Don’t Blame Me, I Was For Mike Cox

1 08 2011

And it’s not like I predicted it.  What else would a tech CEO from the 1990s say or think?

Read it and weep.

Forbes (H/T V-Dare):

Snyder sees immigrants as a key to state’s economy

DETROIT — Michigan has seen the results of what immigrants can do to help the economy through companies such as Meijer Inc., Masco Corp. and Dow Chemical Co., and should be attracting more immigrants who can repeat those successes, Gov. Rick Snyder said Monday.

Speaking at a conference on immigration and Michigan’s economy at Wayne State University, the governor pointed out that the Meijer retail chain was founded by a Dutch immigrant, the building products maker Masco ( MAS – news – people ) by an Armenian immigrant and Dow by a Canadian.

“One of the keys that made us successful in the past is going to again be the key to our future, and that’s . . . immigration,” Snyder told hundreds of people attending the New Michigan Media conference. He noted that the venture capital companies he headed before he became governor invested in several businesses headed by foreign graduates who created Michigan jobs.

Wayne State University President Allan Gilmour said many foreign students earn degrees from Michigan universities but then must leave the country because of unfriendly U.S. immigration policies. He mentioned one student who received a doctoral degree but couldn’t get the needed documents to work in the United States, and instead took a job in Canada.


“You would populate Detroit overnight because half the world wants to come here,” Bloomberg said then. Michigan’s largest city has seen its population fall from 1.8 million in the 1950 U.S. Census to 714,000 in 2010, dropping 26 percent in the last decade alone.


The Michigan Department of Civil Rights and the Michigan Economic Development Corp. are working together through the Snyder administration’s Global Michigan Initiative to find ways to team graduating immigrants with companies that might be able to help them gain a work visa by saying they’ll hire them.

“To translate that (student visa) into a work visa or another situation, they really need to be matched with some commercial opportunity,” Snyder said. “”How do we find students that have those great innovative ideas and match them up with existing businesses or other startup people in Michigan to say, `Hey, create a company together’?”

The Republican governor declined to discuss federal immigration policy or the sweeps that have led to illegal immigrants being deported, sometimes tearing them away from their U.S.-born children. He wants the federal government to deal with the issue and opposes Arizona-style laws that allow police enforcing other laws to question the immigration status of those they suspect are in the country illegally.

“That’s a divisive situation,” he said, noting he opposes bills already introduced that would bring similar laws to Michigan. “Such negative issues . . . actually cause more trouble than anything.”

Funny when Snyder tries to sell immigration, he talks about the Dutch, Armenians and Canadians, all white people, and all in the relatively distant past.  Even though save a few exceptions, legal white immigration into the United States is pretty much verboten these days.  What Snyder wants is a bunch of cheap labor tan and brown subcontinentals and Indoamericans to drive the wage scale as far down as possible and to drive as many native born white Americans out of the labor market as possible.

This goofball from Wayne State University has a lot of nerve.  Here is what an AR poster named “Proactive” had to say a few years ago about that school:

Way back in the 70’s when I was about to graduate from Wayne State University in Detroit, we soon-to-be-grads had to assemble in one of the campus auditoriums to write a 250 word essay. Regardless of major, every student had to pass this simple (and widely known) exercise in order to receive their diploma. It was blindingly simple. The instructors gave handouts explaining that you had to introduce the subject, discuss it in the body, and then write the closing. 500 topics to choose from were listed on a separate sheet of paper, and an overhead projector kept the instructions, as explained verbally, cast on a huge screen in front of our huge group. A postcard came in the mail a week later telling if you passed or failed. I was already working at a job in my major when I read in The Detroit News how a large group of black students was suing the school for discrimination. It’s important to note here that Wayne State U in Detroit is and always has been just to the left of Karl Marx, politically. Political Correctness may have been born on this campus. Blacks with just over 1.5 high school GPAs were admitted as freshmen, and they were passed no matter which courses they took. Dumbing down for black students and social promotions were the rules of the day at WSU. After 4 years of, uh, “study”, they had failed the simple essay requirement. Their argument was that the requirement was biased against blacks due to the “fact” (sic) that writing essays were particularly difficult for their race. What’s the complaint in this AR article? That multiple choice tests were too difficult for blacks? What testing method is left? A few weeks later I read where the black students vs. WSU lawsuit was thrown out of court. Due to the absence of a healthy shame among blacks, and their near total disregard for learning while IN school, these idiotic lawsuits continue. Today, the courts appear to be so PC-corrupt that the litigants often win. With the liberal messiah in the highest office, expect more of this insanity. After all, he’s our first PC, affirmative action prez.

Are we supposed to cue every Stradivarius ever made to play the world’s saddest tune because legal immigrants have to return to their country of citizenship every once in awhile?  In many cases, their even going to school here took up a seat that a native born white American couldn’t get.  The cheap labor lobby I suppose would just give every legal immigrant student visa holder a green card or perhaps straight up citizenship as a privilege of some American diploma mill admitting them.  That way, native born white Americans can be both uneducated AND unemployed.

And as far as that last part — All I can say is that Mike Cox would have signed an SB 1070 style law for Michigan.



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