Knockout King Strikes Again

25 06 2011

Combined with the infamous Richmond Heights/Galleria Metro Link station, and voila — Hate crime.

However, since the vic seems to be a homosexual man, the taboo racial truths will probably get buried under the distraction of the politics of orientation.  It’s true that the young blacks who beat him up said “fucking faggot,” (kind of hypocritical for a group of people who have had or currently have fathers in prison who are all screwing each other or raping unwilling white prisoners), but I still think that if you apply proximate causation (the “but for” test), you’ll wind up with a racial motivation.

The CCW question — The vic lives in Maplewood and works at a stylist at a hair salon inside the Galleria.  Two things preclude him from carrying — One, Metro Transit doesn’t allow CCW, and two, the Galleria itself doesn’t allow CCW.



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26 06 2011
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