You Go Girl

12 02 2011

Slapping back.

I would have much preferred such “slapping back” would have come accompanied with a declaration of her candidacy for President.  But I’ll take it.

The latest gossip out of AZ is that she might want to replace Kyl in the Senate.  I’d rather have Russell Pearce, but I’d be okay with her, too.  Especially since there’s other gossip about people wanting Gabrielle Giffords to run for the whole sympathy angle.  UPDATE:  Janet Napolitano, too — If she runs, then that probably means she’s figured on Obama not winning a second term.

In related news, the open borders noise machine is trying to derail Utah passing SB 1070-type laws by whining about the “cost of enforcement.” True, laws cost money to enforce, (and SB 1070 type laws costs even more because there’s the cost of defending them in the Federal courts), but they’re offset and then some and then some by the welfare expenses your state no longer incurs because illegal aliens won’t find your state such an attractive place to plop it.




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