Good News from Sweden

19 09 2010

The Sweden Democrats, the party behind the “Hands” ad, got 5.8% of the vote and 20 seats of the 349-seat parliament.  No party or pre-fab coalition of parties got a majority, though the “center-right” coalition finished with the most seats.  This means that the SDs are at the bargaining table, with aces.

The media keep calling the SDs “far right.”  Maybe they are in Swedish standards, but plop the SD in the United States, and it would be just a skosh to the right of the Republican Party.  An AR poster from Sweden shed light on the situation a few weeks ago:

Sweden Democrats is a cultural conservative and paleo-conservative party. In an American political context, they would be classified as a party close to the cultural-conservative wing of the Republican Party. Sweden Democrats are great fans of the Spencer-Horowitz-Pipes Zionist-club and Robert Spencer even spoke this summer for the party. It is very similar to Danish Peoples Party, but has a more radical history.

Sweden Democrats were founded by some conservative Swedes in 1988. In 1991 the party became a platform for neo-Nazis which lasted until 1995 when Mikael Jansson took over as leader. All Nazis left the party or were forced to leave the party.

Mikael Jansson seeked to turn (SD) into a paleo-conservative and cultural nationalist party, even though many racialists were still in the party at high positions until 1999-2000. Jansson had first kicked out the neo-Nazis and now he wanted to get rid of all racialists. In 1999-2000, the “Stockholm section” was expelled from the party – and almost all racialists were forced to leave the party. But some stayed.

The racialists (ethno pluralist) created National Democrats in 2001, a party very similar to British National Party. They have a couple of seats in some municipalities around Stockholm. The Swedish Democrats have very few racialists in their lines today. Since 2005 the party leader is Jimmy Åkesson, he went even further to modernize the party. He was a part of the liberal Scania region and in opposition to the more hardliner Stockholm region.

Almost all of the remains of the “racialist” section left when he entered as party leader. Åkesson went further, today you are expelled if you raise the issue of race or talk ill about Israel. Hence, the party wants to make all import of hall-Kosher meat illegal and the party wants a ban on circumcision of boys. The Jewish community is not very thrilled when it comes to Sweden Democrats, even though the party is heavily Zionist.

The problem in Swedish politics is that the elite have adopted cultural Marxism in the most extreme way. To even talk about the concept of assimilation is called “racism”. According to our elite, the Swedes should adopt the values of the immigrations not, the opposite. Ten years ago it was racist to talk about language tests for those who seek citizenship. Today, the Peoples Party supports it, but no other party, except Swedish Democrats of course. You have to live here to understand it – it maybe the most terrible political experience you can find. In Sweden it is an official truth that gender is social constructed. The governments have the last 10-15 years have spent billions of kronor on different projects. The Swedish Army spent around 100 million kronor a year on Gender issues. All the media is anti-assimilation and cultural Marxist in the most extreme sense. It is common among the elite (politicians, academia, media and so on) that there is no need for immigrants to learn the language.

We have also an American inspired anti-discrimination government department, and fill suits against both private companies and the state. Often the defend Muslim men’s right to discriminate women, according to the director, “ethnicity, religion and culture” is more important to defend then gender. This in a country that spends billions a year on radical feminism and social constructive ideas on gender.

The election is in two weeks and the media is going in spin and the mainstream politicians are afraid. Experts say that Sweden Democrats will become the fourth or even third largest party in Sweden after this election. It would likely destroy any chances to have working government. There is a large risk that old enemies (Social democrats and social-liberal party and former conservative party Moderates) will create a government together. That would mean that end of a 100 year battle between them too. Socialism and Liberalism would at last join side against all nationalism and conservatism in Sweden. Sadly as it is, just 20-25 years ago both the social democrats and the Moderates would rather join with Sd then the other socialist-anarchist-social-liberal parties that are currently in the parliament along side the social democrats and the moderates.




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