More Useful Programs

14 08 2011

While I’m in a mathy sort of mood, I’ll post here my other self-written programs for the TI-89, all weather-related.  Once again, these will work as written on the TI-89x/92x/V200, and with a little bit of tinkering, they’ll work on other TIs, and with a lot of tinkering, on other brands of high end calculators.  Note that -> means use the “STO” button or the equivalent, and “E” when used here means the “EE” exponential function or the equivalent, not the capital letter E, which is usually a user-definable variable depending on the machine.  You input in customary units (Fahrenheit, MPH), and values are returned as such, albeit rounded to one decimal place — Who really needs to know that when the temperature is 94 F and the humidity is 58%, that the dew point is 76.9274729302 F and the heat index is 108.58959348 F?  76.9 and 108.6 are good enough.  Because I use f(x) to store the function in my Simpson’s 3/8 Rule program, just in case you have entered it and used it, you’ll have to clear the program variable “f” by hand before you use either one of the first two programs that use “f” as an expression variable.

If you’re not aware, this will give you a chance to see the somewhat convoluted math behind dew point, humidity and wind chill calculations.

Once you have entered them, use this and this to check your calculator values against reality, to make sure that neither you nor I have made a mistake.

This program gives you humidity and heat index upon entering temperature and dew point:

Input “Temperature =”,f
Input “Dew Point =”,df
Disp “Humidity =”,round(h,1)
Disp “Heat Index =”,round(hi,1)

This one gives you dew point and heat index upon entering temperature and humidity:

Input “Temperature =”,f
Input “Humidity =”,h
Disp “Dew Point =”,round(d,1)
Disp “Heat Index =”,round(hi,1)

Note that for the two formulas above, the heat index is only really a valid calculation if the temperature is at least 80 F and the humidity at least 40%.  I could have programmed them not to calculate heat index if both conditions weren’t true, but I wanted to leave them there for you to see the wacky values that the formula returns for chilly temperatures and low humidity readings.  Hint:  Use temphum to do 50 degrees and 32 dew point.  You’ll be shocked at what it returns for “heat index.”  Never knew November could be so miserable, could you?  Also, note the F to C and C back to F conversions I have to do, because the temperature/humidity/dew point formulas are written for Celsius.

This one gives you the wind chills, the “New” (post-2001) and the “Old” (pre-2001) values, upon entering temperature and wind speed:

Input “Temperature =”,t
Input “Wind Speed =”,w
Disp “New =”,round(wn,1)
Disp “Old =”,round(wq,1)

To see how drastically the wind chill formula changed in 2001, do 10 degrees and 30 MPH, and see what you get.  These formulas were written for customary units, so no internal conversion was required, knock on wood.


Inevitability Express Derailed

14 08 2011

Let’s hope that this inevitability deferred dries like a raisin in the sun.

Yeah, he said she said they said I said.  But the most charitable version of this story for his cause means that Peter Kindercare was going to those sorts of “clubs” that married men should not patronize.

I hope this draws some more credible (and genuinely conservative) Republicans out of the woodwork for MO-GOV-R in August of next year.  At the very least, this news has the effect of knocking a Kinder primary win outside of the realm of inevitability.  At best, the scandal ends his political career.

If it is Nixon vs Kinder next November, I vote third party.


Fun With Sunday Headlines

14 08 2011

Daily Mail:  Playboy Playmate jailed after trying to board plane with loaded .45 Colt revolver

That can only mean that some masochistic man was deprived of a night’s worth of fun.

NYP:  ‘CSI’ 9/11 tribute

The doers?  Skinhead white supremacists.  “Ripped from the headlines,” don’t ya know.

FNC:  10 years later, NY responders communicate better

Oh good.  That means the next time our diversity turns on us for the sake of Allah, the cops and firefighters who are about to die can get their last dying words in louder and clearer.

WND:  Cell-phone company urges: ‘Defeat right-wing radicalism’

In order to defeat something, it has to exist to begin with.

UK Telegraph:  Spying: Real spooks don’t make drama out of a crisis

Seems to me like they do — I guess they’ve never been to North St. Louis.

UK Telegraph:  Children being taught how to climb trees

White boys doing something physical and risky?  Sounds like a case for the anti-hate police.

5:  Study: Moms are dressing like their daughters

Daughters dressing like their mothers is an indication of a strengthening society, the opposite is an indication of a society in decline.

UK Telegraph:  David Bernstein: ‘Spurs game postponement is sad but inevitable’

How to stop a riot in England:  Threaten to cancel a soccer game for it.

Daily Mail:  ‘We want to help people, not hurt them’: Hacker group insist claims it wants to destroy Facebook are all a big mistake

Yeah, especially since they found out that Zuck is a fellow traveller.

Urban Review St. Louis:  Post Offices Named After Two Prominent St. Louis African Americans on Closure List

I find this kinda apropos and kinda ironic.

5:  Mayor seeks to curtail problems, institutes alcohol sale curfew

Sure, that’ll do the trick.

FNC:  What are the Health Benefits of Beer?

For my sake, many, I hope.

Atlantic Wire:  It’s a Pattern: London Rioters Are Leaving Bookstores Untouched

There’s proof that most of the rioters are black.

P-D:  Police say naked gunman flees from Illinois into Missouri

I wonder what it’s like being completely naked and crossing a state line.  I’ll have to try it some time.

Politico:  Vanilla Ice ‘impressed’ by Herman Cain

Duh, no brain under all that hair.

Daily Mail:  Barack Obama’s father: Bigamist, drunk and wife-beater

Not good news when you include both bigamy and wife-beating in the same headline.

Vision to America:  FBI Wants Businesses Watching for Customers Paying with Cash

That’s good advice, because if someone tries to give you worthless paper to buy your valuable inventory, then they’re stealing.

Sunday Wrap-Up

14 08 2011

Anniversaries seem to be the theme of the day.  Also, hat tip to @EduardusRex on Twitter for pointing me to some of these stories — Follow him if you’re on Twitter and not doing so already.  He’s the best one-man aggregator for race and history news around.



Missouri jobs and manufacturing.  Fail.

This sounds so familiar

*  Missouri celebrated the 190th anniversary of Statehood this past week.  No marriage has ever lasted that long, so I would have no clue what the traditional 190th anniversary gift is.  I don’t even know what the fancy five-dollar word that ends in -centennial is for the 190th yearly anniversary.  Dodransbicentennial is the name for the 175th.  And obviously Bicentennial is the name for the 200th.


*  The Rickroller is in, officially.  I’ll take this opportunity to link again to the 14-point case against him on Alex Jones’s website.  Again, Alex Jones gets it half right and half wrong in the greater scheme of things, but this particular item is from the sane part of his brain.  And also, if you didn’t know Texas was on the Mexican border, some of the items in this list would be clues that it is, or it is at the very least experiencing a big growth in its Hispanic population.

He’s 81, she’s 28.  If you didn’t already conclude that there was something wrong with George Soros, this should ice it.

Southwestern Washington State, agricultural work.  Let me spell it out for you:  H-I-S-P-A-N-I-C.

Yeah, I’ll link to it, but caveat emptor:  It’s full of stereotypes.

Looks like the NYPD is taking my advice.

Speaking of mischeivous tweets

D.C. 16-19 age range unemployment rate is 50.1%.  It was 29.5% as late as June 2008.  The overall state of economy could explain the severe spike, but I happen to think that the kind of jobs that black D.C. teenagers would want to do, they can’t do now because of cheap labor Hispanic adults.  While I’m sure a lot of black teenagers in D.C. don’t want to work, they don’t show up in the unemployment stats anyway.

*  11th Appellate Circuit in Atlanta says the ObamaCare individual mandate is unconstitutional, but the rest of ObamaCare is okay.  Problem is, from both a political standpoint (Karen Ignagni) and from an economic and financial standpoint (forcing healthy people into the system), the individual mandate is such a keystone to ObamaCare that if it’s gone, the rest of it doesn’t matter.

Next stop, SCOTUS.

*  Believe me, this “lax oversight” isn’t an accident, it’s department policy.  See also:  Voting.

*  Cincinnati area murder-suicide of a former NWM/WW couple, at the hands of the NWM, leads some white people to distribute fliers advising people against engaging in interracial romantic relationships.

You’ll never guess which thing the local media consider to be the more dastardly crime.  See below for similar news, in my England stack.

*  “Haven’t found any firm evidence” of racial hate.”  Take the 60 seconds to look, and it’ll jump right out at you.


*  It is clear that David Cameron wants Bill Bratton to run The Met, but that little citizenship issue is standing in the way.  But that isn’t precluding Cameron from bringing Bratton in as a special advisor on gang violence and mitigation.

You’ll read here that Bratton is credited for signficant reductions in violent crime during his time of Chief of both the NYPD and the LAPD.  Most of that wasn’t to his credit — “Crime” was down in NYC because there was an official policy of covering up crime.  It was down in LA because Hispanic immigrants intimidated ghetto blacks into moving out of South Central, and any place that becomes less black will by definition experience a reduction in the crime rate.

*  Mark Duggan’s uncle was one of the most worrisome gangsters in London.  But that’s not the most surprising thing about him.

*  And Muslims don’t like dogs.  This is certainly saying a lot.

*  The first household to lose their public housing due to one of its inhabitants participating in the “fesitivites” is…

Just like I figured.  Most of those who will lose welfare benefits or public housing will be white, and they’ll leave the blacks alone for the most part.

However, I’m not really in the mood to take up his cause — Note the g/f.

Official Britain seems to think that white backlash to the riots is a bigger crime than the riots themselves.  See my Cincinnati story above for similar news.


*  LOL — The official Soviet/GDR name for the Berlin Wall was the “Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart.”  Remember, a lot of white left-wingers like to call themselves “antifa,” meaning they want to murder conservative white people.  If you’re wondering, the 50th is the semicentennial and the traditional gift is gold, except thankfully there’s no intended recipient left, save for a short section they left up for solemn commemorative purposes.

Georgia is thinking about switching to English.  And since this is in the International news stack, you can probably figure out it’s not Scarlett O’Hara’s Georgia of which I speak.

I think the Georgian-Russian conflicts of late plays into this somehow.

He raped the same woman twice in three months.  Why wasn’t he in prison after the first rape?  Oh, I forgot, there’s no England now.

*  “Linked to 900 killings.”  As someone on Twitter said, Mexican gang bangers and drug cartel types are fast approaching Nazi and Communist style body count numbers.

Artesia High School in Los Angeles and Manenberg High School in Cape Town have to share something in common.  I wonder what it could be.


*  The World Wide Web turned 20 this past week.  I do know it’s the vigintennial, and that the traditional gift is china.  Maybe as an anniversary gift, the WWW can become unfiltered in China.

The 30th has no formal name, but Pearl is the traditional gift.

*  People get bird songs all wrong.  It isn’t very often when males sing in order to troll for sex, and that’s only a very seasonal affair.  Usually, bird songs are war chants.  Now we have a study which shows that they’re sometimes also akin to freestyle rap battles.

*  As a math tutor, tell me about it — Either you grok math or you don’t, and that’s the case even if you’re a genius when it comes to everything else.

Yeah, you’re “beating piracy,” (maybe), but you’re still not making music anyone wants to buy.  Yeah, Lady Gaga had good numbers for the first few weeks, but there are only so many gay men in this world.

You’ll notice they’re gloating about having court-trolled one online service to death but another similar once hasn’t experienced that much growth in earnest.  That is because most of the users of the first service don’t think that most music is even worth stealing anymore.


He thinks President Obama should quit being a magic negro and start being a real one.  I do advise you to watch this before it goes stale.

John Lott would be very interested.  It might be the most unorthodox piece ever to go in his “defensive gun use” section.

NCAA raising its academic standards for scholarship athletes in football and men’s basketball (commonality, anyone?), to mean that you can’t be dumb as a box of rocks anymore, you can’t be any dimmer than the dim light bumb.  And if the particular sport/school combo doesn’t graduate at least half its players, bye-bye postseason play.  These new standards would have kept the University of Connecticut and Kemba “Read a Book” Walker from winning this past season’s Division I men’s basketball championship.

Unfortunately, I think the graduation requirements will only beg for more cheating and more simple-as-punch basket weaving classes.  Another less bad possiblity is that the football and basketball coaches will give more scholarships to more whites, and while they’ll do nothing but warm the benches, they will graduate and keep the team’s graduation stats high enough.