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15 09 2011


Cherish.  There hasn’t been this much racial sense in the P-D in a long time.

*  IDOT:  Racial minorities comprise 23% of the person-work-hours on the new Mississippi River Bridge.

Now, governments lie, Illinois more than most.  But these are those ever-precious racial minorities Illinois loves so much.  I doubt they would want to lie about this.

I’ve had this story collecting dust in my stack for a few days.  It doesn’t require much commentary from your ever-loving blogmeister, but by the same token, I would have to treat it as a separate blog post for one really obvious reason.  But I don’t feel like doing that, (too nice outside), so I’m just going to “devil may care” provide the link, and hope you miss the obvious blunder.


*  Expanding on the tax withholding discussion I had a few days ago right here, Rush took a caller from a young woman toward the end of his show today, about personal income tax withholding.  Along with all the points I made, Rush said that most people deliberately engineer over-withholding because the concept of owing the IRS money scares them.

Trust me, it’s not scary.  Just write them a good and valid check, and they’re happy.

Why I’m voting Bachmann.  She might not have realized how profound her point was.  Believe me, the far left will soon let her know, and won’t let her forget.

Why I’m not voting Gingrich.  The last paragraph discusses his current wife — She might want to realize that when it comes to Gingrich and marriages, past performace is usually indicative of future actions.  My advice to her is don’t get sick.

La Raza ends its Arizona boycott.  We all know the real reason, because it was a flop.  Officially, though, they say they were successful in discouraging other states, such as Alabama and Georgia, from enacting similar legislative packages.

House wants national reciprocity for CCW.  Other than the obvious Constitutional problems, I doubt this bill will really go anywhere.  Even when the House, Senate and President are all Republican, this kind of bill goes nowhere.

The better idea would be for CCW issuing states to join together and form a uniform convention on conceal-carry, sort of like the Uniform Commercial Code.

*  California:  A group of four people, two whites and two Hispanics, are accused of burning a cross on the lawn of a black occupied residential dwelling.

So much for the universal brotherhood of man.  And so much for the black-Hispanic coalition against the honkey/gringo.

*  President Obama will appear at the Brent Spence Bridge, the double-decker bridge on the Ohio River at Cincinnati that carries Interstates 71 and 75 jointly between Ohio and Kentucky, to lobby for his “jobs bill.”

He must not realize that just a bit down river is a bridge that is actually closed at the moment because of serious cracks and damage, that being the Sherman Minton Bridge at Louisville, that Interstate 64 uses.

*  Two words:  Keep dreaming.

Our diversity is too important not to fund.  Who needs space travel, anyway?  After all, it’s just another white flight conspiracy.

*  My personal instincts tell me that this junk trash “expose” of Sarah Palin, the one that claims she had sex with and snorted cocaine with Glen Rice, among a lot of other things, is 90% obvious made-up bullshit and 10% truth.  If I’m right, though, just the 10% of this that is true should pretty much end her political career.

The victim, a 13-year old CPS eighth grader, is said to “[play] basketball, soccer, football and [swim] in addition to going to church.”

Pardon me, but where does a 13-year old who has an appreciable amount of homework, sports practice all year long, and a bit of Bible study sprinkled in for good measure, find the time to hang around on street corners at 7:30 PM with hard core gangbangers?  (See one of the first comments).


PM Harper stumbled on the truth, Muslims upset.

He said that “…Canada keeps an eye on home grown Islamic radicals.”  He would do better to deport them.  And better than that not to let them in to begin with.  But that’s just me, I have the proper attitude about diversity not.

A majority of Canadians in a scientific poll think that there are irreconcilable differences between Islam and Occdential civilization.  However, the “slight ray of hope,” as this article puts it, is that a slight majority in the same poll think it’s wrong to profile Muslims at airports.  As time goes on, even that statistic will swing our way.

Now, if there were only some legitimate way for Canadian voters to translate these feelings into actual governance.  (Hint:  Sounds like “Paul Fromm.”)


Misnomer.  I don’t think the rioters filling the prisons are joining gangs to “protect themselves,” think most of them were already ganged up, and are merely hooking up with their sort when they get to prison.

Probably not the brighest bulb in the box.  But he’s closer to the truth than he realizes.

*  Smarmy language, true.  But at least they’re implicitly admitting that there are human rights abuses in Zimbabwe, which they tried to deny or dismiss until now.

*  The UK never adopted the Euro.  So why should the coming collapse of the Euro be a problem?

Maybe they’re expecting a lot of Greek “refugees.”

Translation:  Patterson’s First Axiom.  Nothing cures the thirst for diversity like a good dose of diversity.  (Actually, those weren’t Bob Patterson’s exact words — You’ll have to use your imagination.)

Two-thirds of people who become legally permitted to enter the UK on a marriage visa are entering for the very first time.  Proving that these marriages are more or less immigration scams.

*  He is Mayor Boris Johnson’s adviser on equality and social justice issues.  Yet, he makes “racist” jokes.  How unsocialjusticey of him.  What did I tell you about Patterson’s First Axiom?


Germans protesting against the Euro.  Being as the Euro is more or less the Greater Deutsche Mark, this would be like Texans swearing off beef.

This goes to show you that the Euro’s days are numbered, and by numbered, I mean a small number.


This reminds me of one of the early scenes in the 1983 Barbra Streisand movie, Yentl.  “Picture books for women, sacred books for men.”

When it comes to Android apps, women tend to social media, while men tend to mapping and e-mail.  Kinda reminiscent of the stereotype that the women are back in the cave gossiping and getting the fire ready when the men are out on the hunt trying to club a Mastodon to death.

Yes, it portends to Flash becoming passe.  See also:  Java.


Rather than send free boxes of condoms to quarterbacks who get sacked too often, they should send them to cornerbacks who have lots of kids by lots of women.

“Mantie.”  What’s all this “mantie” business?  (Think:  Man + Pantie).  In my day, they called these “briefs.”  They even had them available in colors other than white.

Mantie shmantie.  If you’re a man and willingly agree to let your underwear be called “manties,” then you really don’t need to bother wearing them, because you have nothing in that region to cover up.




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