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7 07 2011

Why I hope the NFL labor strife goes on for awhile, at least until we get over the planking fad.

The Mob strikes again.  Though it’s not obvious what their big beef was with the Lansing, Michigan Election Board.  If I had to guess, they want to enact some sort of measure to ensure fair and clean elections in the city or county, which has a disparate impact on the part of blacks/Democrats/leftists to commit voter fraud.  Notice the chairwoman of the mob addresses the mob at one point and says they’re doing what they’re doing in part for the sake of “poor whites.”  This is the same BAMN mob that shows its ass off to “save affirmative action,” the number one victims of which is poor whites.

Good news.  It sure took long enough, but at least it’s going up.  Now let’s profile us some Muslims and control their immigration so that they don’t knock this one down, too.

Chipotle is lawyering up in the midsts of a Federal immigration investigation of its hiring practices.

Julie Myers, Bush 43’s final ICE director, is on board with Chipotle.  Open borders hack, she is.  And so is he, in all honesty.

*  The judge in the Casey Anthony trial won’t release the identities of the jurors.  Good for him — If they’re ever found out, the Nancy Graces (“Not Miss Congeniality”) of the world are going to hound them forever.

*  Once the largest mall in the country in terms of number of stores.

Now it’s on the blocks.  Guess why it’s dead.

Lotsaluck finding a buyer.

Here comes the new bromide to explain the achievement gap.

Thanks for the headway, but does this mean we get to engage in racial profiling?

No, it’ll be your wife’s implants that are groped.

Jonah Goldberg says “Racism Schmacism.”  It’s too bad that he’s been all too ready to hurl around that same R-word over the years.

*  Speaking of “Racism Schmacism,” Elizabeth Wright is in hospice care.  Lew Rockwell quotes one of her most famous paragraphs, the money line of which reads:

Over the years, as whites have worked to defend themselves against the charge of “racism,” they have validated this slur by giving it greater importance than it deserves, and thereby helped to institutionalize it as the world’s greatest “sin.”

In other words, “Racism Schmacism.”

Maybe Andrew Breitbart et al. should have read that line last summer.

As an aside, I know for a fact that Elizabeth Wright (a black woman, in case you didn’t know) instructed the leadership of a certain white-oriented national organization that she would withdraw her support of it and renounce her public statements in admiration of it if they ever quit being pro-white.

Have I seen this man?  Yeah, I have.  I see him all the time.  In fact I sometimes see him in two or three different places at the same time in my field of view.

*  7th Appellate Circut strikes down Chicago’s prohibition on private indoor firing ranges, and the majority opinion uses some pretty insightful and precedent-setting language in the process.  That opinion noted the contradiction of the city wanting training at an indoor range to get a handgun ownership permit, yet not allowing indoor ranges in the city.

However, no matter how many decisions the Federal judiciary makes against Chicago, the city will keep on dicking around making legal handgun ownership as hard and red-tapey as possible until the Federal judiciary puts Chicago and D.C. and similar cities under a consent decree, giving a relevant Federal judge permanent and steady oversight over those cities and their firearms laws, to beat them on the heads with sticks until their firearms laws are about on par with the national average.

It may not be a fail, yet.

Reading this, it makes me wonder if the Teamsters will endorse Obama for the second term.  Now, they might not want to endorse the Republican, but if they endorse Obama again after all this, then they’re hopeless.  And the Teamsters are one of the better and more sane unions left.

*  I predicted that Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam would push for a state income tax, just like the last Republican who held that office.  I got a little bit of blowback from the Tennesseeans that follow me on Twitter.

This is not a fulfillment of that prediction precisely, but it’s close enough to haul out the toldyaso card and do a victory lap.

Former President Bill Clinton hauled out the “Jim Crow” card to critize state-level legislation to ensure clean and fair elections.  The opportunity for his rant was a bill in New Hampshire that would crack down on the state being a victim of “drive by” voting from its neighbor to the south.  Massachusetts is a safe blue state, while New Hampshire is a swing state.  Because of NH’s permissive voting registration laws, Massachusetts libs often flood New Hampshire with phony addresses and register to vote in order to vote for Democrats on election day, in order to swing NH blue.  This also affects NH’s crucial first-in-the-nation primaries every four years, and unless this bill becomes law soon, it will have an impact in the Republican Primary early next year in NH, because there is no race on the Democrat side.  In-state Democrats and out-of-state Democrats are going to flood the polls voting for the turkiest turkey in the field.

*  President Obama should be criticized for a lot of things, but declining housing values is not one of them.  They’re declining because they should be declining, because the speculative bubble thanks to the subprime mania has to correct.  As you can see from this chart, we have a long way to go down before we’re back to circa 1997 equilibrium, but with this economy in near depression, I think it should and will sink even further than that, especially in housing markets between the coasts.

I hardly think she would have hid any terrorist-style ordinance in her hair.  Black women spend too much and work too long and hard on their hair to mess it up like that.

The paradox of funding health care programs with tobacco taxes has finally done its part to unravel a state’s budget.  Unfortunately, it’s an otherwise sane state.

Adopt out?  What for?  Senior did essentially nothing for II, in fact II only saw his own father no more than twice.  Sounds to me that he did adopt him out, in a sense of speaking.

*  The CA-36 special election is this coming Tuesday.  I referenced it in this space last month, noting and embedding a really juicy video Hahn opponents made.  I said at the time that it probably wouldn’t be enough to keep a CPVI D+12 district in Southern California from flipping.  But a lot can happen in a month.  If Janice Hahn wins, it probably won’t be by much.

In her defense, the only kind of people that seem to want to work as “gang intervention specialists” are “ex” bangers, so she might have had no choice if she were specifically going into the gang mitigation industry/hustle.  Nobody wants to learn how to obey the law from people who actually have, so it seems.




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