K.O.O.K.S. Part 3

31 07 2011

Is there anything more deadly in this world than a soccer goal?

UPDATE 8/4:  K.O.O.K.S. victorious in Illinois.

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The Sky Didn’t Fall

31 07 2011

In Michigan, or in any other state that adopted permit-based CCW.

The Detroit Free Press takes the tenth anniversary of “shall issue” CCW in Michigan to lampoon the doomsdayers and doomsayers and the sky-will-fallers.  That was relatively sane compared to the same milieu in Florida in the run-up to it get getting CCW quite a number of years ago — Some cops in the state were predicting such tragedy and disaster that they wanted the state to buy them machine guns, based on the curious theory that someone who would go to a building full of cops to get a license to carry a concealed handgun would turn right around and want to mow down a bunch of cops.

The sad part is that all these whacked out nuts still have jobs in spite of how wrong they were, and how wrong we knew they would be in the long run.  You’re hard pressed even get something that sounds like a public apology or a mea culpa or even a “WTF was wrong with us” out of these people.

A map accompanies this article, showing the relative permit popularity per county, in terms of number of adults per permit issued.  It is a reverse metric, in that the lower the number, the higher is the permit rate.  It is not surprising that CCW is most popular in Metro Detroit counties not named Wayne and Washtenaw, and counties in the northern LP and in most of the UP.  Even in Wayne County, the permit rate is very close to state average, though since Wayne is Michigan’s most populous county, it heavily determines the state average.  What is a mystery is the low permit rate in Kent and Ottawa Counties (Grand Rapids, Holland) — Heavily Dutch Western Michigan is probably the reddest part of the state.  There has to be a local factor at work.

Part Time Hater

31 07 2011

Louisiana Record:

A field specialist for Tulane University has filed a lawsuit that claims he lost his job due to racial discrimination.

Claiming violations of his civil rights, Bruce Mears, who is caucasian, filed suit against Tulane University on July 27 in federal court in New Orleans.

Mears was hired by the University in September 2006 as a salaried employed until January 2008, when he became an hourly employee.

He states his supervisor, an African American female, only allowed him to bill 37.5 hours per week, even if he worked overtime. The supervisor is accused of forging Mears’ signature on a time sheet. Mears states that he worked an extra project at the request of his supervisor in June and July 2009 but he was later told that due to budget restraints, he would not be paid overtime wages but be allowed to use the time as comp time. After he filed a complaint with the EEOC in 2010, he received his overtime pay.

Mears states he was forced to resign to avoid further discrimination, retaliation and the hostile work environment.

The defendant is accused of racial employment discrimination, discharge on the basis of race, conspiring to discharge on the basis of race, disparate application of work assignment and rules, retaliation for complaining about disparate treatment and discrimination and the disparate application of policies and procedures on the basis of race.

The plaintiff is seeking damages for emotional distress, mental anguish, loss of earnings, loss of benefits, interest, attorney’s fees and court costs.

I don’t doubt his race discrimination claims are true, but the angle about 37.5 hours a week is interesting.  They very likely did this to keep him a “part-timer” not eligible for benefits.  At the same time, most of these schools are swimming in money, and most of the Republocrats in government want dump even more money on them.  In spite of that, there isn’t any money to make white men full time employees, and there isn’t any money for various degree programs in hard sciences.  Yet, diversity gets fully funded.

Fun With Sunday Headlines

31 07 2011

Washington Times:  Catholic church calls for tax increases, fewer spending cuts in debt debate

More revenue now:  End tax breaks for wealthy religious institutions.

Lew Rockwell:  There’s a Lesson Here

The lesson is that libkooks would rather buy an iSomething than willingly pay more in taxes.

Yahoo:  10 Reasons Not to Buy an iPad for Students

The 11th reason is that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is a lot better.

P-D:  Rzepczynski, Dotel set for roles with Cardinals

The former should take $250 from his first Cardinals check and buy a vowel.

5:  Free pot for those who register to vote

Potheads…known for their mental clarity and stellar decision making.

American Thinker:  I Won in an Historic Landslide and All I Got Was This Lousy Rounding Error

Here’s a rounding question that you’ll have to solve in a few years:  I have eight hundred dollar bills.  A loaf of bread costs $599.  Do I have enough to buy the loaf of bread after the 38% sales tax and the 14% global warming surtax?

P-D:  40 Illinois mayors urge increase in nation’s debt ceiling

You mean they found time to sign the resolution in between all their creditors calling them begging them to pay their own credit cards?

Tech Republic:  The future of IT will be reduced to three kinds of jobs

Native born white Americans will be able to do zero of the three.

Sunday Wrap-Up

31 07 2011

*  It’ll probably be on AR tomorrow, but you can read it today.

*  A person born the day MetroLink opened can now vote as of today.  Tempus really does freakin fugit.

The operative word here is “history,” i.e. in the past.  Much like the concept of a vibrant and expanding working middle class.

Lazy Clay?  Corrupt?  Naw, get outta town!  Could it be the libs at the P-D are like the libs at the Arch City Chronicle, all of a sudden upset that the entire city will be in Clay’s district?  I bet they’re running stories like this to encourage a white liberal primary challenger to Clay next August.

Chicago MSM deliberately edits the picture of an “innocent boy shot by the evil white raciss po-leeceseses,” SCC does the un-cropping.  Let me guess, these Chicago MSM sources bitched and whined about Breitbart’s accidental and irrelevant (though ultimately counterproductive) cropping of the Sherrod video last year.

You could probably fill in the blanks yourself, but just in case you’re that oblivious, here is George Clinton’s Wikipedia entry.

*  Something not way too obvious jumps out at me when I look at this map — The Census Bureau is way too generous when it comes to putting counties into metropolitan areas.  You’d think that almost the whole country east of a line from Duluth to San Antonio is just one big city, and that all of Arizona and California is nothing but one big concrete jungle.  In reality, Census should use the concept of “urbanized footprint,” which can be done because the East-West Gateway Council of Governments, St. Louis’s MPO, knows how to do it and utilizes it.

And this is new news?  This has been the American story since at least 1900.  But this story can be summarized with these words — Anyone with any sort of “get up and go” is “getting up and leaving” the kinds of places where it’s not wise to stay.

A trillion dollar coin to pay off our national debt.  Cool — Except if you do that, it’ll soon take five of them to buy a Coke out of a vending machine.

*  No kidding.  Just who starts and peddles these myths about heroic journalists?  Answer:  Journalists.

Oh, and by the way — Richard Nixon brought down Richard Nixon.

*  When Shit Backfires:  President Obama’s Twitter account (I bet we’re paying someone six figures to send out all “his” Tweets) lost 36,000 followers once it started in on tweeting the Twitter account names of Republican politicians that he wanted his drones to spam with Obama propaganda.  I’d like to think that 36,000 people unfollowed him for that — Unfortunately, Obama has so many followers that 36,000 out of the millions he has is probably a rounding error.

*  Flawed premise:  It’s kinda hard to fake the existence of a human being.  You can dicker around over the value of clothes you donated to the homeless shelter, but a kid is either there or not.

It’s about time.  Now hopefully they’ll have sense enough to use it on the kind of people who actually have do-badder proclivities.

I’d adopt this kitten if I could.  She will probably be the sweetest cat anyone could ever have.  But, because she was born with an unfortunate discoloration, and because the particular human political division in which she was born is pathologically obsessed with a long dead and discredited German dictator, the kitten was abandoned, fortunately found and put in an animal shelter, but still unwanted.  Ironically, the particular regime which this dictator led was the first in modern history to pass animal welfare laws.  And sadly ironic in the other direction would it be if this kitten is euthanized for the lack of human interest.

Ancillary Expenses

30 07 2011

Jet setter.

He has had all of one hit record, and that was when he was 17.  If you didn’t know he had a hit record, then be of good cheer — 2008 Presidential gadfly Mike Gravel does.

And just what does every teenage one-hit wonder do when he turns 21?  He gives himself the birthday present of a $35 million private jet, and another $20 million on top of that to pimp his ride (or should that be fly?)

First off, I wonder how he can either have or leverage $55 million based on his one hit.  But the bigger issue is this — A private jet is expensive to operate and maintain.  I presume that Mr. Way doesn’t have pilot license, so he’ll have to hire someone that does.  The FAA makes you do so much maintenance on aviation-worthy craft that a typical production automobile would easily last three decades if you treated it that way.  And fuel?  I’ve never had the pleasure of gassing up a private jet, but I think I know enough to assure you that you can’t do it at the 87 octane pump at Quik Trip.

He better come up with a few more hit records, otherwise he’ll be bankrupt before his own odometer rolls over to the next number.


By the way, where’s the condemnation from that certain politician who could do nothing but drone on about private jets in the last several weeks?

Humble Pie: Tastes Like Rhubarb

30 07 2011

I wrote during the campaign season last year that she’d bug out the first time she was pressed on the flag issue.

Yeah, well, I just cut myself a big phat slice.  The only thing that makes eating it tolerable is that she’s on the right side on such an important issue.

Still, I don’t want her to be President.

Friday’s Frolicks

29 07 2011

Lighter stuff today.  I’m zapped out on serious news.

No shit, Sherlock.  You got a D in English because if the word “Fuck” fell out of the dictionary, your vocabulary would be cut in half.

As far as the other half of this video, yeah, this (white) teacher’s langugage is inexusable, even if the students cuss more in a minute than he does in a day.  But I have him figured for someone who actually believed all the egalitarian bumper sticker platitudes while he was in school — The inevitable bitch-slap from reality made him crack.

Remember, this is the same school district which my state had to burn nine figures worth of money on the orders of one Federal judge to give it olympic swimming pools and model UN assembly halls so that white suburbanites would send their children there.  On the one hand, you’ve got an olympic sized swimming pool — On the other hand, you have “Carlos,” President of his school’s chapter of the FFA (Future Felons of America).  No swimming pool on Earth is worth putting your kid in the same confines as this flunky, n’est pas?

Read between the lines.  They’re telling us that Bolt is roiding.

Jamaican drug testing program?  No such thing.

Aren’t they a little old to be playing with dolls?

*  Ho hum, another law in Chicago that will be unenforceable because enforcing it would be “racist.”

By the way, before I was 12 years old, it didn’t much matter about 8:30 PM or 9 PM — My curfew was not even being allowed to think about being out of the house and away from adult supervision at almost any time.  It wasn’t until I started fifth grade that the walk from the bus stop back home after school was something I could do by myself, and it wouldn’t be until seventh grade that I got to do the morning pedestrian commute from home to bus stop by myself.

Another reason:  The manufacturers are playing games with “wattage” specs.  Thirty-five watts from a late 1970s receiver/amplifier sounds like it has more power than 100 watts on one of today’s pieces of plastic.

*  I linked to an article yesterday about incriminating T-shirts on those getting mug shots.  Here’s one more.

Weed:  The breakfast of chumpions.

They say in this article that the Harlem furniture business was nothing more than a front for big time weed distribution.  No way to prove what I’m saying, it wouldn’t matter anyway because I don’t know any of these people’s names, but I was familiar with what looked to be a black-run “lawn care” business that I would swear up and down was a front for drug dealing.  How many people need their lawns cut or their hedges trimmed twice a week?  Especially since some of these people didn’t own their domiciles.

*  Tee hee, they expect the D.C. firefighters to double up as cops, even though it’s pretty easy to steal from the firefighters’ stuff right out from under their noses.

*  This article about the Lake County, Florida school board prohibiting its students from presenting unusually gawdy and tacky clothing, hair and makeup styles while in school, shows a picture of two black men who are both shirtless and sagging their pants to expose their boxer shorts.  The caption underneath reads:  Students in Florida will no longer to be able to dress like this in school under a new law passed by the Florida legislature, and being implemented now by school boards.

You mean to tell me that boys and men in Florida are showing up to school shirtless and sagging their pants?  That’s a bit improbable — I have read a couple of retweeted tweets where black men have said that they can’t wait for school to be out for the day or the year so they can sag their pants, the implication being that they wear them at waste level like a civilized human being while in school, and presumably also a shirt.  As if wearing one’s pants at waste level is as discomforting for some people as it is for a man or boy to wear a necktie, the piece of raiment which gets undone as soon as it’s not socially awkward to do so.

*  Just what a city that will host the Summer Olympics in five years needs — A crack epidemic among 10-14 year olds.

*  The “oops darn we left the gates open” escapee from the Workhouse is now back in the sling.  Did you know that the city workhouse has a “learning annex?”  Yeah, I can’t stop laughing, either.

*  Dennis Kucinich gets some things spot on, but he’s still a flake.

Case in point — He wants an investigation to find out if the credit ratings agencies are playing us for fools.

Really, Dennis?  You vote for Dodd-Frank, which contains heavy regulation of the Moodys, S&Ps and Fitchs among us, then when they become Obama propaganda mouthpieces during this debt ceiling debate, you sit there and wonder what the hell just happened.

By the way, Dodd-Frank is such a long and complex piece of legislation that its Wikipedia entry has 223 endnotes.

*  St. Louis Craigslist — Someone lost their turtle.  You read that right, TURTLE.

Seriously, people.  TURTLE.  Even if you don’t want to shoot your ass full of roids to run as fast as Usain Bolt, almost everyone can take a turtle in the hundred.

This happened in Ballwin, so I guess I better be on the lookout for this speed demon.

*  The formerly great manufacturing district of Birmingham, England, which made the weapons used to dispatch Napoleon to the ash heap of history, and got the name “Gun Quarter” in honor, will now probably get a different name because guns have a hard time behaving themselves around certain kinds of non-white people.

*  A mayor of a recognizable city in a state whose name practically means beer was found slumped over drunk and passed out on a bar table?  I know, I’m unshocked, too.

*  Ironic in a sad sort of way — The man who got away from Dahmer, and was able to call the cops, ending Dahmer’s curious lifestyle choices, is himself facing a murder rap.

By the way, it was obvious that some black was going to kill Dahmer in prison sooner or later, because that “curious lifestyle” of his involved the murder and necrophilia of mostly black men.

Shooting near a fried chicken joint on the South Side this morning.  Race not given, then again, with fried chicken in the narrative, it doesn’t need to be given.  (UPDATE:  No shooting, just an oblivious drunk.)

Fun With the Cheap Bachelor (Today’s Headlines)

28 07 2011

P-D:  Inmate ran scam from Missouri prison

You don’t say.

Creative Minority Report:  UN Group: Abortion and Prostitution a Right for Ten Year Olds

But according to Philadelphia, they’ll have to wait until 11 to get free condoms.  Ain’t that a bummer?

Daily Caller:  GOP aims to gut Christmas, White House alleges

And which Party’s Presidents appointed most of the judges that make rulings against Christmas displays?

AP:  NYC hospital worker admits stealing $1.2M in toner

Stuffed his pockets with printer cartridges and walked right out.  The nerve of some people, I tell ya…

CNBC:  The 10 Best Cities for Bachelors

Too expensive, too black or too Hispanic, every damned one of them.  This bachelor likes affordable and white.

Gateway Pundit:  HARRY REID: Tea Partiers Are Not Real Americans

That’s right.  Real Americans vote Democrat and run up way more debt than they can repay.

NYDN:  One-handed former boxer sues TSA for denying him employment and saying he’s unfit to work

Unfit for the TSA?  All it takes is one finger to digitally rape someone.

P-D:  St. Louis ends fiscal year in black

Do they also mean that in a financial sense?

P-D:  Controversial S&M club seeks St. Louis approval

Too bad Michael Steele isn’t running the RNC anymore, otherwise there’d be a lot of Republican Party credit cards getting swiped at this joint.

UK Telegraph:  Ed Miliband undergoes successful nose operation

Length issues.  #Pinnochio

Paul Thurrott:  Microsoft Pushes IE 9 as Best Browser for Businesses

“Nah, we’ll stick with IE 6.”

Daily Mail:  The mourning after: Neighbours call police over Winehouse fans’ drunken wake outside her home

I hate it when the jokes write themselves.

Giant Thursday Stack of Stuff

28 07 2011

Yeah, I let news items pile up.  It’s one of my bad “hobbits,” that and spending no more than I earn.


*  “Right now, it’s too early to say.”  For them it might be, but not for me — I’m calling it intentional right now.  Mark me, we’ll find out the escapee had some sort of relationship (family, money, etc) with the guards who “accidentally” left the hatch open.

Castlewood State Park:  Where young non-whites go to die.  Remember, a few years ago, several blacks drowned in the Meramec at Castlewood.  Notice these Hispanic victims all have addresses in the “state streets” section of South City — Those areas around the intersections of those “state streets” and Cherokee is the City’s Hispanic neighborhood, and growing fast.  The only good part about it is that they’re supplanting the blacks who drove out most of the whites years ago.

*  Hanging around the Archgrounds in the middle of the night can be hazardous to your health.

*  Risky business:  One story involves informal fight clubs among blacks held at a Belleville park and organized on social networking sites, and the other involves young white men jumping off a bridge into a river on a state-maintained road crossing between St. Charles and Lincoln Counties.  Same source (Channel 5), and within the same week.  Like I said about the former story a few days ago, they don’t show you who is part of the fight club, either the pugilists or the spectators, but they do show you who is jumping off the bridge, and in fact, go so far as to record the proceedings in secret to “catch” the “do-badders” in the act, though the white “do-badders” seemed all too willing to be interviewed on camera after they were “caught.”  As an aside, I really don’t grind over fight clubs, as long as there are rules and regulations, and they’re understood and enforced.

*  This is a little beyond local, but close enough for government work.  Don’t ever go after a cop with a sword, because the cops usually have guns.  Cops tend to win those fights.


Yeah, it’s time for a new House Speaker.  Now.  Funny, I got sick of Boehner quicker than I got sick of Pelosi.

*  You know the Federal justice system will give him a slap on the wrist, and you know that the Obama White House and the left wing will still be giving (legit) firearms dealers a world of grief.  But that’s the essence of doing the right thing — You do the right thing when doing the wrong thing would be so much more rewarding, or when it wouldn’t matter because nobody is looking, or when doing the right thing doesn’t instantly or ever lead to rewards.

The usual mehe, but there are getting to be so damned many Walgreens that one getting it is a matter of statistical inevitability.

*  What about all those TV ads saying Obama was going to punish corporations that outsource jobs?  He’s got a chance to do just that, with the perpetrator being right there on his jobs creation council, ironically enough, the very same Morris Dees look-alike who recently said that CEOs should quit whining and create jobs in America just for the hell of it.

What a nut.  Didn’t he get the memo that Obama essentially implemented the DREAM Act by executive fiat?

*  Speaking of House Democrat nuts, behold their leader.  “Save life on this planet as we know it today.”  She’s either on a drug she shouldn’t be on or off a drug she should.

*  And behold their nutty third-in-command.  Part one and two.  It’s not a surprise that this black man wants another black man to declare himself a dictator over white people’s tax money.  As far as this other bit, he must have slept through history class.  Grant him this, though — Freeing the slaves, integrating the military, integrating the public schools and lifting the debt ceiling all seem to have something in common.  As SBPDL might say, BRA is an expensive thing.

*  Now over in the other chamber and its nuts, Al Franken thinks Republicans are terrorists because:

In a speech explaining that there would be no money to pay for military and security personnel if Congress doesn’t pass a bill increasing the debt ceiling by Aug. 2, Franken unveiled a large poster in the chamber that said, “Welcome Terrorists.”…“. . .no pay for active duty military.  No benefits for veterans.  No federal loans for low-income students about to head off to college in the fall.  No federal government employees, including counter-terrorism agents in the FBI, for example.  No border agents. Now before we default, we would have the time to make this sign. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

I guess Al Franken forgot he was a left-winger, and that our military is the cause of terrorism and all the other evil in this world.  If he is true to his own worldview, he should be looking forward to the defunding of the American military, because that will instantly bring about peace and the end of terrorism.  And with no “counter-terrorism agents in the FBI,” there won’t be anyone violating the “civil rights” of all these Somali Muslims in Minneapolis phoning home to the other side of the world to get marching orders from their Imam or Mullah.  And if there are no “border agents,” then that means instant amnesty and open borders, which helps Democrats in 2012.

*  I know what’s going on here — This hospital thinks this late woman has a sizeable estate, so they’re jumping in with an insanely high medical “bill” just to hustle some coin.  The medical industry is now just as much of a hustle as any other.  Somebody ought to do something about that.

*  The CIA might be bad for a lot of things, but employing nudist exotic animal hoarders isn’t one of them.

Romney.  Mexico.  Amnesty and open borders.  Echo not choice.

*  Detroit Mayor Dave Bing seems to be getting a lot of undeserved criticism, but these seem like sane and rational plans, if the media aren’t lying about them.  My only beef is that this lingo about “steady,” “transitional” and “depressed” is unnecessarily confusing — Just call them “white,” “becoming black” and “all black.”  Okay, if you want to put an asterisk next to “white” and state “plus black Motown artists and Lions/Pistons players,” fine with me.

Mountain Lion takes a 2,000 mile journey across the northern tier of America and perhaps crossing in and out of Canada before meeting his demise with the business end of an SUV.  Hard to believe that they and domestic cats are related, because you take a house cat a half mile away from its territory and it freaks out.

*  Not as LOL as the collection of mugshots of people wearing Obama shirts, but still, worth the look.  I suppose now the Miranda Warning will have to be revised — A cop will have to tell a man s/he is arresting wearing such a self-incriminating T-shirt that he has the right to take his shirt off before getting his mugshot taken, and that any thing his shirt says can and will be used against him in a court of public opinion.

Top 10 states for average debt per capita not counting student loans:  Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue, usually Red, Blue, Swing, Swing.  Bottom ten (i.e. least debt):  Red, Red, Red, Red, usually Red, Red, Red, Red, Red, Red.

Stickers — Now there’s a sure-fire way to stop a hateful homophobic bully.  “Safe places for homosexual students?”  Ever hear of locker rooms?

Calls for the Pentagon to recurit heavily in rainbowville once DADT hits the scrap heap of history.

Four words are all that is necessary to make this a success — “We have group showers.”

She might not have been an actual burglar — She just might have forgotten to phrase her answer in the form of a question.

*  The President of the Denver Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce popped for kidnapping and domestic violence.  Count me very unshocked.

*  Whoever predicted that the Murdoch/NOTW hacking scandal in England would spill over to this side of the Atlantic was right.  It’s just that it didn’t spill over on the American networks and media outlets they hoped it would.

*  Injustice?  Very likely.  But there isn’t this much media complaining when for every one story like this, ten should-have-been white valedictorians based on GPA don’t get to be valedictorians because the school uses non-GPA criteria, because using GPA only means too many white or Asian valedictorians.

*  Gee, Mrs. Obama.  I thought the problem was that kids were too fat.

Notice this article blames the rising cost of food, then turns around and states that not enough qualified people are getting food stamps.  Spot the contradiction?  If every qualified person got as much food stamps as they could, that would drive the demand for food up and therefore the cost even higher.  What is not helping matters is that the ethanol hustle means that four out of every ten harvested ears of corn wind up going into gas tanks — Since corn is such a fundamental commodity to the American diet, it’s easy to see why almost every foodstuff is way more expensive.

*  (A) Yes, and (B) It should be significantly harder to earn one than it is now, and (C) Driving while not having one, and driving drunk, should be far more serious crimes than they are now, and (D) Liability insurance should be built in to the cost of registering a car and getting license plates, as it is in Australia.  If you don’t agree with me, you either have an obvious and personal axe to grind, or you have no brain, or you’re a naive millennial who thinks he knows everything because he read one book with “Libertarian” in the title.  Work a year in some function of personal injury law, then get back to me and see if you don’t agree with me.


*  Whoa Canada.  Can’t tell motor oil from heroin.  And you call us dumb ugly Americans.

*  This is technically international news, but it has an important local angle because of all the do-gooders that want to make cold pills prescription only after they demanded and got it moved behind the counter, monthly volume limits per individual and computerized logging.  The harder you make it to manufacture meth domestically, the more Mexico is going to step in and fill the void.  The junk they make in trailer parks is child’s play compared to the potency of Mexican meth.

*  It’s great exercise (so I’ve heard), and if that’s the point, then I don’t see a problem.  But definitely, no pictures or videos of seven-year old girls doing it.

*  Now there’s a great way to revive an economy — Flood the labor market with middle school dropouts.

If they don’t want to be in school, then fine, let them stay away so that those that want to be in school can learn.  But don’t think the economy will be any better for it.

British media laughing at the lenient sentence given a Mexican teenager for his part in beheading four people as part of Mexican drug violence.  Pot kettle black, England — An ADULT Briton who does this in Britain might not get much more than a three-year prison bid.  And I bet Mr. Lugo won’t have access to video games in prison, unlike…

Keep in mind that Mr. Lugo is “technically” an American citizen by birthright.  If that isn’t an argument for a more proper construction of the 14th Amendment, then nothing is.

Dear liberals:  Read this.  I want to watch your brains blue-screen.

*  You can cover your faces, but you can’t conceal the obvious.

Robert Mugabe spends £2 million per month for international travel.  I would translate that into Zimbabwean dollars, but I don’t want to have to type out that many numbers and that many zeroes.  Not only that, he probably outspends the entire Zimbabwean GDP on one day’s worth of foreign travel.

Yeah, it’s insane.  But it’s Shari’ah — The ADL, AJC and Elena Kagan thinks we should have it.  Enjoy those triangle-shaped snacks while you can.

Some Days

28 07 2011

Yesterday, I was called a hobbit, an Obama-lover and an out-of-line ass.  I didn’t even listen or watch one liberal or Democrat all day.

And how was your day?

Fixing 270, Part 2

27 07 2011

H/T Kim HarveyMajor pileup including three semis on 270 near 111 over in Madison County yesterday morning.

I know I already advanced some ideas for fixing 270 in North County and Madison County, but after reading that Alton Telegraph story, I started asking some fundamental questions, and came up with some additional solutions.

Why was 270 between 55/70 near Troy and 70 in Bridgeton even built to begin with?  For that matter, all of 270?  What was its fundamental raison d’etre?  Answer:  It was mostly meant to be a northern bypass of St. Louis for traffic, to avoid Downtown St. Louis.  The rest of 270 was thought of to be a bypass for cross-country traffic headed in different directions.  Now, when it was first designed and built, almost all of the St. Louis urbanized footprint was inside 270 on the Missouri side.  Most of 270/255 is now an urban freeway more than anything else, but it’s still used as a bypass, especially for semi trucks.  Any traffic on the Kansas City-to-Indianapolis route or the Tulsa-to-Chicago route (or vice versa) that wants to bypass St. Louis is going to use 270 between 370 (a newer addition to the St. Louis freeway system) and 55/70.  The traffic from the American Southwest to Chicago will also use 270 between 44 northward to that aforementioned stretch.

All those bypassing trucks mix in with the local traffic in West County, North County and Madison County.  From Lilac Avenue to the east, that’s only four lanes (two in each direction) having to handle both cross-country trucks and local commuters.

Yes, I still think there should be widening, but I now also think there should be separate truck lanes in the middle of 270, between 370 in Hazelwood and 55/70 in Troy.  It would work this way — Going NB 270 approaching 370, you would get a left lane mandatory exit for trucks only, clearly marked and enforced, and from EB 370 approaching its end at 270, you would get the same thing.  Those two lanes would join together in the middle, and continue uninterrupted and barrier-separated with no exits or conflict points eastward for 27 miles to 55/70 north of Troy.  At that point, one lane would go to NB 55 heading to Chicago, merging in with the mainline, and the other would go to EB 70 heading to Indianapolis, again merging  with the mainline.  Going in the other direction, it would work just the opposite — Separate truck-only exits from SB 55 and WB 70 to land in the median of 270, westward for 27 miles and barrier-separated with no exits or conflict points, and then at 370, one lane goes to WB 370 for Kansas City-bound traffic, and the other lane merges back into SB 270, the control city can be Tulsa.

Plain words, cross country bypassing semi traffic that does not want to access local Madison County or North County surface roads, or I-/IL 255 or MO 367 or I-170 at all, can sail right by on their own separate lanes.  Just as long as the signs in both Hazelwood and Troy make it clear that those lanes are for trucks only and have no exits until the other end, then I think the semi drivers will grok them.

With this plan, the existing Chain of Rocks Bridge and Canal Bridges for I-270 can become the truck-only bridges, (probaby should renovate the decks), and new 3 or 3+1 lane bridges, can be added on both sides for the regular cars.

Here’s the hitch — Maybe there’s enough right-of-way on the Illinois side for this, and even if there isn’t, acquisition wouldn’t be that expensive.  But on the Missouri side, you’ll also have Dunn and Pershall repurposed as one-way outer roads.  You would need probably about 500 feet of right-of-way for an I-270 between 170 and 367 that has three-lane one-way outer roads on each side (Dunn and Pershall), four thru lanes and one auxiliary lane each way for regular cars, two different two lane stretches in between for the trucks, plus full shoulders and concrete barriers.  There isn’t 500 feet there — MoDOT would have to acquire, and that would probably be prohibitive.

UPDATE 8/8:  Kim Harvey states on Twitter that the better idea would be to finish I-72 at least to I-35 in northwest Missouri, and Indiana, Illinois and Missouri DOTs could market I-74/72/35 as the preferred long distance route from Indianapolis to Kansas City, bypassing St. Louis.  MoDOT will eventually bring I-49 up to Kansas City, and the Chicago-to-Oklahoma long haul bypassing St. Louis should involve I-55/72/35/435/49/44.  Yes, that would use the Kansas City beltway, but it’s 435 from 35 north of the Missouri River down to the Grandview Triangle.  The big traffic numbers on 435 are between the Grandview Triangle in Missouri to K-10 in Kansas.  The only time 435 from 35 to the GT is ever really backed up in normal circumstances is the eight days a year that the Chiefs have home games, and most of that traffic is from Johnson County, Kansas to Arrowhead in the hours before the game and in the other direction after the game.  I would consider extending I-72 further west, along about US 36, to meet I-70 in western Kansas or eastern Colorado.  The Denver-Chicago or Denver-Indianapolis long haul could bypass both Kansas City and St. Louis.

Still, 270 in North St. Louis and Madison Counties needs some big ticket upgrades, even if special truck lanes can be handled in other ways.

Asses In Line My Ass

27 07 2011

First off, the idea of a middle aged man with a penchant for crying at the drop of a hat telling any group of people to “get their asses in line” is laughable.

Beyond that, John Boehner ought to be careful throwing around that demand like he actually has any moral authority to make House Republicans “get their asses in line.”  In 1994, the narrative that Newt Gingrich was almost single-handedly responsible for the Red Wave of House elections that year that gave Republicans control of the chamber for the first time in 40 years and him the Speaker’s gavel was a big distortion in reality, but at least the concept was believable, and more importantly, it was believed.  House Republicans thought they owed him, and if Speaker Gingrich ever said “get your asses in line,” House Republican asses would have gotten in line.  Nobody thinks that John Boehner had anything to do with 2010′s Red Wave, he was just an accidental beneficiary of it.  If you’re a typical Freshman Republican in this Congress, and John Boehner is on one line telling you to “get your ass in line,” and on the other line is a conference call of various Tea Party Movement leaders and fundraisers, and they’re telling you to keep your ass out of Boehner’s line, which of your ears is most open to your brain?  Right.

While we’re on that matter, not all House Republican Freshmen are giving Boehner the aviary symbol — Allen West strikes again — His black ass is certianly getting in line, playing House Negro to Boehner’s Massa.  It’s perfectly obvious now where he thinks his political future lies, and that is in House leadership.  As you know from reading this space, I wouldn’t trust him with anything more than the power of an ordinary Congressman, because he’ll use any such power to the benefit of the cause of affirmative action.  Proof?  Pigford.  Now I’m starting to think (or rather, hope) that he should lose his next election, even if it is to an unhinged leftist kook, even if the political class takes the wrong message from his defeat,  just to get him out of Congress to keep that from happening, because of the way he’s now sucking up to Boehner on behalf of a budget that cuts almost nothing.  Unfortunately, I’m hoping beyond hope when it comes to that, because the Florida legislature, Republican run in both chambers, will very likely give him a favorable gerrymander.

As an aside, Tim Huelskamp, mentioned in that Politico article as the bookend to Allen West, succeeded Jerry Moran in KS-1.

UPDATE 7/29:  Allen West continues to open mouth and insert foot.  Notice that Laura Ingraham (along with Ann Coulter) have turned into a Boehner suckup — I wonder what their angle is — They’re not House members, so they can’t be won over by the usual political log rolling.  Perhaps the consideration is something abstract.  I would hope for their sakes that they’re not dumb enough to poodle along for Boehner and the GOP Ruling Class for free on account of they actually trust him and them — I’ll lose even more respect for those two women if that’s the case.

BTW, West is going around claiming that he didn’t know about Pigford, and his vote not to defund was based on understandable ignorance.  Breitbart was on Dana Loesch’s show today and blew that excuse out of the water, telling us that he and he personally briefed West on Pigford months BEFORE last year’s elections.  Obviously, Pigford is Breitbart’s baby, as exposing Pigford fraud through one of the James O’Keefe stings is partially how the Breitbart media empire got on the map, though in reality, it’s Jared Taylor’s baby and has been for more than ten years.  Point is, we have proof that West is lying.  Though Breitbart chalks that mendacity up to West getting absorbed into the Beltway culture.  Maybe that’s true to a point, but the real reason is that a black is a black is a black is a black is a black is a black.  Don’t trust a one of ‘em any further than you can spit.  Now you know why I hopes he loses his next election.

Fun With a Body In Motion

26 07 2011

Daily Mail:  Bra-vo! ‘Revolutionary’ sports bra has banished the bounce

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought the beauty in that part of the anatomy is its kinetic energy.

Pajamas Media:  NY Times: Keep The Family Peace By Letting Your Teens Have Sex At Home

Peace which will be broken by the screaming of your infant grandchild.

5:  ‘Jersey Shore’ star to join Britney Spears on tour

Why?  Is there a sequel of “Dumb and Dumber” in the works?

P-D:  Video shows car chase ending at St. Louis Post-Dispatch

In Our Diverse St. Louis, the P-D doesn’t have to go to the news anymore, the news comes to them.

NYP:  Original MTV VJs share their memories of the channel’s early years

They disspelled rumors that a channel named “Music Television” once showed music videos.  They never did.  Any discussion to the contrary is THOUGHTCRIME.  Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

NYDN:  Juliette Dunn arrested for giving 4-year-old and 10-month-old beer and cocaine

They wanted something to eat, and beer and cocaine is probably all she had in the house.  What else was she to do?

WWJ-CBS-62 Detroit:  Program Offers Cash Incentives To Live Downtown

Oh boy, just what I’ve always wanted, to be bribed to live in a high rise apartment where the eastern horizon is Canada and ghetto in every other direction.

NPR:  Hunger Strike Puts Focus On Calif. Prison Conditions

Be careful here, you hoosegowbirds — The state just might get used to the concept of not having to spend money to feed you.

Tuesday’s Tidbits

26 07 2011

*  “The Hazy Science of Hot Weather and Violence.”  Wouldn’t you know it, the cops are most acutely interested in a white man.

I’m guessing that this is a white “flashrob,” or at least not a black one.  I’ve never been inside a Victoria’s Secret, but the few times I walk by one and glance inside for a split second, I never see any black women shopping inside.  Therefore, I doubt any black women much less black men would want to hit the joint up because they think its merchandise is desirable — I doubt it even has much value in the “secondary” ghetto market.

*  The first rule of the fight club:  You don’t tweet about the fight club.

If all you had was the ability to watch Channel 5′s video, not hear its audio soundtrack or read its story, you would think that there’s some child molester on the loose in this park.

*  Ricky, if by “other drugs” you mean PEDs, then there is no hypocrisy here.

*  No surprise, there aren’t any jobs for non-vets, so why would there be any for vets?

*  We saw this coming.  Can’t tell the gypsies to beat it, because that would be something-ist.

Curious Choice of Words

26 07 2011

San Francisco Chronicle:

Obama renews pledge on immigration reform


But he offered no timelines as he spoke at the annual conference of a major Hispanic civil rights organization, the National Council of La Raza, and prospects for congressional action are bleak.


“Feel free to keep the heat on me and keep the heat on Democrats, but here’s the only thing you should know — the Democrats and your president are with you, are with you.  (Emphasis mine)

Implications here:  One, Obama is not a Democrat, and two, Obama is La Raza’s President.

In related news, I doubt this lawsuit will go anywhereArizona SB 1070 has a very similar provision, and not only did the trial level judge who issued the initial injunction against parts of SB 1070 almost a year ago not enjoin that part of the law (i.e. let it stand and let it be enforced), the Justice Department isn’t even challenging that part.  It’s just simple traffic law.

Treachery, Thy Name Is Bush

26 07 2011

H/T Instapundit.

While it’s obvious that the cost of higher education has been skyrocketing faster than everything else, you’ll notice two “upward” inflection points in the College CPI curve, i.e. a point in time at which the rate of growth became faster (think:  the first derivative in calculus).  The first is just after 1990, and the second and more obvious is almost 2002.  I think both correspond to major educational legislation in the first half of the first terms of both Bush Administrations, in the case of 41, his only term.  Too, the 1990 inflection point could be related to the immigration legislation that year that started the H-xB and L-x legal immigrant visa programs; I am almost certain that student visas, either creating them or making them easier to get, was part of that bill.  As far as late 2001, I’m thinking NCLB, but it only applied to elementary and secondary education.  But NCLB might have had some tertiary components, and even beyond that, Bush 43 loved higher education spending.  You might notice a slight downward inflection point, i.e a point where the rate of increase went down, about 1996 — I think that was a result of Republican Congresses keeping Clinton-era budgets in check.  But when Bush 43 came in, that same Congress mostly rolled over for every big spending program “their” President wanted.

If you extrapolate the slower 1996-2001 growth rate to 2011, then the College CPI would be not far over 800, making today’s college tuition and fees about 20-25% less expensive than they are in reality.

Our Halcyon Days

26 07 2011

Thanks to this being a Drudge story, this source’s server keeps borking.  So I’ll blockquote it all while the server is up long enough for me to cut-and-paste.  Its analysis is pretty much correct, in that the temporary gap narrowing between white wealth and black/Hispanic wealth last decade was due to the faked up real estate market thanks to affirmative action mortgages.  However, the rebound in white wealth is only temporary and largely illusory, for it is only due to the temporary increase in stock prices due to two rounds of quantitative bowel easing making the dollar less valuable and therefore “increasing” stock prices.  Therefore, the re-widening gap is somewhat illusory, i.e. not as bad as it seems.  Eventually, the effects of QE1/2 will run out, and the stock market will tank again, readjusting our apparent perception of white net wealth back to reality.

Taiwan News:

The wealth gaps between whites and minorities have grown to their widest levels since the U.S. government began tabulating them a quarter-century ago. The recession and uneven recovery have erased decades of minority gains, leaving whites on average with 20 times the net worth of blacks and 18 times that of Hispanics, according to an analysis of new Census data.

The analysis shows the racial and ethnic impact of the recent economic meltdown, which ravaged housing values and sent unemployment soaring. It also offers the most direct government evidence yet of the stark wealth divide, a disparity between predominantly younger minorities whose main asset is their home and older whites who are more likely to have 401(k) retirement accounts or other stock holdings.

“I am afraid that this pushes us back to what the Kerner Commission characterized as `two societies, separate and unequal,’” said Roderick Harrison, a former chief of racial statistics at the Census Bureau, referring to the 1960s presidential commission that examined U.S. race relations. “The great difference is that the second society has now become both black and Hispanic.”

The median wealth of white U.S. households in 2009 was $113,149, compared to $6,325 for Hispanics and $5,677 for blacks, according to the analysis released Tuesday by the Pew Research Center. Those ratios, roughly 20 to 1 for blacks and 18 to 1 for Hispanics, far exceed the low mark of 7 to 1 for both groups reached in 1995, when the nation’s economic expansion lifted many low-income groups to the middle class.

The white-black wealth gap also is the widest since census began tracking such data in 1984, when the ratio was roughly 12 to 1.

“What’s pushing the wealth of whites is the rebound in the stock market and corporate savings, while younger Hispanics and African-Americans who bought homes in the last decade, because that was the American dream, are seeing big declines,” said Timothy Smeeding, a University of Wisconsin-Madison professor who specializes in income inequality.

Stock holdings play an important role in the economic well-being of white households. Stock funds, IRA and Keogh accounts as well as 401(k) and savings accounts were responsible for 28 percent of whites’ net worth, compared with 19 percent for blacks and 15 percent for Hispanics.

“There’s a good chance the wealth gap will widen further,” Smeeding said, citing the stalled housing market. “What we need to do is help lower-income people move up.”

According to the Pew study, the housing boom of the early to mid 2000s particularly boosted the wealth of Hispanics, who were disproportionately employed in the thriving construction industry. Hispanics also were more likely to live and buy homes in states such as California, Florida, Nevada and Arizona, which were in the forefront of the real estate bubble, enjoying early gains in home values.

Those gains quickly shriveled in the housing collapse. After reaching a median wealth of $18,359 in 2005, the wealth of Hispanics _ who had derived nearly two-thirds of their net worth from home equity _ declined by 66 percent by 2009. Among blacks, who now have the highest unemployment rate at 16.2 percent, their household wealth fell 53 percent from $12,124 to $5,677.

In contrast, the median household wealth of whites dipped a modest 16 percent from $134,992 to $113,149, cushioned in part by a stock market recovery that began in mid-2009.

“The findings are a reminder, if one was needed, of what a large share of blacks and Hispanics live on the economic margins,” said Paul Taylor, director of Pew Social & Demographic Trends. “When the economy tanked, they’re the groups that took the heaviest blows.”

The latest data come as President Barack Obama and congressional leaders face an Aug. 2 deadline to figure out a deal to cut deficits and raise the debt ceiling or risk seeing the U.S. default on its financial obligations. Democrats and Republicans have been wrangling over proposals that could cut trillions of dollars from programs such as the Medicare health plan, mainly for older Americans, and the government’s retirement plan, Social Security; they also are divided over whether to bring in new tax revenue, such as by closing corporate tax loopholes or increasing taxes for the wealthy.

In a White House meeting last week, the NAACP, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and other black groups urged Obama to resist deep cuts such as in housing assistance or safety net programs including Social Security and Medicaid, a medical program mainly for the poor and uninsured, saying it would disproportionately hurt urban areas with some of the highest rates of poverty and unemployment. The U.S. poverty rate currently stands at 14.3 percent, with the ranks of the working-age poor at the highest level since the 1960s. Some analysts believe the poverty rate will climb higher when new figures are released in September.

“Typically in recessions, minorities suffer from being last hired and first fired. They are likely to lose jobs more rapidly at the beginning of the recession, and are far slower to gain jobs as the economy recovers,” said Harrison, who is now a sociologist at Howard University. “One suspects that blacks who lost jobs in the recession, or who have tried to help family members or relatives who did, have now spent whatever savings or other cashable assets they had.”

Other findings:

_About 35 percent of black households and 31 percent of Hispanic households had zero or negative net worth in 2009, compared with 15 percent of white households. In 2005, the comparable shares were 29 percent for blacks, 23 percent for Hispanics and 11 percent for whites.

_Asians lost their top ranking to whites in median household wealth, dropping from $168,103 in 2005 to $78,066 in 2009. Similar to Hispanics, many Asians were concentrated in states like California that were hit hard by the housing downturn. More recent arrivals of new Asian immigrants, who tend to be poor, also pushed down their median wealth.

_Across all race and ethnic groups, the wealth gap between rich and poor widened. The share of wealth held by the top 10 percent of U.S. households increased from 49 percent in 2005 to 56 percent in 2009. The threshold for entry into the wealthiest top 10 percent, however, dipped lower: from $646,327 in 2005 to $598,435.

The numbers are based on the Census Bureau’s Survey of Income and Program Participation, which sampled more than 36,000 households on wealth from September-December 2009. Census first began publishing wealth data from this survey, broken down by race and ethnicity, in 1984.



25 07 2011

I’ve largely passed on talking about the Norwegian shootings on this medium, mainly because I wanted to gather more information.  Like the Nutbar of Tucson, I won’t say the Utoya suspect’s name in this medium or any public forum, because on both cases the doers were relative losers who wanted the eternal infamy.

After absorbing as much as I can about the Utoya Island shooter, (note:  We still don’t know who did Oslo or why), short of reading his 1500 some odd page manifesto, (which I won’t do because I have a life), and after racking my brain for awhile, in order to come up with the person who he would be or would have been if his ideology were transverted word for word iota for iota onto the American body politic, I think I have the answer.

Jack Kemp.

UPDATE 7/26:  Here is where this suspect will most likely spend no more than the next 21 years.


25 07 2011

Football is truly the opiate of the American masses.  If you don’t believe me, then you weren’t listening at all to the sports media salivate in the last week over each stage of the ratification of the new CBA — When it looked like there was a deal imminent, they panted and jumped around like little puppies.  When the owners ratified, they ran around asking when the players were going to ratify.  When the players took their sweet ole time (IMHO, dragging their feet in order to ride out the heat wave so training camp isn’t that hot for them), the media types pouted and ranted.  When the players’ union executive committee ratified earlier today, they popped champagne corks.  When the players at large ratified a few hours ago, party central.

Almost as if they were drug addicts anxiously awaiting their pusher.

The owners won, because they held virtually all the cards.  The important hint here is that no regular season games this season will be canceled.  NFL players aren’t paid on a year long basis, they get one-sixteenth of their prorated base annual contract salary as “game checks” a few days after every regular season game.  This CBA was settled pretty much in the nick of time not to miss any regular season games.  Ergo, the players folded because they couldn’t miss any of their game checks.  The owners would have still gotten their TV money (the lion’s share of revenue) even if the 2011 season was totally wiped out.  Anything that seems to be a victory for the players I think is entirely humanitarian altruism on the part of the owners.

Speaking of training camp, looks like three different teams can hold theirs on top of the building that houses the world’s largest laser.

Sunday Wrap-Up (And Fun with the Blindingly Obvious)

24 07 2011

*  Guess who is the verified owner of the Twitter account that tweeted this yesterday?

Gotten through 3 chapters in @glennbeck book n so far everything he’s said is either common sense or his opinion based off his own research

Answer at the end of this post.  It’ll tell you everything you need to know about Glenn Beck.

The Most Dangerous Game.

The additional news is that he’ll be completely naked for the hunt if you throw in an extra two grand.  Not kidding.

Smoking gun, in the literal sense of the word.  Unfortunately, impeachment won’t do any good because the Senate won’t vote to convict.  The best thing for Issa to do is to hold back the final damning report until late October 2012.

Read this, and then this.  Remember, Call-a-Ride gets a lot of Federal funding, because its primary raison d’etre is to give transit services to the disabled.  That said, I’m sure there is some Federal law relating to committing a violent crime with a firearm on or against a Federally funded transit service, that could mean that Mr. Dixon faces Federal prison time along with the usual state prison time.  If there’s no action from Callahan’s office, and I predict there will be none, then you know the time of day.  Which you do already.

*  On the surface, race has nothing to do with this.  But whenever there are matters of real estate and apartment rentals in big cities, and free speech issues, there is almost always a racial undercurrent.

Ironically, this happened at a YMCA.  It wasn’t so long ago, in fact, in the living memory of some people who are reading these words, that if something like this happened at a YMCA swimming pool, the chaperones wouldn’t have needed to ask the kids to drop their swimming trunks to look for “evidence,” because they wouldn’t have been wearing any swimming trunks.  Even discounting that, I’m sure the Y still wants you to shower before and after the swim, so all these kids will be naked and see other kids of the same gender naked at some point in the process.  Some states have “nude soap shower” before using a public pool written into state law.

Urban gentrification is over.  It boils down to this — Many of the yuppies got married and had kids, and looked around and discovered that their precious city they used to love so much has crummy black and Hispanic dominated public schools.  Feet don’t fail me now.  As they leave, the supply of younger recent college grads to replace them isn’t as big and is far less likely to have the job and income to sustain an “urban yuppie” lifestyle.

Only seven of the 178 teachers, administrators and principals involved in the Atlanta Public Schools megacheating megascandal have willingly resigned.  The rest are said to face termination procedures, though as far as that goes, I’m not holding my breath.

*  Northern Virginia:  From Robert E. Lee to Wong Li.

Yeahbut…This is one of the many American mainstream media outlets that will act as de facto campaign offices for the Obama 2012.

*  How ’bout them shamrocks — The financially emaciated Irish government had to pony up $16 million to fund the security posse for native son O’Bama’s recent visit.

*  What a damned shock — Those who make the rules and control the people who enforce the rules get to break the rules.  Or, to put it another way, who is auditing the Praetorian guards?

*  Sounds to me like these Puerto Rican men have a better chance to win based on the sexual orientation angle than on gender.

*  In the coming decades, the major driver of Federal spending and debt will be health care expenses.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Paul Ryan’s Medicare proposal.  The main problem with it is that it would be a paperwork and bureaucratic nightmare for the senior citizens who are on Medicare.  Don’t forget that mentally speaking, older people aren’t as “on the ball” as are younger people.  Scamsters prey on the elderly because they can so easily get away with it.  Ryan’s proposal would only beg for scam artists to come out of the woodwork like they were allergic to wood.

Considering the article above and that, I have always wondered why the Federal government doesn’t realize that the tax exempt status it gives to many major hospitals and medical providers, and why state governments don’t realize that medical facility licenses, are very valuable carrots that need sticks on the other end.  The better idea for Medicare and Medicaid reform is that instead of per patient per service reimbursements, the Medicare and Medicaid budgets should be relatively fixed both overall and in terms of what each provider gets for providing Medicare and Medicaid services, and that those providers who are either non-profit or state licensed should be forced to take Medicare and Medicaid patients as a condition of non-profit status or their license.

*  If not for the video, you’d have to go deep down into the article to see the words “racial profiling.”  There’s the key to decoding the whole thing.

The video provided with this story isn’t completely in sync with the story’s text, but it’s definitely heat-related.  Many Chicagoans have a peculiar habit of cracking open fire hydrants in order to cool down.  This decreases water pressure for when the Fire Department really needs to douse a fire.  As a matter of fact, to plug opened hydrants, the Fire Department has needed Police escorts.  What I don’t understand is why these people think they have to go out to the streets to get doused in cold water (in as much as the water is really cold), when their houses have showers that have this neat capability to spray only cold water if one desires.

Wall Street Journal is getting economically illiterate all of a sudden?  I don’t expect much of them in a lot of areas (immigration), but I would expect that they would grok simple supply and demand:

While the plans may not advance beyond the concept phase, they are under serious consideration by senior administration officials because rents are rising even as home prices in many hard-hit markets continue to fall due to high foreclosure levels.

They’re acting like rising rents are happening in spite of high foreclosures.  Really, it’s because.  People forced out of their “owned” houses have to live somewhere, and therefore they create extra demand in the rental market whose supply isn’t increasing as quickly.  Even if they don’t move into their own apartment, and they move into an apartment someone else rents, more people earning more incomes or drawing more checks within a single rental domicile is a market incentive to raise rents.

*  I’m not worth $40 billion, and I probably never will be.  Yet, nobody schmuck that I am, I could have told him from the jump that he was wasting his money.

Gates fully realizes that he might as well thrown that $5 billion down a rat hole.  But as you can read, he learned nothing from his mistakes, and now proposes to waste even more money, all in the process of avoiding the blindingly obvious truth that student quality is the prime determinant in educational achivement.

*  Michele Bachmann’s reputation in my mind is heading in right direction, mainly because of Pigford.  Now, she still has a long way to go before she would become my preferred Presidential candidate.  She’d have to ditch that dumbass Glenn Beck black-loving mentality, and perhaps avoid talking about history and religion.

Allen West, however…Though I can’t say I ever held him in high esteem to begin with.  He’s doing exactly what I predicted he would do.  A black is a black is a black is a black is a black — Maybe this will teach some of you numb skulls who are having a hard time absorbing that blindingly obvious lesson.

*  Some call them stereotypes — I prefer to think of them as conclusions.  “La Raza Low Rider Show” — Now there’s an event really high on my life’s to-do list.  Interesting that Seattle is supposedly an American city, yet there don’t seem to be any identifiable Americans involved in this narrative.

*  Mother’s new boyfriend, plus her teenage or young adult son, in the same house.  You know how this usually turns out, you’ve been reading this medium long enough.  But this time, there are a couple of twists.

*  How bad is this economy?  If you didn’t think it was horrible, because it’s doing pretty well for you personally, or you happen to live in a metro area (D.C., S.F.) where it’s decent overall, here’s a hint that it’s crummy for everyone else and everywhere else — A man who would rather Social Security and Medicare not exist, if you get down to the bare metal of his hard drive, is very close to Obama in a hypothetical 2012 matchup.  I still think Ron Paul wouldn’t be able to win for that reason, but the reason people are far more perceptive to his message now than they were during the 2008 Republican Presidential Primaries is that the financial crisis had not happened yet.  Bear Stearns didn’t happen until Mid-March, and by then, McCain had the nomination virtually in the bag.  And obviously the real shit didn’t hit the fan until mid-September.  If the financial crisis had happened just nine months earlier, Ron Paul would have done much better in the primaries and caucuses.  Now, we live in a world where the financial crisis did happen and the near-depression as a consequence still lingers.

*  I think the real answer is even more simple and blindingly obvious than even Michael Barone thinks.  It’s all the economy.  The only reason Clinton bucked the trend in 1996 is because the economy was better in 1996 than it was in 1992, nothing more.

Obama is tanking among less affluent and younger whites, i.e. victims of affirmative action.

I did a post about this dog about a year and a half ago.  Turns out he’s afraid of chihuahuas.

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.  If you didn’t realize before that dogs literally don’t comprehend size, then this should make it blindingly obvious.

And some headlines.

UK Telegraph:  Boy, 6, made to cycle 20 miles to school

He’s lucky.  When I was his age, I had to walk 20 miles one way to school through the foot-deep snow.

5:  World’s largest underwear missing from City Museum

I guess somebody somewhere has put on that much weight.

P-D:  State names former prosecutor to investigate East St. Louis Schools

“Prosecutor” and “East St. Louis” in the same headline?  I know, it’s a real mystery.

Yahoo Sports:  Tigers TV guy: Latinos need ‘rice and beans’ for postgame meal

All Mexico responds to the black Rod Allen with words that sound like “watermelon,” “chitterlings,” “fried chicken” and “MD 20/20.”

Yahoo Sports:  Vick quickly reemerging as pitchman

Consequences?  What consequences?

P-D:  Bankrupt preacher promises to build school

Audacious prediction:  Accounting classes won’t be offered.

KPHO-CBS-5 Phoenix:  Arizonans prefer to load up rather than tee it up

Something better to do in Arizona than golf?  That’s sorta like Phoenix freezing over this month.




*  Answer:  @ochocinco


21 07 2011

If you have been paying attention to the local news in the last few days, you can’t help but notice that there has been a lot of “accidental” shootings involving “young children.”  One report said that the most recent one in Belleville was the third in a month for the city.

Yeah, there seem to be a lot of “gun accidents” lately, especially in a “changing” town like Belleville (The New East St. Louis).

I’ll give you a hint where my mind is running:  It involves words that start with “C.”  Cluster, not coincidence.  Crime.  Cover-up.  We know the cops in Belleville try to sweep anti-white hate crimes under the rug, so why wouldn’t they try and convince us that ghetto and gang land shootings are merely “youth gun accidents?”


Fun With Headlines, Summer Stereotyping Edition

21 07 2011

The Hill:  Report: Obama top recipient of News Corp. donations

Sounds like we should be investigating Murdoch on this side of the pond after all.

UK Telegraph:  Serial killers entitled to benefits, minister admits

“Entitled to benefits.”  That sound you hear is me giving up my supper.

UK Guardian:  UN security council to consider climate change peacekeeping

UN vs God.  Everyone but the UN knows who’s going to win that battle.

WBAL-NBC-11 Baltimore:  ‘Bullet Tax’ Proposed By Mayoral Candidate

Each murder in Baltimore will be $1 more expensive to commit.  That should really deter a lot of them.

P-D:  Watermelon truck rollover a seedy tale

If ever there was an ideal place for a truck hauling watermelons to roll over, Gary, Indiana is it.  To wit.

Ben Maller:  Yanks’ Curtis Granderson: Where Are Black Fans?

Rikers Island.

Yahoo Sports:  Vick takes anti-dogfighting message to Congress

It’s not so much dog fighting is wrong, it’s that he wants some of his endorsement deals back.

Reuters:  Apple smashes Street views, shares soar

A big corporation is sitting on a pile of cash and won’t hire anyone, yet I hear no left-wing bitching.

NYP:  Amish youth leads cops on buggy chase

What was the probable cause for this traffic stop?  Broken taillight won’t work here.

P-D:  Earth City-based Save-A-Lot commits to opening 250 stores in food deserts

Trust me, you won’t want to touch a “fresh” fruit or vegetable or choice of meat from that particular outlet.

TMZ:  Chris Brown — Neighbors Say He’s a Nightmare

He’s not a hit with the people who live close to him.

NPR:  Alabama Still Collecting Tax For Confederate Vets

Five, six, seven, eight…There’s nothing more permanent than a temporary tax to fund a temporary government program.

Thursday’s Toestubs

21 07 2011

This is what used to sit where the Central Library is now.

Dan Riehl is paying attention to MO-2, a fight in which I have dogs.  I’m undecided at this point.  But I’m sure not going to make my decision based on who has the most money — Having the most money is more a negative than a positive in my mind — All that means is that the Republican establishment and certain Republican-oriented special interests like Ann Wagner better than Ed Martin.  Back in 2000, Todd Akin didn’t have that much money, relative to Gene McNary and the other big names in the race, but won anyway.  Also, Riehl is way too fixated on Russ Carnahan — He bashes Ed Martin for running in a district where he doesn’t live — Carnahan doesn’t live in MO-2, either — He, like Martin, currently lives in South City.  Beyond that, Russ Carnahan cannot win MO-2.

I beg to differ.  Many of them certainly can handle technology, when the objective is to organize an anti-white mob on Twitter.  It’s just when the objective turns to actual school work that brains go numb.

*  “Might have to learn how to deal with the high numbers of Latinos.”  This is a stupid thing to say if you’re sane, but a smart thing to write if you’re a limp dick lamer con working for an online publication run by a man named “Patel.”

*  Same subject, different state, usual story:  Black gerrymandering in North Carolina hurts white Democrats.

*  Believe me, there is nothing more violent than a black anti-violence shindig.  And there’s nothing more stomach-wrenching than all the white people cheering it on, as you can see in the video.

Those in the know say “R-A-C-E.”  If they’re right, then this is the second piece of “they’re getting their comeuppance” news from Kennedyistan in recent years.

*  What?  We’re so lazy that we need the same bureaucrats who give you a free or cheap place to live also to give you Head Start right where you live?

It is statistically more likely that a Federal employee will die of natural causes while being a Federal employee than it is that he or she will be dismissed for cause (“fired”).  This shouldn’t surprise you, and it should be perfectly obvious why.  Incidentally, NASA is the agency with the lowest turnover in 2010, and I’m reading that and blogging about it on the same day when the last Shuttle mission returned to Terra Firma.  Once Obama guts NASA of real space exploration to fund more food stamps, and refocuses NASA’s mission to Glow-BULL (not) Warming and Muslim self-esteem, the turnover rate at NASA won’t be so low.

Yeah, I do, partially.  After all, he demanded and got a major Federal education legislative package which attached Federal money to the fictional fantasy of racial equality in student achievement.  Combine that with the propensity that a certain group of people (cough cough gag gag) have to cheat, and what did you think was going to happen in Atlanta?  By the time this is over, the only question is going to be which major heavily black urban school district WASN’T cheating to comply with NCLB.

Sounds like Kip Kinkel.  Except PBS won’t make a documentary about him.

You Terrorist You

21 07 2011

Alex Jones gets it half right and half wrong in the overall scheme of things, but he’s on “right” mode today.  Save he thinks the motivation is politial doctrine — I happen to think the motivation is racial.

This is what happens when you elect a man President who “wrote” in one of “his” books that white people should become destitute and powerless because black slave labor made the United States the industrial and economic superpower that it used to be.  Except the inconvenient truth is that, in spite of my Southern partisanship, the United States didn’t become industrial and economic superpower until slavery was repudiated, and never could have become one if it were not.

O.B.A.M.A. — One Big Awful Mistake America


21 07 2011

You can engage in the real homeland security that the Federal agency by the same name won’t do.

I already have — Although it means I’ll have to make do with far less alcohol for the next several weeks, it’s well worth it.

Here We Slow Again

19 07 2011

Belleville News-Democrat:

Controversy brews around bridge: Minority contractors’ group threatens to shut down project

EAST ST. LOUIS — The Metro-East Black Contractors Organization said it will shut down the Mississippi River bridge construction project if more minority contractors are not hired.

Bill Mason, president of the group, said he wants the Illinois Department of Transportation “to meet with us and sort things out or we’re going to shut the Mississippi River bridge project down.”


Flanked by graduates of the Highway Construction Preparatory Training Program, Mason said Friday he is tired of the excuses when it comes to putting minority contractors to work.

“These men and women are ready, eager and willing to work. They have certifications that show they’re acclimated to work in trades. They’re being denied by the unions. The union is putting pressure on IDOT and IDOT is reneging,” Mason said.

A representative of Union Local 100 could not be reached for comment. A reporter went to the office at 9339 Lebanon Road on Friday but no one was there.

Mason said he and the graduates have grown tired of watching white workers come into East St. Louis and surrounding communities from all many places doing all the high-dollar work while blacks can only sit and watch.

Mason wouldn’t divulge what the group would do in an effort to shut down the project, which is slated to be finished in 2014.

Eric Vickers, legal counsel for the Metro-East Black Contractors Organization said in June the state did two projects that came right through First Street that were worth about $40 million. “And, they’ve done nothing to make sure the graduates of this program get the work.

In July 1999, a similar group of black “contractors” on this side of the river “shut down” Interstate 70 in North St. Louis City for a few hours, protesting the same things.  The problem is, they were only able to get away with it because the black St. Louis City Police Chief at the time, Ron Henderson, deliberately shut down the highway in advance of their protest, because he agreed with them politically.  Ordinarily, it’s a state crime to block or impede traffic on state-owned right of way, (in spite of Interstate 70 being a Federal interstate route, MoDOT owns the right-of-way), but Mel Carnahan was Governor and Jay Nixon was Attorney General and Dee Joyce-Hayes was Circuit Attorney at the time, so neither Ron Henderson nor these protesters had anything to fear from that front.  If there were fears about Federal prosecution, they were allayed because Bill Clinton was President and Janet Reno was Attorney General, and a Clinton flunky was the U.S. Attorney for St. Louis.

This same milieu wanted to turn the same trick on Highway 40 in Richmond Heights in advance of the reconstruction on 40.  They only mouthed off but didn’t do anything because the white Police Chief in RH essentially said “make my day.”

Now, they want to “shut down” the bridge project on the Illinois side of the river, and only the Illinois side of the river.  Why?  Pat Quinn is Governor, and he only got to stay on as Governor because of Crook County’s vote, so they think he “owes” them.

Before you think about hiring any of these “graduates” of the “highway construction preparatory training program,” look at this.

Related:  Eric Vickers = Radical Islam

Fun With 57 Different Varieties of Shari’ah

19 07 2011

Harrisburg (Penn.) Patriot-News:  Harrisburg shooting victim was ‘goofy and funny,’ loved to play basketball, family and friends say

See also:  Good boy, honor student, turning his life around, aspiring rapper, just happened to fall in with the wrong crowd.

Pat Dollard:  Jesse Jackson: “Anti-Obama Mania Sweeping The Country” And We “Ought Fight Back”

We’ve come a long way from wanting to cut his nuts off, haven’t we, Jesse?

AP:  Suspect in Ark. soldier’s death seeks bigger stage

I’m thinking more along the lines of a hotter seat.

WXIA-NBC-11 Atlanta:  Mayor asks church to pray for APS leaders

Please do, pray for extra long prison bids.

NESN:  Chicago Cubs Manager Mike Quade Detained by TSA on Way Back From All-Star Game

Sorry, TSA.  When choosing between deliberate malfeasance and just plain incompetence, you always have to err on the side of the latter when anything Cubs is involved.

Melbourne (Vic., Australia) Herald-Sun:  Give us our own laws, say Islamic leaders

Got 57 countries to choose from.

Weasel Zippers:  American Taxpayers Fund Study Of Gay Men’s Penis Sizes…

Why “fund” anything like this when there’s probably plenty of gay porn on the internet for free?

Tuesday’s Tidbits (The Golden Girl & The Tan Man)

19 07 2011

*  More accounting:  If Obama thinks that disallowing the LIFO form of inventory valuation is a sure way to raise extra tax revenue, he should realize that that will only be the case in economic climates where newer inventory always has a higher COGS (Cost of Good Sold, usually wholesale value plus a few incidental costs) than older inventory.  If there is some sort of sudden flip, then government coffers actually do worse in the long run.  Except Obama and Co. are so hip into quantitative easings that it’s almost a certainty that almost all new physical inventory stocks will be “worth” more than older ones, simply because the money is getting less valuable over time.

*  Thanks to the Dodd-Frank bill, ratings services like Moody’s, S&P, Fitch and others like them, are now heavily regulated.  Therefore, when Moody’s moves its lips, assume that Obama’s voice is what you hear coming out of its mouth.

They’re all young ladies, for sure, but I only see one American.

By the way, as Dr. Norm Matloff, a frequent writer for V-Dare has exposed, I would be that most of their work invovled being nothing more than lab assistants for university or corporate research projects under the tutelage of real adults.  Bright assistants, but assistants nonetheless.

That’s one way to shut a witness up.  Unfortunately, this means that you can’t even get away from them in New Hampshire.  I notice that each man’s bail was set at $100K — Realize that Tyell Morton, whose “crime” involved a high school senior prank involving a blow-up balloon, needed $30K to get bailed out of jail.

*  Segue to local news, it’s ironic that this chase ended up on Folsom Street, seeing as how these five will very likely do some time in prison.

*  P-D digs into the archives for the July 1963 fire that burned down Highlands Amusement Park over on Oakland Avenue.  I always thought that it was only after the fire, which led to the park’s demolition, that someone got the bright idea to put a junior college in its place.  From the way this reads, the City/County JC District, which had been created three years earlier, had its eyes on that piece of real estate all along.  And “wouldn’t you know it,” there was a “suspicious fire.”

Yep, Betty White had a busy schedule.  I believe you, Betty, I really do.  I get your point loudly and clearly.

Sunday Wrap-Up

17 07 2011

From the Atlanta Braves game last night.  It was really considerate of them to celebrate my 10,000th Tweet on Twitter.

*  The Fazoli’s child endangerment story is a few days ago, but we finally have mugs.  Figures.

Seems like someone has too much time on his hands.  You’ll notice at the end that he noticed how much barge traffic there was on the river at St. Louis — Now you know why all this propaganda so long ago about “riverboat cruises” that just so happenend to have “games of chance” on board was nothing more than a PR con job to sell gambling.  Even when the boats did cruise, they never could go far because it wasn’t safe, because of all the barge traffic.  Now there aren’t even any real boats, they’re just buildings on top of dug-in water diversion channels.

Leave it.  Whatever is going on now at the former site of Pruitt-Igoe, considering what part of town it’s in, it’s the most productive that particular piece of real estate can ever be.

Any relation to Ben?  I doubt it — This one seems to be able to stay on the right side of the law.

Car dealer near Springfield does the Butler.  This story gives me the opportunity to link back to my very first parody news story I wrote in this space.

*  Good news — Nixon signed the welfare drug testing bill.  Bad news — It only applies to TANF recipients.  To do any real good, it would need to apply to SSI and SNAP recipients.  The state does have concurrent jurisdiction over SNAP (“Food Stamps”), but not over SSI.  The reason it won’t do much good is that TANF, the time-limited AFDC replacement, isn’t utilized that much in the black ghettoes and among the white meth addict crowd, because most of them made the lateral move from AFDC to SSI after the “Welfare (Not) Reform” Act of 1996.  (Hint:  SSI was the fastest growing Federal budget line item between “Welfare (Not) Reform” and 9/11.)  As far as welfare programs, food stamps have always been the real vector to illicit drug purchases, and still are in spite of the fact that they’re now put on swipe cards.

D.C.  FAIL.  Firefighters are almost never armed while doing their jobs.  You’ll notice that Mayor Gray wants to use them to “protect” the young people doing make-work summer jobs in the city, because they tend to get mugged on payday.

Now we know who will be D.C. Mayor after Vincent Gray.  Or if D.C. goes majority white liberal by then, maybe he can be the county supervisor of Prince Georges County, a.k.a. New D.C.

*  Roger Clemens clusterfuck:  I was lucky enough to be able to hear Chet Pleban on Kevin Slaten a few days ago do a blow-by-blow of how it all went wrong.  The whole clusterfuck revolves around an obvious legal error that most first-year law students would know how to avoid.  Pleban thinks that there’s a five’ll-getya-ten chance that the judge will have no choice but to dismiss the case with prejudice, i.e. Clemens walks forever.  Now, I have seen first hand that the U.S. Attorneys for Eastern Missouri love to hire affirmative action black Assistant U.S. Attorneys (AUSAs) — The Clemens proceedings took place in the Washington, D.C. Federal trial level circut.  I’m also laying five’ll-getya-ten that the “incompetent” AUSAs here are affirmative action blacks.

I’ve heard the theory that Clemens himself or an interested third party passed money around, but the reason I highly doubt it is that this trial was only on perjury.  Yeah, a Federal felony, but it involves at most a few months in Club Fed.  Bribery is a much bigger deal, and would have the potential of keeping Clemens in Federal prison for much longer, or the interested third party would have to do time, and it would also mean some AUSAs lose their own jobs and go to Federal prison.  Bribery is only used when the existing charges are really serious, e.g. murder.

*  Need James Edwards’s help here.  Memphis is a city in the far southwestern corner of its state, and it essentially borders two other states.  The rest of Tennessee is that way, Mississippi is that way, and Arkansas is that way.  Firearm ownership is all those places has to be pretty high, yet Memphis seems to be the only place within a couple hundred miles of itself where guns have a hard time behaving.  So much so that the Mayor of Memphis has gotten into Michael Bloomberg’s wallet to figure out what to do about it.

What gives?

*  Federal Courts:  The legal racial dispossession of whites of the United States is okay, just as long as the particular non-whites who are able to do it are chosen perfectly at random.

Sheila Jackson Lee is right.  Barack H. Obama II is the only President in American history who has ever faced opposition to his agenda and ideas.  Hell, he’s the only President who has ever been criticized.

I agree.  I can look in the mirror to prove it.  I have a permit and carry when and where I can — If anything, I studiously avoid bad situations, and also avoid escalating situations.  I needed to start carrying a gun before I learned how to be a coward.  Knock on wood, I’ve never had to as much as display my gun to deter a violent crime, though I was a violent crime victim three times before I could start carrying legally.

*  I really haven’t said much about this proposed new state of South California, except that it’ll be almost as blue and almost as non-white as the larger California it proposes to leave, so I didn’t get the political point of doing it.  It hit me like a brick yesterday — Since “South California” would not include Los Angeles County nor the San Francisco Bay Area nor Sacramento nor rural northern California, it would not include any doctrinaire white liberals.  Therefore, this “South California” idea is basically a construct of lamestream white conservatives who think that all the world’s problems, both theirs and those of non-whites, are a result of white liberal ideology.  These are the same people emitting the same brain farts such has “Detroit is a hell hole because it’s run by liberal Democrats.”

*  I don’t know what is more amusing here, that Jane Fonda is attributing QVC dumping her to the VRWC, or that Jane Fonda was reduced to being on QVC to begin with.  By the way, QVC stands for “quality, value, convenience.”  Where is the FTC when you need them?  I can think of at least three lies in that acronym.  Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t be picking on QVC — After all, they ARE the official outfitter of both Nancy Grace and Diane Dimond.

*  What is a “British value?”  Answer:  Not belonging to the BNP.

Oh yeah, they also throw in “Muslim extremist,” but rest assured that sword only has one sharp edge.

*  Tee hee.  They give us nukes in a suitcase, we give them the internet in a suitcase.

The Murdoch media scandal in the UK — As “conservative” (quote-unquote) as are his media outlets in the United States, that’s how left wing are Murdoch papers and channels in the UK and Australia.

*  Good news:  The populist-nationalist wing of Austrian politics seemed like it would never recover after the assassination (yeah, that’s right, I said it) of Georg Haider.  But now it’s back, and right back to square one.


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