Labor Day Weekend Wrap-Up

5 09 2011

The pause that refreshes — I barely looked at the news all weekend.  But you know what that means…big big big stack.


*  I’ve been bitching about Peter Kindercare and his, ahem, “loving” ways for quite some time, hoping beyond hope that he gets some primary opposition.

I have good news and bad news.

The good news?  There is another Republican running for Governor.

The bad news?  Well, see for yourself.

Schnucks exiting the Memphis market, selling a majority of its relatively few Memphis stores to Kroger.

Hey, St. Louisan, do you see the irony in that?

*  Kansas City never had inter-district voluntary school desegregation in exactly the way St. Louis does/did, because the scheme that was forced upon Missouri’s taxpayers was to fund the KCPS as lavishly as possible to attract suburban whites.  (Blacks in Kansas City proper were never allowed to transfer to suburban districts.)  As you know, it was a big expensive flop.

Now, thanks to a Missouri Supreme Court decision of more than a year ago, and the possibility that the state yanks KCPS’s accreditation, the other side of the state just might get it.


NYT comes out for Shari’ah, mainly on the “religious tolerance” angle.  Never mind the fact that Shari’ah and “religious tolerance” ought not be mentioned in the same universe, much less galaxy, much less solar system, much less planet, much less breath.

The proper reason to support anti-Shari’ah initatives and oppose Shari’ah Law in the United States is because the Federal Constitution mandates that the Federal government guarantee to each state a republican form of government.  Shari’ah Law contradicts a republican form of government.

*  More NYT shenanigans — Whines about the “racial bias” in the UCMJ application of the death penalty, but admits at the end that there hasn’t been a UCMJ-ordained execution since 1961.  Also conveniently they fail to tell us the racial disparities in the perpetration of crimes for which the UCMJ has the death penalty.

Again, more sanity from the online version of Glenn Beck.  He also ran with this on his radio show.

Now, will the snake oil salesman-like TV and live event version of Glenn Beck call the radio/website version of Glenn Beck a racist?

*  “The most dangerous place for a Chicago police officer is sitting in a Cook County courtroom.”  So recently implied the Chicago Daily Herald.

We all know why, because of all the gang banger’s gang banger cronies and relatives that show up to intimidate witnesses and jurors.

Not only should such trials be closed to the public, I like Steve Sailer’s suggestion that jurors aren’t in the courtroom for the live trial action, instead it’s recorded, the parts of the testimony to which the judge sustains an objection are edited out, then the jurors see the tape and make a verdict.  That way, it saves a lot of time for the jurors, and no Chicago ghetto thug ever sees their faces.

*  Ask one Mana Tahaie what she thinks about the separation of church and state.  Then ask her what she thinks about the separation of mosque and state.

*  It’s official — All the “anti-bullying” laws passed in today’s maniacal attitude about “bullying” (mark me — Orientation politics are behind a lot of this), are eventually headed for

I partially agree with some of these proposals, but I don’t understand this paranoid panic about declining housing values, or the anxiety to get them back up.  They’re SUPPOSED to be falling because they were never supposed to be that high as they were in the last decade to begin with, or at the very least, they should not have risen that high so quickly.  It priced working middle class whites out of the market.

*  Dear Republican Party:  If this doesn’t show up in a 2012 media buy, then you’re even more stupid than I thought.  You should run and run hard with this kind of stuff because jobs and outsourcing ads helped Obama win enough working class white voters in crucial rust belt swing states in 2008 to win the Presidency.

Clever, but not clever enough.  What they’re forgetting to tell you is that the cost of incarcerating a convicted murderer for life in lieu of executing him will probably add up to more than the tab for carrying out a capital case.  The only difference is, it’s not the county budgets that bear prison expenses, it’s the state budget.  In such a case, there should be state financial help to county D.A.s when they take a capital case.

*  And just what kind of petitions that at least 5,000 13-year olds will sign in order for the White House to pay attention to them?  Answer:  Ginned-up activism from those 13-year olds’ public school teachers, who are mostly already Obamabots.

Lamercon blog Crud State moans about TSA PC.  Ironically, Crud State enforces its own brand of lamestream conservative political correctness, (think:  Buckley vs Birchers), which caused me to give up on Crud State.

Bronx house party goes awry.  Who would have guessed?

Money quote from the NYDN:  A 24-year-old man was rushed to Montefiore North Division in critical condition after being shot in the chest during the 3:39 a.m. shooting on E. 221st St. in Williamsbridge, officials said.  The teen sprayed the party with gunfire following some sort of dispute, cops said, blasting an 11-year-old boy in the right leg, a 13-year-old girl in the left thigh and a 14-year-old girl in the back. The children were rushed to area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries.

An 11-year old boy and two girls, aged 13 and 14, at a house party at 3:39 in the morning.  What would have possibly gone wrong?  Where are these kids’ parents?

Uberdork almost stumbled onto the truth.

Remember all that gun control that Sam Adams, Mayor of Portland, Oregon, demanded and got?  (I don’t know if they were ever able to be enforced, because of state pre-emption statutes.)  Turns out they didn’t work.

Here’s the money quote from Uberdork:

We’ve had too many African American teenage Portlanders murdered in this city, and we are going everything we can to stop it.

All he has to do is take out one word from that sentence, and he lands on the problem.  Unfortunately, if you do that, it makes his words after the comma a civil rights violation.

Reading between the lines, I see “race” a lot here, especially Chicano Hispanic.  Hint:  NAFTA, Mexican trucks.


*  “Chilling.”  Really, they’re probably air rifles.  If they were real guns, they’d all be in jail, and not just a for a two-year bid, like the typical murderer gets.

*  The UK doesn’t celebrate a September Labor Day, but if they did, this news would be ironic.  As it is now, it’s just plain disheartening.

*  Note to CNN:  Don’t hire anyone who got an F in geography.

Didn’t know Africa was so close, did you?  To me, it seems closer than that for some odd reason.

This is said in passing about a Kosovar Albanian Muslim accused of murdering American airmen, one of whom was born at Scott:

Although Germany has suffered scores of terrorist attacks in past decades, largely from leftist groups like the Red Army Faction, the airport attack was the first attributed to an Islamic extremist.

Gee, to hear the media talk, all the terrorism in Germany comes at the hands of young white men with shaved heads and swastika tats.  And what’s this business about “the first attributed to an Islamic extremist?”  A good part of 9/11 was planned in Hamburg.

Hezbollah in Cuba.  That’s the part of the story we’re supposed to grab.  What jumps out at me is in the second paragraph — They came to Cuba from Mexico.

*  A lot of the right wing is opposed to operations like Wikileaks, LulzSec and Anonymous.  Why, I don’t know — A majority of their released leaks have accrued to the benefit of rightist causes.  For instance, LulzSec, in a lame attempt to torpedo enforcement of SB 1070 in Arizona, actually proved why SB 1070 was needed, because LulzSec leaks proved that Hezbollah is operating in Mexico.  (See above).  A leaked Wikileaks cable proves that the North American Union is actually on the establishment wish list, not just a conspiracy theory.

And now?  The newest round of Wikileaks cable releases shows that stereotypes exist for a reason.

*  More WikiLeaks:  Officials at the American embassy in Mexico didn’t buy the “Ninety Percent” bullshit.

*  Still more WikiLeaks:  Mugabe has terminal prostate cancer.

Farsi language Korans destined for Iranian consumption printed in China?  Full of errors?

That’s why we call it “LOLEngrish.”  I guess someone in Iran will start a website called “LOLFarsey.”


The one that folds up — Me likey, me wanty.

Yes, I believe this wasn’t an accident, just like I don’t believe losing the iPhone 4 prototype last year was an accident.  If you didn’t think the first one was an accident, the second one should change your mind.

It’s obvious what’s going on — AAPL is deliberately “losing” these things to create free publicity and marketing hype for the upcoming official release of the same technology.


*  If that part of the world ever was part of the Roman Empire, it, like anything north of the Danube River, wasn’t part of it for long.  Now, Vienna is on the south bank of the Danube, so it was definitely Roman territory.  But this training complex was unearthed east of town, meaning east/north of the Danube, which really wasn’t historically Roman, and only ephemerally so politically speaking.  Yet, in its short tenure as part of the Roman Empire, the Romans still built a big coliseum there.


Jerks and chauvinists get more?  Note to self…

*  The 2012 Chrysler 300 will have an option for an 8-speed automatic transmission.  Predictably, its fuel economy will improve compared to the current model year.

That begs the question:  Why hasn’t the CVT really caught on?



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