Sunday Wrap-Up

15 08 2010

Behold, the outcome of outcome-based education.

It’s official.  We’re down to only two choices:  He’s that stupid, or he’s that crazy.

The Imam behind the push for the G0M was a Bush Administration diplomat.  Prediction:  George W. Bush will also come out in favor of the G0M in the near future.

As an aside, the source of this news is a lefty publication in NYC.  Their contention is that G0M opponents in the GOP must be hypocrites b/c the “villain” was in with Bush 43.  As if being “in” with Bush 43 makes you some sort of “conservative,” a prospect that becomes all the more laughable with time.  (That ole 20/20 hindsight, it’ll get you every time.)  Also, notice how the libkooks are calling G0M a “community center.”  I guess if they’re gonna say that, they’ll also say that 9/11 was merely an aviation accident.

The San Francisco transit authority wants to prohibit movie ads that show guns on its buses and trains.  NRA thinks it’s an anti-gun thing, but I think it’s just an outgrowth of the SF-LA rivalry.  Then again, this might give San Francisco’s movie industry, i.e. grainy YouTube videos of pot-smoking gays at an anti-Prop 8 Rally, a shot in the arm.  (No pun intended)

*  Duh, Bill McClellan.  You really can’t be that naive, can you?  In case you are, here’s the answer:  The school district is almost entirely black, the administrators are almost entirely black, and the teacher was white.  The whole Federal grant scheme just gave them the excuse to axe a honkey.

They’re only coming here to do the drug dealing that Americans won’t do.

A relatively new writer over at Chronicles has a good article about the rise of anti-Christianity on the right.  It’s worth your time if you’re looking for brain stimulation, but I think the intellectual angle to explain anti-Christian right-wingers is a straw dog.  Remember, most people do most things they do for motivations that are depressingly simple, and not that cerebral.  I think anti-Christians on the right (as opposed to secular, atheist or agnostic right-wingers, there is a difference) are engaging in what seems to be (and what might verily be) historical intellectualism, but it’s all a front for one or both of two things:  (1) Anti-Semitism (“Christianity is a Jewish religion,” or some variant), (2) They were some sort of victim at the hands of Christian clergy, priest, pastor or ecclesiocracy, such as sex abuse, financial swindling, etc.

And some headlines.

P-D:  Hawaii lawmaker plans resolution to ban N-word

I’d be more impressed if this were in a state that actually had N-words.

P-D:  A Look Back: East St. Louis blacks protested over lack of jobs

There were a lot of unemployed blacks in East St. Louis in the 1950s and 60s.  Glad to see things have changed.

NYT:  Secret Assault on Terrorism Widens on Two Continents

With our open borders and Ground Zero mosques, I’m guessing our continent isn’t one of them.

Miami Herald:  Democrats urge Alvin Greene to drop Senate bid after indictment

<Clinton> If only he would have done the obscene thing to the young woman instead of showing her images of the obscene act… </Lewinsky>

WND:  Today Missouri. Tomorrow the moon. After that, maybe even Mars

Using Missouri as a launch pad to the Moon and Mars only guarantees the spread of cicadas and mosquitoes to the Moon and Mars.




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