Fun With Stinking Sinking Syncing

18 08 2011

Yahoo Sports:  Did Barack Obama destroy Rajon Rondo’s jump shot?

I wish that’s all he wrecked.  We all know that Obama groks basketball, and he can’t even get that right.

NPR:  Curfews: Crime Fighting Or Racial Profiling?

Neither.  Political posturing and election-year stunts.

Gateway Pundit:  Lib Lawmaker Says [Natural Gas] Fracking Causes Venereal Disease in Womenfolk

The immaculate infection.

Daily Mail:  Our prison walls are too high to look over, moan terror suspects

Hey genius, that’s the point.

Hot Air:  Romney: I’m “in sync” with the tea party

If he means “in stink,” “in sink,” or “N’Sync,” then maybe he’s right.

UK Telegraph:  UK riots: teenager looted because he ‘couldn’t afford things’

That pretty much gives permission to virtually every teenager to riot.

NYDN:  Lifeguard, 61, sues state for firing him after he refused to wear Speedo

Better grounds for a lawsuit against the state would have been making us see a 61-year old man wear a Speedo.


Thursday’s Toestubs

18 08 2011


*  Rush Limbaugh is usually lame on race, but he aced the analysis of this Maxine Waters outburst when he said, “why should Obama buy the cow when he’s getting the milk for free?”  In other words, he has the black vote no matter what.  This is why his Rolling Romanian Ski Helmet bus tour is, as Rush also said, the “White Like Me” tour — One working class white voter in a swing state will have more leverage on who is sworn in as President on January 20, 2013 than a whole zip code of Detroit black voters.

*  All this talk about this supposed cold blood between Rick Perry and the George W. Bush people?  I’m not buying it.  I think it’s propaganda from the Perry camp, in order to trianglulate himself away from his predecessor as Texas Governor, who also turned out to be the second worst President in American history.  Perry and Bush are almost alike ideologically.  In fact, Bush willingly lent his coattails to Perry’s 1998 candidacy for Texas Lieutenant Governor, which Perry barely won, even though Bush won re-election as Governor in a landslide on the same day.  In fact, I remember at the time the political analysts saying that the Lt. Gov. election that year was more important to Bush than his own, because he would not have run for President two years later if a Democrat had won that race and had been there to slide in as Governor.

Ron Paul voted for MLK Day.  Something I knew but forgot.  Ironically, a lot of grief he gets from the left were from newsletters written with his imprimatur (likely not by his own hand) that had really good articles about MLK.


*  A “Da,” a “De” and a “La” are charged.  You think?

P-D covers Republicgate.  Unfortunately, they are unable to answer my pertinent question of yesterday — I doubt it will ever be answered.

Now this is interesting.  $3.6 million to study the route that I-66 will take across Southern Illinois.  I thought I-66 wouldn’t enter Illinois, that it would cross from Kentucky into Missouri and vice versa across a new bridge.  Maybe to save money, they’re going to multiplex it with I-24, use the current Ohio River bridge for 24 between Paducah and Metropolis, and run it almost E-W and use the Bill Emerson Bridge at Cape Girardeau into Missouri.  Or they’ll hook it up with I-57 and cross it over the Mississippi with I-57.  As it is, US 60 from Sikeston to Springfield will be its route across Southern Missouri.


“South Side” are words 13 and 14 in this article.  You didn’t need to read past word number 14 to know the time of day.

*  Brother and sister in the same school?  No can do, diversity is more important.  In fact, our diversity makes us more diverse.  And that’s our most important strength.  (Waiting on someone to tell me why or how, and I’ve been waiting for quite a few years.)

*  Translation:  School will train your kids on how to become royal pains in the asses at home, turning out lights, turning off water, giving you a holier-than-thou lecture on the environment that the teacher made them memorize…

The money quoteEven those at the top of their high school classes are often ill-prepared for college.  A 2008 report by the education advocacy group Strong American Schools found that 80 percent of college students taking remedial classes had a high school GPA of 3.0 or better.

The banal quote:  These ACT results are another sign that states need to raise their academic standards and commit to education reforms that accelerate student achievement,” Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Tuesday.

Fine as far is it goes, but I have a better idea — Quit pretending that everyone needs to go to college.

Good news or bad news?  Does this hurt the SPLC more or the NCF more — That’s all I’ll need to know.

*  “Obama to reduce deportations”  —  And they expect us to be outraged.  I’m not, because I know that there were very few deportations to begin with.  You really can’t stop something that didn’t exist in the first place.

Let me spell it out for you — When the Federal government says “deportation,” they mean beginning the bureaucratic process for deportation.  There are many many hurdles in the way between that and actual physical deportation such that actual physical deportation rarely happens.
It may be tempting to dismiss this study as a result of all the New Yorkers and Bostonians moving to Raleigh.  However, you’ll note that this was a study of natives, not transplants.  And all throughout the South, younger people whose families have been in the South for multiple generations are losing their Southern accent.

Why is it happening?  Cultural genocide and bigotry.


I doubt this was more of a one-way assault than a fight, in spite of the video and images they show us.  I get the feeling that the Chinese players got tired of the blacks’ thuggish and arrogant style of play, and they just retaliated.  After all, Chinese people can count on their government and institutions to advocate for the Chinese — No such thing as a Szechuan Poverty Law Center.  Not neutered or de-balled like American whites.  But you’ll notice that a moron hack for the foil headed flake we have for a Vice-President said that these exhibition games were a way to expand Sino-American relations.  Yeah, well, if you’re going to use black basketball players, then expect those relations to grow really cold really quickly.


Faster, please.  A photovoltaic method so clever that it turns the device’s own brightness into recycled power.

Why wouldn’t he predict this?  Let me put it to you this way — Nokia is in so deep with Windows and WinMobile that he damn well better bash and trash everyone else.  That’s the only hope for WinMobile to amount to something, which is what Nokia needs to stay relevant.  Otherwise he’s out of a job.

*  If Firefox and Thunderbird are going to rev whole number versions so quickly, then I think removing the version number from common parlance is justified, leaving it buried so that only geeks can find it..  This article mentions this in the same breath as it does its Chrome-like rapid release cycle pissing off big IT departments — I think a reason for this move is to paste around that problem.  If Firefox is merely going to be “latest” and “not latest,” then maybe this will shut up the stuck pig squealing from all the corporate IT departments.

Honestly, big IT departments never really latched onto Firefox anyway — Most businesses still use IE, and even until recently, IE 6 was still the majority browser in business environments.  While I don’t think Firefox should have started imitating Chrome, by the same token I don’t think they need to listen to corporate IT departments, because that’s not their bread and butter.  Residential desktop users are.

In my opinion, Firefox should still be on version 4, the version that was called 5 should have been 4.1, and the version 6 released earlier this week should be 4.2.  Version 7 should be 4.3, and the version 8 should have been Firefox 5, because of its new javascript engine, a feature truly worthy of a whole number version jump.


Ordinarily, I wouldn’t care.  And I’m not directing you to this story because of the Frank Haith angle, the angle that is getting this story in the news statewide.  What jumped out at me is this picture of the scam artist giving a big check to Donna Shalala.  She of course took the helm at The U after Clinton left the White House.

So Soon?

18 08 2011

Like I said, it wasn’t a matter of if, but when and how.

I just didn’t expect “when” to be so soon, but “how” is no surprise.

To reiterate, don’t mess with the King’s taxes, and don’t mess with the King’s ability to borrow money.

Just yesterday, Moody’s “reaffirmed” the Federal government’s top long term credit rating.  I guess they didn’t want to be investigated, either.

When it comes to this “investigation” of the S&P, I doubt the Feds will win in the long run, but that’s not the point — The process is the punishment.

It all boils down to this — If you want an accurate assessment of the American Federal government’s credit rating, look to Beijing.  Once they quit buying T-Bills, there’s the real downgrade.