Tuesday’s Tidbits

22 02 2011

Wisconsin Democrats.  Tee hee.

I don’t know what kind of machine he’s raging against, but from the looks of that hat he’s wearing, it’s a machine I want to join.

*  First off, whew.  We just dodged a bullet.

Second, I didn’t know there were Emerson for Senate rumors in the first place.

*  It’s like PR people say:  Videri Quam Esse.

She’s gorgeous.  And the woman is not too bad herself.

*  You’re telling US to “celebrate diversity?”  When you’re making a living off of being a victim of Africans not being able to celebrate their own internal diversity?

Someone needs to do these lectures on the inside of their own glass houses.

BTW, are you going to thank the Yankee government and the white liberal pandering charities for everything they’ve given you here in the United States?  That’s the least you can do, because those same institutions wouldn’t do half as much for destitute native born white Americans.

*  “A radical new Chrome browser.”  Translation:  Even fewer functional UI bits, and an even bigger pipeline to send your personal browsing information back to Larry and Sergey.

*  I guess Derek Dooley is done teaching shower discipline, such that he’s now complaining about all the attention D-I football recruits get.  Maybe they do, but it’s par for the course.  It’s not like the 120 D-I football schools can draft anyone, so they have to compete for talent.  If you were a high school senior, and you had 120 businesses competing for your services starting the next August, for a job that had the (slim) potential of being parlayed into a very high paying job three or four years later, wouldn’t you have a head full of steam?

*  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m happy that the WSJ is running an op-ed by Geert Wilders about the diminution of free speech in Europe.

Problem is, the WSJ ordinarily hates on European nationalist parties, like the one Wilders heads in The Netherlands, and shills for the useless lamestream conservative parties in Europe that don’t do shit about the diminution of free speech rights when they actually have power.  Diversity is too important, don’t ya know?

*  As the man once sang, “ooh child, things are going to get easier.”  The only reason they think that is because we have a black President.

WaPo-Kaiser notes these survey results in spite of the fact that the Great Recession has been (supposedly) worse for blacks than whites.  I take from this that blacks are that stupid (they might be, but nobody can be THAT stupid that they can be so ignorant of their own economic circumstances), or the version I buy, that the recession hasn’t really been that bad for blacks, because so many blacks are protected by their coat of external paint.

*  I have a unique (and by “unique,” I mean not regurgitating RIAA propaganda) interpretation of these graphs.  My interpretation is that music sales are declining because today’s music sux, not because of “downloading.”

*  To wit:  A mid-level apparatchik in the music industry bashes NARAS for having (some semblance of) integrity and not bowing down to sheeple pressure by giving too many Grammys to fan faves Justin Bieber and Eminem.

This is a little freaky — A Seattle MSM outlet shows a very prominent photo of a crime victim in the story about a crime.

Man Bites Dog:  This must be the first white crime in Kinloch since the last few days of Creation.

More Save-A-Lots and Aldis on the South Side of Chicago, and we’re supposed to be impressed?

If an are with a lot of SALs and Aldis also has a paucity of traditional big box grocers, we have a special name for those areas:  Ghetto.

*  At the risk of this story being a driver for what STILL continues to be my most popular post, the famous deodoRANT from back in April, I have to ask:


What was the motive for this man stealing that much deodorant?

Is he trying to stock up for several years?  If so, then he’s outta luck, because the stuff has an expiration date.  Is there a black market out there for deodorant?  I’ve never heard any such chatter.

Or, most disturbingly, did my mysteriously and continuously deodoRANT somehow inspire him?

*  No wonder military medics can get real life experience at SLU’s ER.  That’s where most of the casualties from St. Louis’s ghetto wars are sent.  And also a few pimps.




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