’s great interest, why didn’t they just do it by itself and do it more than a year ago?

* U.S. Park Police tells groups of high school students gathered at the Lenin Memorial to quit singing the national anthem. It all has to do with the area close to The Old Reprobate’s statue having to be “content neutral.”

First off, the national anthem isn’t political content. But I’m just waiting for some of these “conservative” students to get on Fox News this evening and complain about how agents of the Federal government have the arrogant attitude that they can do whatever the hell they want, common sense be damned. At the Abraham Lincoln memorial. What’s right with that picture?

And why should we go to all that trouble to make the space around Adolph “content neutral?” If you ask me, just Der Fuhrer’s mere artistic presence is insulting political content in its own right.

* A new charter school in South City is getting the go-ahead to open. Its sponsors state that they “seek to introduce an academically rigorous college preparatory middle school and high school to the St. Louis educational landscape.”


One word: Metro.

* Reason mag questions two high profile prosecutors bringing charges against those who record cops in the line of duty, and the President of the Fraternal Order of Police. While their defense of such laws prohibiting citizen recording of police activity is the usual self-preserving CYA, the FOP President has the closest thing to a rational argument of the three — He fears that those citizens making these recordings can piece them together in very out-of-context fashions to make the cops look bad.

I think race is the white elephant in the room when it comes to this issue. I think the cops are worried about young leftists recording cop-black and cop-Hispanic altercations then vidshopping pieces together to make the white cops look like brutal bigots. If that’s the issue, then I wouldn’t have as much trouble with these laws as the libertarian in me does, what libertarian there is in me.

And a few headlines.

P-D: St. Charles County considers 3 ways to deal with cyclists

A menage-a-trois: That would get me off my bike right away.

NYP: Bill Clinton chats up Christie Brinkley

FGS, Bill, she’s 56. Isn’t she a little too old for you?




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12 08 2010
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