Fun With Raw Criminality

12 04 2011

Canada Post:  UN document would give ‘Mother Earth’ same rights as humans

Hypothetical question:  What if something that “Mother Earth” does offends a Muslim?  How will the UN react?

John Lott:  How can Mayor Daley get guns so backwards?

Because Mayor Daley is backwards.

The Hill:  Sen. Graham urges GOP presidential candidates to avoid isolationism

Isolationism?  Bad, always bad.  Free speech?  A good idea in theory.

Outside the Beltway:  Paul Krugman Wonders Where The President He Thought He Was Voting For Went To

He painted himself yellow, changed his name to Hu Jintao and moved to Beijing.

Daily Mail:  ‘I don’t want it back’: Naked man covers up with woman’s towel as he goes on run from police

Looking to be inconspicuous as you try and give the cops the slip?  Take off all your clothes and run around town naked.  That’ll do it.



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