Sunday Wrap-Up

31 07 2011

*  It’ll probably be on AR tomorrow, but you can read it today.

*  A person born the day MetroLink opened can now vote as of today.  Tempus really does freakin fugit.

The operative word here is “history,” i.e. in the past.  Much like the concept of a vibrant and expanding working middle class.

Lazy Clay?  Corrupt?  Naw, get outta town!  Could it be the libs at the P-D are like the libs at the Arch City Chronicle, all of a sudden upset that the entire city will be in Clay’s district?  I bet they’re running stories like this to encourage a white liberal primary challenger to Clay next August.

Chicago MSM deliberately edits the picture of an “innocent boy shot by the evil white raciss po-leeceseses,” SCC does the un-cropping.  Let me guess, these Chicago MSM sources bitched and whined about Breitbart’s accidental and irrelevant (though ultimately counterproductive) cropping of the Sherrod video last year.

You could probably fill in the blanks yourself, but just in case you’re that oblivious, here is George Clinton’s Wikipedia entry.

*  Something not way too obvious jumps out at me when I look at this map — The Census Bureau is way too generous when it comes to putting counties into metropolitan areas.  You’d think that almost the whole country east of a line from Duluth to San Antonio is just one big city, and that all of Arizona and California is nothing but one big concrete jungle.  In reality, Census should use the concept of “urbanized footprint,” which can be done because the East-West Gateway Council of Governments, St. Louis’s MPO, knows how to do it and utilizes it.

And this is new news?  This has been the American story since at least 1900.  But this story can be summarized with these words — Anyone with any sort of “get up and go” is “getting up and leaving” the kinds of places where it’s not wise to stay.

A trillion dollar coin to pay off our national debt.  Cool — Except if you do that, it’ll soon take five of them to buy a Coke out of a vending machine.

*  No kidding.  Just who starts and peddles these myths about heroic journalists?  Answer:  Journalists.

Oh, and by the way — Richard Nixon brought down Richard Nixon.

*  When Shit Backfires:  President Obama’s Twitter account (I bet we’re paying someone six figures to send out all “his” Tweets) lost 36,000 followers once it started in on tweeting the Twitter account names of Republican politicians that he wanted his drones to spam with Obama propaganda.  I’d like to think that 36,000 people unfollowed him for that — Unfortunately, Obama has so many followers that 36,000 out of the millions he has is probably a rounding error.

*  Flawed premise:  It’s kinda hard to fake the existence of a human being.  You can dicker around over the value of clothes you donated to the homeless shelter, but a kid is either there or not.

It’s about time.  Now hopefully they’ll have sense enough to use it on the kind of people who actually have do-badder proclivities.

I’d adopt this kitten if I could.  She will probably be the sweetest cat anyone could ever have.  But, because she was born with an unfortunate discoloration, and because the particular human political division in which she was born is pathologically obsessed with a long dead and discredited German dictator, the kitten was abandoned, fortunately found and put in an animal shelter, but still unwanted.  Ironically, the particular regime which this dictator led was the first in modern history to pass animal welfare laws.  And sadly ironic in the other direction would it be if this kitten is euthanized for the lack of human interest.



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