Tuesday’s Tidbits

2 08 2011

*  Debt deal news first.  Ron Paul has an Op-Ed in The Hill that’s getting a lot of love from lamestream conservatives, at least the ones not sucked into the Boner orbit.  You know, it’s funny — Ron Paul is getting a lot of love all of a sudden from the very same lamestream conservative crowd that used to call him nuts + wacky + crazy + kook + tard + foil head.  (I won’t mention Mark Levin and Jim Hoft by name.)  On top of that, as much as these same people “used to” despise Ron, they loved Rand all along, even though the only real difference between them is style, polish and PR.  Maybe that’s the key to the whole thing, maybe the lamer cons are all taken in on slick and polish.

The House roll callThe Senate roll call.  Akin voted no, so he’s out of my dog house.  Important, because he wants to change chambers next year, and hopes to oppose Claire McCaskill, who was a Yes vote.  Blunt voted Yes.

*  Beaver Cleaver called it a “Satan Sandwich,” (that most famous of Kansas City delicacies, for sure), but now admits he would have voted for it if his vote was needed to pass it.

Der Spiegel calls the element of the American body politic that insists that its country’s Federal government get itself on the serious road to spending more more than it takes in as the “radical right.”  I never knew it was easy to be so radical these days.

*  Last thing on this topic for today — We’re hearing a lot of spin from the elements of the conservative media within the Boner orbit that the reason this is a great win for the Tea Party Movement is because the debate forced Democrats like Dick “The Pride of East St. Louis” Durbin to sound like hard core fiscal conservatives.  One of my recurring themes in this space, going back almost to its founding, back in the days when it was not a formal weblog, and back in the days when it served another function, is that talk is cheaper than dirt, and that actions have consequences.  Are we to be impressed that Dick Durbin sounded like a fiscal conservative for 36 hours?  Dick Durbin will always be a big spending tax and spend liberal Democrat for as long as he has real political power.  In reality, the big spending left won this debate in terms of the actions and their consequences, which is all that matters.  Evidently, Conservatism Inc., and the Boner orbit really are as stupid as some of them look, if a few phony people saying a few phony things for a few measly hours is enough for them to claim victory.

*  Flawed methodology:  This study might have been done while Ted Kennedy was still living and Kit Bond was still in the Senate.  Now that both are no longer day-to-day fixtures in D.C., the city’s alcohol consumption is probably a lot lower.

*  I really don’t have anything to say about this story, because it makes my brain blue-screen.  Except that most WVON hosts and many of its callers are a bunch of fanatical kooks (“misdemeanor murdering unarmed black cops“), and McDonalds is probably sponsoring WVON because of its 365Black propaganda putsch.

*  Why did it take this long for someone to think about this?  In many places where fresh water on the ground is in short supply, there’s plenty of it in the atmosphere.  All you have to do is solve energy, and in most places, you have also solved the drinking water question.  Now, in order to scale this up to the water volume needed for modern agriculture, you’d need to solve energy in a big way.

*  The Target closest to me rolled out the Back-to-School seasonal right after the Fourth of July.  The reason BTS retail season is starting earlier is because schools are starting earlier.  St. Louis City Public starts two weeks from yesterday, as an example.




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