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7 09 2010

*  Some guy posted to the Lost/Found on Craigslist that he was jogging around a park in St. Louis County, and he got hot, and doffed his sweaty shirt before his last lap around the park.  When he got back around to the bench where he left it, it was gone.  And now he wants it back.

First off, who would steal a sweaty shirt?  (Except an expensive Under Armour shirt, but those absorb sweat like sweat was going out of style, so you’d keep a UA shirt on.)  Second, if it’s that warm outside, why even bother wearing a shirt to begin with?

*  Let me break it down for you in simple terms.  The end of tenure would mean the end of anything-but-liberal professors.  That’s why the NYT wants to get rid of tenure so badly.

*  I’m not the biggest Jim Murphy fan in the St. Louis area, to be sure.  But he treated an air-headed juvenile prank as such.  That’s all that needs to be said about this.

*  Dude, they don’t want you flying your big American flags on your truck because Northglenn High School is more more less part of Mexico now.  It’s 53% white and 38% Hispanic, which is a little less white and a little more Hispanic than the statewide average for HS student demographics.  It’ll be less white and more Hispanic with every passing year.

Al Sharpton’s National Action Network is on the edge of financial ruin, so saith the auditors.  The only reason it has been able to survive until now is because they’re not paying their payroll taxes.

So that begs the obvious question:  Why no IRS action?  I’ve said on this medium before that there’s no such thing as an affirmative action program for tax evasion — It seemed to me, at least before now, that they’ll throw a black in Federal prison just as fast and for as long as they would a white for the same kind of violation of tax laws or regulations.  But I guess Sharpton is too big a fish for Obama’s IRS to reel in.

*  Jay Nixon was elected Missouri’s Governor in 2008 by a landslide margin.  As it turns out, not for his great oratory.

*  Detroit’s pretty much an Arab/Muslim city anyway.  So it should be no surprise that Dubai wants to buy a share of the Pistons.



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