The Real NutMeg Whitman Stood Up

29 09 2010

That’s two in the number of faces you have.

Hiring illegals.  She let go one that was her domestic servant before she started in on her campaign for Governor, and the jilted illegal has hired Gloria Allred to go on the warpath.

This certainly hasn’t changed my opinion of NutMeg.  I knew she was an open borders hack all along, and that she was faking when when she tried to match the “tough on immigration” rhetoric of her conservative primary opposition this past summer.  Only days after she won the primary, she let her true open border feelings be known.

All this news does is prove that the real Meg Whitman is the open borders one.

I wouldn’t have vote for her anyway.  Now, I don’t have a vote, and I don’t have a good enough read on California politics to say whether this will help or hurt her.  But I do know that California’s not long from declaring bankruptcy, and when the shit balloon pops, I’d rather have the stench on a real liberal Democrat than a phony RINO moderate.  But wouldn’t it be so cosmic justice if the $119 million she’s already spent so far to become Governor plus whatever she’ll spend in October gets flushed down the drain because of this?  So much for fiscal restraint…




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