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17 07 2011

From the Atlanta Braves game last night.  It was really considerate of them to celebrate my 10,000th Tweet on Twitter.

*  The Fazoli’s child endangerment story is a few days ago, but we finally have mugs.  Figures.

Seems like someone has too much time on his hands.  You’ll notice at the end that he noticed how much barge traffic there was on the river at St. Louis — Now you know why all this propaganda so long ago about “riverboat cruises” that just so happenend to have “games of chance” on board was nothing more than a PR con job to sell gambling.  Even when the boats did cruise, they never could go far because it wasn’t safe, because of all the barge traffic.  Now there aren’t even any real boats, they’re just buildings on top of dug-in water diversion channels.

Leave it.  Whatever is going on now at the former site of Pruitt-Igoe, considering what part of town it’s in, it’s the most productive that particular piece of real estate can ever be.

Any relation to Ben?  I doubt it — This one seems to be able to stay on the right side of the law.

Car dealer near Springfield does the Butler.  This story gives me the opportunity to link back to my very first parody news story I wrote in this space.

*  Good news — Nixon signed the welfare drug testing bill.  Bad news — It only applies to TANF recipients.  To do any real good, it would need to apply to SSI and SNAP recipients.  The state does have concurrent jurisdiction over SNAP (“Food Stamps”), but not over SSI.  The reason it won’t do much good is that TANF, the time-limited AFDC replacement, isn’t utilized that much in the black ghettoes and among the white meth addict crowd, because most of them made the lateral move from AFDC to SSI after the “Welfare (Not) Reform” Act of 1996.  (Hint:  SSI was the fastest growing Federal budget line item between “Welfare (Not) Reform” and 9/11.)  As far as welfare programs, food stamps have always been the real vector to illicit drug purchases, and still are in spite of the fact that they’re now put on swipe cards.

D.C.  FAIL.  Firefighters are almost never armed while doing their jobs.  You’ll notice that Mayor Gray wants to use them to “protect” the young people doing make-work summer jobs in the city, because they tend to get mugged on payday.

Now we know who will be D.C. Mayor after Vincent Gray.  Or if D.C. goes majority white liberal by then, maybe he can be the county supervisor of Prince Georges County, a.k.a. New D.C.

*  Roger Clemens clusterfuck:  I was lucky enough to be able to hear Chet Pleban on Kevin Slaten a few days ago do a blow-by-blow of how it all went wrong.  The whole clusterfuck revolves around an obvious legal error that most first-year law students would know how to avoid.  Pleban thinks that there’s a five’ll-getya-ten chance that the judge will have no choice but to dismiss the case with prejudice, i.e. Clemens walks forever.  Now, I have seen first hand that the U.S. Attorneys for Eastern Missouri love to hire affirmative action black Assistant U.S. Attorneys (AUSAs) — The Clemens proceedings took place in the Washington, D.C. Federal trial level circut.  I’m also laying five’ll-getya-ten that the “incompetent” AUSAs here are affirmative action blacks.

I’ve heard the theory that Clemens himself or an interested third party passed money around, but the reason I highly doubt it is that this trial was only on perjury.  Yeah, a Federal felony, but it involves at most a few months in Club Fed.  Bribery is a much bigger deal, and would have the potential of keeping Clemens in Federal prison for much longer, or the interested third party would have to do time, and it would also mean some AUSAs lose their own jobs and go to Federal prison.  Bribery is only used when the existing charges are really serious, e.g. murder.

*  Need James Edwards’s help here.  Memphis is a city in the far southwestern corner of its state, and it essentially borders two other states.  The rest of Tennessee is that way, Mississippi is that way, and Arkansas is that way.  Firearm ownership is all those places has to be pretty high, yet Memphis seems to be the only place within a couple hundred miles of itself where guns have a hard time behaving.  So much so that the Mayor of Memphis has gotten into Michael Bloomberg’s wallet to figure out what to do about it.

What gives?

*  Federal Courts:  The legal racial dispossession of whites of the United States is okay, just as long as the particular non-whites who are able to do it are chosen perfectly at random.

Sheila Jackson Lee is right.  Barack H. Obama II is the only President in American history who has ever faced opposition to his agenda and ideas.  Hell, he’s the only President who has ever been criticized.

I agree.  I can look in the mirror to prove it.  I have a permit and carry when and where I can — If anything, I studiously avoid bad situations, and also avoid escalating situations.  I needed to start carrying a gun before I learned how to be a coward.  Knock on wood, I’ve never had to as much as display my gun to deter a violent crime, though I was a violent crime victim three times before I could start carrying legally.

*  I really haven’t said much about this proposed new state of South California, except that it’ll be almost as blue and almost as non-white as the larger California it proposes to leave, so I didn’t get the political point of doing it.  It hit me like a brick yesterday — Since “South California” would not include Los Angeles County nor the San Francisco Bay Area nor Sacramento nor rural northern California, it would not include any doctrinaire white liberals.  Therefore, this “South California” idea is basically a construct of lamestream white conservatives who think that all the world’s problems, both theirs and those of non-whites, are a result of white liberal ideology.  These are the same people emitting the same brain farts such has “Detroit is a hell hole because it’s run by liberal Democrats.”

*  I don’t know what is more amusing here, that Jane Fonda is attributing QVC dumping her to the VRWC, or that Jane Fonda was reduced to being on QVC to begin with.  By the way, QVC stands for “quality, value, convenience.”  Where is the FTC when you need them?  I can think of at least three lies in that acronym.  Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t be picking on QVC — After all, they ARE the official outfitter of both Nancy Grace and Diane Dimond.

*  What is a “British value?”  Answer:  Not belonging to the BNP.

Oh yeah, they also throw in “Muslim extremist,” but rest assured that sword only has one sharp edge.

*  Tee hee.  They give us nukes in a suitcase, we give them the internet in a suitcase.

The Murdoch media scandal in the UK — As “conservative” (quote-unquote) as are his media outlets in the United States, that’s how left wing are Murdoch papers and channels in the UK and Australia.

*  Good news:  The populist-nationalist wing of Austrian politics seemed like it would never recover after the assassination (yeah, that’s right, I said it) of Georg Haider.  But now it’s back, and right back to square one.



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