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4 08 2011

I’m going to have to slap myself in the hand for letting shit pile up like this.  Self, don’t do that again.  I’m giving myself a suspended sentence of 24 hours of sleep deprivation plus Lifetime on the TV.


*  Old man Vatterott would be turning over in his grave.  He started his voc/tech schools as a way to help working class white men earn a good living, and now it has come down to this.

Washington Avenue?  It’s just one deadly “robbery gone bad” at the hands of the usual suspects away from becoming a ghost town.  BTW, when does a robbery ever go good?

*  Remember, Illinois has no prison space, and this is the same Pat Quinn who pardoned a bunch of people.  So why would he sign a bill that would only overcrowd state prisons even more?

Answer:  By making a state prison sentence for felons in possession mandatory on the state books, it gives cops a crucial sword of Damocles to hang over the heads of the “stop snitching” crowd, to make them snitch.

MO Supremes:  McKeetown a go.

I would bet McKeetown never happens, at least not to the extent that Paul McKee originally envisioned.  The yuppie supply has just about been exhausted, and as it turns out, the rehab fad of last decade didn’t mean the city grew in population.

About five years ago, I wrote a long piece in this space that most “anarchists” (white left wing extremists) do what they do in terms of politics and street theater because they’re dope addicts.

A LulzSec type operation just hit the Missouri Sheriffs Association.  It left this little calling card on its way out:

“In our fight for a world free from police, prisons and politicians, we will continue to expose their corruption and destroy their systems,” AntiSec’s posting says. “Remember there are more of us than there are of them, and they can never stop us all.”

Translation:  Damn you Missouri Sheriffs Deputies for arresting drug users and pushers and transporters.

This is why LulzSec went after Arizona Police computers — They were looking to discredit SB 1070, because SB 1070 has special provisions in them about drug trafficking illegal aliens.  You can’t have your south of the border jolly joints when the south of the border dope runners get too much heat from The Man, don’t ya know?  As it turns out, far from discrediting SB 1070, LulzSec found proof that Hezbollah is operating in Mexico with the intent to sneak into the United States, thereby proving the need for SB 1070.

*  How the mighty have fallen — Darius Miles used to make millions.  The last time he was in the news (getting arrested for something, go figure), it said his car was a 1996 Chevy.  Now he got popped again for something, and it says he is currently living over in Swansea (St. Clair County, not Wales).  I can forgive you for not knowing much about Swansea, Illinois, but I’ll put it to you this way — East Siders who hit it big aren’t in a big hurry to build a mansion in Swansea, if you catch my drift.

St. Louis is affordable.  PLEASE keep that a secret!  And by “secret,” I mean not on any police computers — LulzSec will only crack into them and tell the whole world.

I see Memphis is even more affordable.  Yeah, for now, but wait until the Memphis area becomes all the more prosperous because of a certain radio show and its gangbuster advertising accounts.

*  Imagine that:  Scroll down to Paragraph #9.

*  The Minuteman Project of Southwest Missouri — Doing the job that the Federal government won’t do.  Hopefully, it’ll be a job that the state government will start doing soon, because immigration legislation is on the docket for 2012.  Gonna force Nixon’s hand in a re-election year.


Dewey Defeats Truman?  Maybe, but unlike that copy of the Chicago Tribune President Truman picked up at St. Louis Union Station, MSNBC has fewer viewers in 2011 than the Chicago Tribune had in St. Louis in 1948.

However, this does give me the opportunity to make an important point — Whoever the Republican Party nominates for President will be a white man or woman who will ask the American voters in November 2012 to take the Presidency away from the first black President and give it to him or her.  I doubt any of them have the gonads to take that ball across the goal line.  Most of them will mostly chicken out like McCain, in fear of the “R” word.  The only exception is Ron Paul, who would campaign purely on ideology.

Rush’s “nothing is real” rant of two days ago is getting a lot of play on Ye Olde Internets.  All I can say is that not all credit is bad.  If those with responsibility over lines of credit do their due diligence, and don’t feel any pressure to the contrary from higher ups or on high, and extend lines of credit and help people and institutions engage in financial leverage based on their ability, desire and history to service their debt, then credit can be the best of things for the lender, lendee and the economy at large.

*  “Hey blogmeister, are you going to say anything about that fake Brit on the no-ratings cable network who interviewed a quack head shrink who said that tea partiers were potential mass murderers and delusional juveniles and drug addicts?”

No, I’m not, for the same reason I don’t publicly state the name of the Nutbar of Tucson or the Nutbar of Norway.  I don’t want to reward crazy insane publicity seeking behavior.  That cable network’s ratings are so low that its personalities and hosts are resorting to saying crazy things on purpose in order to draw attention to themselves.  To the extent that anyone with real ratings and a real audience talked about this non-story today (i.e. Rush Limbaugh) only rewards and encourages that kind of behavior, and only begs for it to get worse.

NYP has the story, but you’ve got to go all the way to Turkey (!), or at least its New York City diaspora, (! Again), to get a picture.  I kinda figured black, because French names in New York City aren’t bound to be Quebecois, more like Haitian.

This one’s a little tougher.  I can’t find a pic anywhere on Ye Olde Internets, but the NYP does tell us that the younger and unqualified Mr. Sohan like to commit robberies in West Hempstead, on Long Island.  According to the NYT Census Explorer, West Hempstead is heavily white, but nearby Hempstead has a lot of heavily black census tracts.

*  I’m not surprised at all.  She doesn’t strike me as the Jeopardy watching type.

The names sound Chinese.  That’s too bad for the cause of irony, because “Ho” as an Asian surname tends to be Korean.

True dat.  But let’s ask the logically converse question — If white teenagers can graduate from high school, then why can’t they organize anti-black hate-motivated criminal flash mobs on Twitter?

The news may not be funny, but this paragraph is:

Both patrol units and the police department’s Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit will provide extra patrols in the area surrounding the 6200 block of Dix Street Northeast, where the most recent attack occurred Sunday, police said Tuesday.

Homosexual and bisexual black men constitute the group of Americans who are the fastest growing segment to contract HIV/AIDS.  That’s probably not a surprise to you, for obvious reasons, but look at what Official America is blaming for it:

They may encounter more homophobia than other groups, which could keep them from getting tested.

Oh, I see how that works.  I hate gays, but I have an extra special cherry-on-top hatred of black gays, and that by itself is keeping gay black men from getting the ELISA test.  I don’t need to block the entrance to the public health clinic, all I need to do is have a special hateful place in my special hateful heart for gay black men and gay black men alone, that’s all it takes.  Or, to put it another way, if us homophobes would only hate gay black men no more or less than we hated other homosexuals, then they wouldn’t be afraid to get tested.  Official America ought to logically deconstruct its own bromides before it pollutes our society with them.

What a frickin crock.

A four-year old wants to be a Chicago copWait a decade, and he just might get his wish.

*  A “nearly naked man wearing only boxer shorts” (supposedly) B&E the house of an upper middle aged white woman?  They’re calling the man unarmed — I’m a man, too, and believe me, he had plenty of weapons with which to hurt her badly, just as a male birthright.  If he really did B&E, then she did the right thing.

Streaker at a youth baseball game in suburban Chicago:  No big deal.

He is described as a “man, possibly in his late teens, was described as about 6 feet tall and 170 pounds with blonde hair.”  He was butt ass naked, and that’s all they can tell us about him?

Spare me.  This is the same newspaper that coined the phrase “Magic Negro” to refer to the person of Barack H. Obama II.

*  Speaking of The Magic Negro, if you want proof that he’s really nothing more than a celebrity, look at some of the Twitter accounts that Twitter’s computers thinks are similar to President Obama’s.

They say “progressives” are mad at President Obama.  Meanwhile, the real “progressives” just endorsed his re-election campaign.

*  The old saying goes that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  In the case of Arizona SB 1070, while it always tends to poll well, the only reason it doesn’t poll universally well or close to it is because of the organized campaign of media and leftist slander against it.  But if you ask people about individual items within SB 1070, they poll higher than SB 1070 itself.


Marine Le Pen opposes copywrong extremism.

You go girl, go straight to the French Presidency.

As an aside, for Machiavellian reasons, whatever truths or non-truths or half-truths are to this DSK affair, we better hope the scandal doesn’t get resolved until after the French elections next year.  For if the French get it in their heads that Obama set up DSK in order to drive him out at IMF in order to install one of his flunkies in his place (DSK’s replacement has links to Chicago and Obama), then DSK is as good as President.  Anti-Americanism is that strong in France.  We have to protect Marine.

Copywrong extremism also getting knocked back in the UK.  Their laws in this stead until now were so severe that CD ripping wasn’t technically allowed and the Weird Al rule didn’t exist.

Sure, it’s that famous Islamic hypermorality at work.

I think some of this, especially in North Africa, especially certain parts of North Africa experiencing immigration from “points south,” if you know what I mean, can be explained not by its “traditional” Arabic population, (though they contribute), but because of the uninhibited sexuality by and among those countries’ growing sub-Saharan black population.  You’ll notice Sudan is part of this study, and Sudanese blacks are mostly East African blacks, with a little bit of Arab.

*  Part of the promised reforms of the Cameron-Clegg coalition government is an increase of what we would call “direct democracy” or the “initiative petition process.”  The two most popular reforms that Britons are demanding of their government as part of the new e-petition process in the UK both have to do with bringing back the death penalty.  “Conveniently,” the official e-petition website crashed.  But it may well be that the House of Commons will have to debate CP.  Other popular e-petitions include withdrawing from the EU, making prison grub less delectable and instituting rape shield laws.

It’s like I said in the Arizona SB 1070 story, but I can apply it here — The BNP might not be “popular,” but its agenda items sure are.  The parts are more attractive than the whole.  If the BNP gets the post-NickG leadership question right, then it’s poised for some big gains.

I find it curious that rape shield laws are well on Britons’ minds.  I take that to mean that rape is a much more common crime in the UK than Official Britain is letting on, and that blacks and “Asians” (British parlance) are doing most of it, and white women are most of the victims.


Gossip has a reproductive imperative.  If that’s so, then why are women far more gossipey than men?  Seems to me that in concrete terms, men far more than women want to be in the business of reproduction.

*  The guys at Paleo-Future would love this.  The Daily Mail, for its premium ink and premium paper final edition of the 19th Century (December 31, 1900, technically correct), did predictions for the 20th.  Some spot on, some bonks.  (Tell me about the bonks — That’s why I mostly gave up on New Years predictions).  One thing it could not predict or did not want to predict:  The series of events in the first half of the coming new century which led to the United Kingdom going from the world’s predominant military and economic power and empire to just another European country, albeit one that most people on Earth would kill to immigrate into.  It could not see that at the end of the century about to dawn, Britain would be ashamed of being British.

Who are you, and what have you done with my favorite Italian supercar manufacturer?

*  Since insects do not have lungs, they must secrete oxygen directly from the atmosphere (air or water, depending) into their physiology.  This acts as a universal limit to the size of insects.  Used to be insects got a lot bigger, back in the days when Earth’s atmosphere was thicker and had a higher oxygen constitution.  But it says here that there was “climate change” and the big fuckers died off in earnest in favor of smaller ones.

What?  There was climate change on earth without humans and their destructive SUVs?  Say it ain’t so, Algore!



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