Tuesday’s Tidbits (The Golden Girl & The Tan Man)

19 07 2011

*  More accounting:  If Obama thinks that disallowing the LIFO form of inventory valuation is a sure way to raise extra tax revenue, he should realize that that will only be the case in economic climates where newer inventory always has a higher COGS (Cost of Good Sold, usually wholesale value plus a few incidental costs) than older inventory.  If there is some sort of sudden flip, then government coffers actually do worse in the long run.  Except Obama and Co. are so hip into quantitative easings that it’s almost a certainty that almost all new physical inventory stocks will be “worth” more than older ones, simply because the money is getting less valuable over time.

*  Thanks to the Dodd-Frank bill, ratings services like Moody’s, S&P, Fitch and others like them, are now heavily regulated.  Therefore, when Moody’s moves its lips, assume that Obama’s voice is what you hear coming out of its mouth.

They’re all young ladies, for sure, but I only see one American.

By the way, as Dr. Norm Matloff, a frequent writer for V-Dare has exposed, I would be that most of their work invovled being nothing more than lab assistants for university or corporate research projects under the tutelage of real adults.  Bright assistants, but assistants nonetheless.

That’s one way to shut a witness up.  Unfortunately, this means that you can’t even get away from them in New Hampshire.  I notice that each man’s bail was set at $100K — Realize that Tyell Morton, whose “crime” involved a high school senior prank involving a blow-up balloon, needed $30K to get bailed out of jail.

*  Segue to local news, it’s ironic that this chase ended up on Folsom Street, seeing as how these five will very likely do some time in prison.

*  P-D digs into the archives for the July 1963 fire that burned down Highlands Amusement Park over on Oakland Avenue.  I always thought that it was only after the fire, which led to the park’s demolition, that someone got the bright idea to put a junior college in its place.  From the way this reads, the City/County JC District, which had been created three years earlier, had its eyes on that piece of real estate all along.  And “wouldn’t you know it,” there was a “suspicious fire.”

Yep, Betty White had a busy schedule.  I believe you, Betty, I really do.  I get your point loudly and clearly.



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