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19 12 2010

Yahoo Sports profiles the life and times of the man your man could smell like and his exploits as a young man.

RFT complains about St. Louis being “segregated” compared to more “integrated” metro areas like Atlanta.  Trouble is, Atlanta isn’t that integrated, either.  While there isn’t as much *RESIDENTIAL* self-segregation in Atlanta, there is just as much *LIFESTYLE* segregation there as here.  Historically, one of the ironies about the Deep South is that it tried to hold onto de jure segregation laws the longest, all the while its residential patterns were the least segregated in the country.  This is why the phrase “neighborhood schools” is understood as code for segregated schools in St. Louis and Cleveland, but just the opposite in Mississippi, because residential self-segregation is historically mainly the province of northern formerly industrial cities.  To have segregated schools in Mississippi, you needed real legal school segregation.  To have them in St. Louis and Cleveland, you didn’t need to do anything, because the neighborhoods have been historically self-segregated.  This is why the Federal courts “had to” order forced busing to apply literal racial desegregation to big northern cities decades after Brown v Board.

This doesn’t shock me.  During the last year of Jay Nixon’s last term as AG, he interpreted state law to mean that Missouri Medicaid can intercede in the estate between spouses in order to recompense Medicaid for long-term care expenses that Medicaid incurred to care for the spouse that passed first, instead of doing what they have done in the past, that is assume community property and wait until both spouses are gone in order to file a lien against the house.  What that means now is that the state gets the house and the widow has to move out, if her late husband’s long term end of life expenses were covered by Medicaid in any part.  So why wouldn’t they go after IRAs?

What was a Maryland Heights detective doing in Jennings?

John Walker Lindh, Limey Style.

Though I prefer Ann Wagner for RNC Chairwoman over all the other speculated candidates, and obviously far prefer her to the incumbent, I cringe when the conservative media give her credit for the Republican successes in Missouri in the recent past.  They say that when she became Chairwoman of the Missouri Republican Committee, the State House and Senate were heavily Democrat-controlled, and now that she’s about to leave either for the RNC or to run for the U.S. Senate, both are heavily Republican-controlled.  The literal facts are true, but the causation might be faulty.  Just as I whine about giving campaign manglers and political strategerists too much credit or blame when their guy or gal wins or loses, Wagner is in the same kind of field.  I just happen to think the Missouri Republicans in the legislative branch going from zero to 60 in 11.5 years, so to speak, is merely the result of Democrats losing white rural credibility, and on top of that, term limits gradually plonking out high seniority Democrats in the House and Senate over that time period.

Yeahbut…As Sheriff Andy Taylor once told Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife, when the latter considered taking a Sheriff’s job in a neighboring county, “sheriffin’ is a whole lot different job than deputyin’.”

True, Peter Kindercare has never lost an election, and has won two close elections for Lieutenant Governor, the first with the political wind to his back and the second with the wind to his face.  But when you run for Governor, the spotlights get a lot brighter, and the anal proboscious gets a lot sharper and goes a lot further up your business.  Once he starts asking voters for the state’s top job, then all that pandering to blacks, which Kinder’s memo brags about, (at that, it only meant that Kinder in 2008 did only 3.5% better in St. Louis City than did McCain in 2008), will become far more relevant to suburban and rural white voters.  I mean, Lieutenant Governor.  Who cares?  Matt Blunt was young, and Jay Nixon is healthy, so there’s really not much danger that Kinder could slide into Governor by means of a death.  And any slight advantage he had among black voters, it’ll go away.  I mean, they’re still fuming about Jay Nixon and school deseg (some of them), but that doesn’t mean they’ll put a Republican in the state’s top job, so they’ll just not vote for Governor in 2012.

NR writer credits Christine O’Donnell’s candidacy, as hopeless as he thinks it was all along, (and as it probably was), as a big reason why the Senate Republicans stayed unified against Omnibus.

I disagree with his characterization of her general election campaign as a “nut cluster.”  I mean, she only lost by 16.  When was the last time ANY Republican came within 16 points of Joe Biden in his many re-election campaigns for Senate?  Hell, the last time a Republican won a U.S. Senate election in Delaware was 1994.

Polling out of Chicago:  Rahm 32%, Undecided 30%, all other named candidates are in single digits.  All Rahm has to do is touch his nose with his index finger and walk a straight line, and he’s Mayor.

We find out the new electoral college math the day after tomorrow.  All likelihood is that Missouri loses a House seat.  Missouri is probably due to lose one — After the 2000 Census, Indiana lost a House seat even though its rate of population growth was bigger than Missouri’s.

When the new math comes out, I’m going to overlay the 2008 Presidential election red/blue map with the new electoral college numbers, to see how differently Obama’s 366-173 (ignore NE-2 for the sake of argument) electoral win would calculate in 2012 should the red/blue map stay the same.  My guess is that it would still be an easy Obama win, but with slightly fewer electoral votes.  This will marginally help the Republican going into 2012.

*  I’m not a big fan of redundancies.

We’re almost halfway through the long wait between the final BCS poll, the one where it was determined that Take the Money and Run and Nike University would play each other for college football’s mythical national championship, and the game itself, so all those college football reporters on ESPN have to do something.  To pass the time, they’ve been profiling both Auburn University and the University of Oregon, the schools, the athletic programs, so on and so forth.  They say that Nike CEO Phil Knight, who is the big sugar daddy behind the Oregon sports program (Knight is an alum, and Nike is based in suburban Portland), has been the dominant money source behind a multi-million dollar “academic” or “learning” or “tutoring” center within Oregon’s athletic complex, mainly for the use of Oregon’s football and men’s basketball scholarship “afawetes.”  That has created sort of an arms race, and other universities with prominent sports programs are hustling up the shekels to build similar “learning centers.”

Doesn’t it seem kind of redundant to construct a building for “learning” within a sports complex which is itself within an institution dedicated to learning?  If these student-athletes want learning, all they have to do is leave the sports complex and go to the main section of the university.  There they’ll find a lot of learning.

Obviously, I know I’m being glib, not only in thinking that most of the “student-athletes” for whom these “learning centers” are constructed can actually absorb academic material indicative of a tertiary education, but I’m also being generous in considering the material in the mainstream of the campus as “learning,” and not leftist propaganda for the most part.

I see London, I see France…

Hell, if UFA can try to blow up an airliner from his underwear, then I suppose that we all need the kind of underwear to protect our junk from explosions.

We’ve been through this already.

So much so and so often that you’ve gotta think that they know the truth by now.

So why are they still behaving as if most of Mexico’s guns come from the United States?  (When in reality, they come from the international black market).  The answer to that question is in the question itself.

This “emergency plan” is nothing more than an attempt to continue The Little Big Lie.

*  “I only went to charter school to learn how to be a charter fool…”

You really don’t need me to fill in the rest of the obvious but taboo details, do you?  You can add two and two to make the obvious four if you’re merely reading this story.  But if you watched the local news on Friday afternoon, they add two and two for you in case you didn’t already know the sum was four.

Similar story, from a CPS high school.  This fight was over a football, and by a “football,” I don’t mean the outcome of a game of some sort, but over the possession of an actual spherical ball.  My guess is that the party that possessed the ball at the beginning the fight is on the football team and suffers from fumbleitis, so his coach makes him carry the ball around all the time, and he’s in serious trouble if someone else gives the coach the ball he should have at all times.  This fight probably started because someone wanted to do just that — pry possession of the ball away from him and give it back to the coach so that he’d be sent to wind sprint siberia.

Plastic surgery can only do so much.  Believe me, I remember what David Hasselhoff looked like when he was really 30 years old.  Knight Rider, anyone?

Maybe that’s because you’re “only” worth a million dollars a year, buddy.  Maybe it’s because the team knows what most of us suspect, that your “birth certificate” is a big whopper, and that you’re just a wee bit older than the 34 years it suggests.

The only reason I’m commenting at all is that he used to be a Cardinal.

Straight up — Here’s the way it works with Latin-American baseball players.  Between puberty and 15, the “birth certificate” will say 16.  (Non-American born players must be at least 16 to sign with an MLB team.)  Between 16 and 21, the birth certifictate will tell the truth.  When their paperwork states they’re 22 or older, then you can add 10% to figure their real age.

Here’s one North St. Louis grocery store which will last about as long as a snowball in hell.  And NOT for the usual reasons:

In the last several years, food deserts have become a primary concern for nutritionists and food activists who point to several studies that show the link between limited food access and health problems, including higher rates of diabetes and other nutrition-influenced illnesses. In inner-city neighborhoods, organizations have formed co-ops, farmers markets and community gardens to help combat the problem. In St. Louis, for example, the North City Grocery Co-Op launched earlier this year. In East St. Louis, community organizers opened a farmers market in an old Buick dealership in May.

But those efforts face a stubborn challenge: Eating patterns are so entrenched that fresh produce and nutrient-dense food can seem alien to many residents. Getting people to actually embrace fresh, nutritious food requires education, which has to be a key focus, nutritionists and advocates say. YOURS organizers say it will be.

“Fresh produce” is said to be “alien to many” inner city blacks, yet they’re all now coming out of the woodwork as “discriminated against” farmers so they can get in on the Pigford Settlement.

*  Another WikiLeaks “shocker” — New Zealand’s center-left political party is directly interested in a more powerful China as a poke-in-the-eye to the United States.

“Shocking,” because New Zealand withdrew from a mutual defense agreement called ANZUS (Australia-New Zealand-United States) in the mid-1980s, purportedly because Wellington was worried about American nuclear-powered warships in New Zealand’s bays and harbors and ports.  But Wellington’s sucking-up to an increasingly nuking-up China proves that the whole “nuclear” rationale was a lie — The REAL reason NZ withdrew from ANZUS is because the good white leftists of the world hate the United States and its military power, pure and simple.

*  Speaking of China, as China becomes more and more like the United States, i.e. driving automobiles instead of riding bikes to work, the United States becomes more and more like China, i.e. riding bikes to work instead of automobiles.

*  Speaking of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange describes the campaign against WL as “McCarthyism.”

I disagree.  Mainly because my reading of the McCarthy era of history isn’t conventional.

I define McCarthyism as telling the truth about compromised and treacherous government agents, especially in the State Department.  Like Joseph McCarthy before him for rightist reasons, Julian Assange is exposing perfidy and lying at State and other foreign relations agencies in the world, albeit for leftist motivations.  Therefore, Assange is engaging in McCarthyism, and he should be proud of it.

And a few headlines.

American Power Blog:  Progressives Cheer Mark Madoff Suicide as ‘Revolutionary Justice’

How much you wanna bet those progressives were Bernie Madoff-funded?

Daily Mail:  BPI boss Geoff Taylor: File sharers ‘parasites’ as 1.2bn illegally download music in 2010

Hey, Daily Mail.  I dare you to publish “parasite” in any headline about a non-white criminal.

Sydney Morning Herald:  Oklahoma executes man using new drug mix

Sooner hospitality.

5:  State urges young adults to renew driver’s license

Does that mean older adults don’t have to renew their drivers licenses?

Daily Mail:  Snub for Obamas as Royal sources reveal they will not be invited to Prince William’s wedding

I can understand why the Royal Family left the Obamas off the invite list.  They know what kind of presents they give to British royalty, and Wills probably has enough iPods.




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