Lean Forward and Smell the Coffee

6 01 2011

Had to hit Schnucks late this afternoon to pick up some grub for a supper recipe, and I also had to get coffee.

As you can probably figure out, I’m a coffee nut.  So as not to make this post too long, I’ll just tell you my absolute favorite varieties, no honorable mentions — From J. Chauvin Coffee Company (AFAIK, only place you can get it is at the spice shop at Soulard Market), Ethiopian Yrgacheffe is my favorite non-flavored blend, and Chocolate Cinnamon Hazelnut is my favorite flavored blend.  Twelve bucks a pound, but worth every penny.  From Schnucks, Thomas is my favorite non-flavored, Papa Nicholas Vanilla Nut Creme is my favorite flavored.  The latter two is what I had to buy today, and the Papa Nicholas was on sale for $14 for a two-pound bag, which, for premium flavored coffee, is almost like stealing it.  (BTW, people rant and rave about Ronnoco.  I think it’s overrated, especially for the price.  Yeah, it’s better than Folgers, but not for almost $12 a pound.  And it’s available at many gas stations around here, but it doesn’t even taste as good from gas stations than it does brewing it yourself.  Truthfully, QT (pha pha phaaaaaaaaaaa) coffee is better than Ronnoco from gas stations, and way cheaper.)

But I always check out the aisle for any new varieties.  And staring me right in the pus was the bag you see above.  That’s the “Morning Joe” logo from Joe Scarbrough’s MSNBC show, which is the only MSNBC show I give anything close to the time of day.  Along one of the sides was the MSNBC logo.  Evidently, there is a sponsorship deal between Starbucks and MSNBC, and thanks to Scarbrough already calling his show “Morning Joe,” it was an easy call for Starbucks to re-brand one of their varieties, (in this case, the very bold/dark Gold Coast Blend) around that.  I’ll never buy it, because I know Gold Coast is like Italian Blend, which isn’t far off from French Blend, of which I am not a big fan.  And that’s not counting the politics of it all.

Speaking of Starbucks, Rush Limbaugh must have read my mind.  Starbucks is changing its logo to remove “Starbucks” and “Coffee” from the cups, leaving some seal of some woman who leads you to death.  Along with that, Starbucks is going to de-brand itself from its own locations, in order to create the fiction that each of their coffee houses is a mom-and-pop operation — Evidently, the left is upset that Starbucks has become the Wal*Martinez of coffee.  However, as Rush said today, it’s a marketing Catch-22, because a lot of those libs are also dickhead yuppie types who run around with Starbucks cardboard cups in their hands as a status symbol — It’s not that they necessarily like the coffee that much (I think it’s very good, but not worth their prices), but they want to show off their ability to afford Starbucks coffee.  It’s like the BMW in the garage and a Rolex on the wrist.

If you’re in St. Louis, and you absolutely must waste your money on coffee house coffee, BreadCo is just as good but way cheaper.  The drawback is that their varieties are fewer.  Now, Starbucks could take the cue and lower their prices, but then it wouldn’t be a yuppie status symbol anymore.




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22 01 2011
Meet the New Boss, Not the Same as the Old Boss « Countenance Blog

[…] Already, Keith Olbermann has been shown the door.  (Yeah, they’re saying the new boss has nothing to do with it, but if you believe that, I’ve got a rice paddy in the Sahara Desert I want to sell you.)  And he was MSNBC’s ratings winner, though that’s like saying you’re the tallest midget.  You can bet that Mr. Tingley-Legs, Special Ed Schultz and Rachel Mad Cow are next.  As for the Morning Schmuck, maybe they’ll keep him, that is, as long as he’s worth his weight in coffee. […]

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