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25 03 2011

*  Gunwalking update:  Second whistle blower implicates more agencies of the alphabet gang.

If true, then it’s going to be harder and harder for people to believe that Obama didn’t know.

*  Along those same lines, watching this video might get your egalitarian sensitivities hurt.

A number of cities and municipalities are passing “stolen gun” ordinances, the jist of which is that this victim would be required to give the cops the serial numbers of all his stolen guns with a certain time period of them having been stolen, or otherwise be forced to pay a several hundred dollar fine.  Of course I can see how that’s logical — It’s the gun owner’s fault that his own guns got stolen.  Just like it’s the woman’s fault that she was raped.  (Sarcasm mode, in case you didn’t notice.)

*  Not that the U.S. Attorneys that work for open borders Republocrats will ever tell you, but all the illicit heroin consumed in the United States has to be imported, and therefore has to cross a border.

Hey, Lawrence Taylor:  I don’t card prostitutes either, because I don’t solicit prostitutes.


*  Scrap copper thefts seem to be a big problem in St. Louis City and East St. Louis.  (Could we draw a conclusion here, or would that be racist?)  The cops in both cities are laying the blame squarely on the backs of thieves who steal scrap copper legitimate businesses that pay cash for scrap copper.

#6 seems to be the smartest man in that photograph.

*  The country music stars of the time were loyal and vocal supporters of George Wallace’s Presidential campaigns.

Now, the fact that today’s country music is nothing more than warmed over pop recorded in Nashville is mirrored by the fact that the genre’s biggest stars are the same kind of celebutards as their pop contemporaries.

And what do we have now?  Garth Brooks, who hates “white racism,” who penned a song (“We Shall Be Free,” essentially a “country” version of “We Are The World”) in reaction to the L.A. riots in 1992, and is an Obamabot.

Garth Dummy is from Oklahoma, which was the reddest state in 2008, ironically.

How Anheuser-Busch survived prohibition.  Yes, make fun of grape soda now, but it sustained the institution for which a handful of my relatives worked after it was legally able to brew beer again.

*  You’ll hear far more media coverage of a young white woman complaining on YouTube about her Asian peers at UCLA being too loud and rude in the library than you will about this.

You have read the story right now, so I don’t need to comment on it in a way that thousands of bloggers already have.

I will say that I find it ironic that Gov. Terry Branstad signed off on it.  Because Branstad campaigned on signing an SB 1070 type bill for Iowa during the election campaign last fall.


*  Whaddaya know.  Lorena Bobbitt has gone into the floral business.

*  I have seen Justin Bieber’s future, and it is David Cassidy.

Hmmm.  “Beat Me in St. Louis.”

It’s perhaps a good thing the city of Fairview Heights could do nothing about it.  For if it could, and it would have sent the cops in there to stop it, the attendees might have mistaken the cops for some freaky beginning to some freaky S&M ritual.




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