“Polar Bear Hunting”

29 09 2010

Gangs of black boys and men are deliberately hunting whites in the Champaign-Urbana area.  It’s in my own state, yet this is the first I’m reading about it.

It has been going on in August.  It started entirely within the UofI Campus, but has now spread to the entire area.

The sickest part about this is that one of the victims was a former local TV meteorologist who thinks that:

“I’m not a racist. My black friends are just as frustrated and (ticked) off as my white friends,” he said. “The frustration transcends race, but the activities all seem to be race-related.”

And he’s nervous that an attacker or an innocent bystander is going to be killed by a victim who might be armed.

“There’s more consequence than just the personal ones to me. I’m a victim, but I’m not victimized. It’s a sad statement when you can’t walk down the sidewalk at 9:30 at night. Did we lose ownership of the streets?” he asked.

“If these kids had a family background where a dad was bringing home a paycheck and instilling parental control, this wouldn’t be a problem,” said Sola, who said he doesn’t want unemployment and underemployment to be an excuse for such behavior. “If you’re a good person, you’re a good person. If you’re a piece of trash, you’re a piece of trash.”

“Victim who might be armed.”  Not legally armed, anyway, until Bill Brady wins Governor and signs a carry bill next year.  That’ll put an end to some of this shit.

Yes, you “lost ownership of the streets” a long time ago.  Illinois?  Land of Lenin?  All men are created equal?  (But some men are more equal than others).  If you want your own streets, then you’re a RACCCCCIST.  Which is practically a crime in Illinois.

BTW, I didn’t have a father bringing home a paycheck in my household when I was growing up.  But that didn’t stop my other parental unit from “instilling parental control.”  And the fact that I didn’t have an omnipresent (or even present) father didn’t lead to me ganging up with other white boys and men to go around randomly on “black bear hunts.”

Man, all these motherfucking excuses and these gelding whites who just go along with them.  They make me just want to throw up.




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