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18 09 2011


Mother’s boyfriend not the kid’s father kills the kid.  Like I have said.

*  Remember, all the contracts for the New Mississippi River Bridge have been let and all the work is underway, therefore all the people needed for the job are already hired.  So if Gov. Quinn has delivered “good news” to the rinky dink black “contractors” that want to “shut it down,” then it must be nothing but pork barrels unrelated to this project.

“Attack Watch” is a national story, but I’m putting it in the local stack of stuff for a reason — It reminds me a lot of the Boyer-Joyce-McCulloch “Truth Squad” story of about three years ago, a story which I broke on the internet, in another medium.

*  This narrative is way too suspicious.  A dozen guards versus one hoosegowbird armed with impromptu “nunchucks” that wouldn’t hurt a fly.  Mark me, there is some kind of relationship between this escapee and one or more of these guards.

Steve Sailer mentions the Cahokia Mounds.

*  “I want Cindy,” but Channel 5 doesn’t want her at the same price.  Remember, this is the same “Cindy” that blamed the New Years Eve tornado this past December 31 on “global warming,” while Dave Murray informed us that the deadliest tornadoes in St. Louis tend to happen during the winter months.


*  Just in case you weren’t reading, I have already discussed my feelings on these new Sarah Palin rumors.  I think they’re 90% bullshit and 10% truth.  The reason why I think some of this is truthful is that where there is smoke, there is usually at least a little bit of fire.  Any 10% of this being true should end her political career, no matter which 10% it is.

What I find interesting is that a leftist author who perched himself next door to the Palin house then dug up these rumors thinks that he can torpedo her with rumors of her having interracial sex.  Don’t all these libs love miscegenation so much?  If anything, if the Glen Rice rumors are true, it might be a lot easier for Palin to win the Democrat nomination for President.

Really, what’s going on here is that this author probably doesn’t find anything wrong with interracial relationship, it’s that he thinks most Republican voters do.  It’s the Mark Foley thing all over again — Libs pretending to be aghast at the same kind of behavior they really support in order to depress Republican turnout.

Racial gerrymandering, it’s a good thing.

This analysis insinuates, but does not directly suggest, that NY-9’s sudden change of color had far more to do with its working class whites, orthodox Jewish voters included, voting as working class whites and against Obama, reacting to the bad economy.  I didn’t dog whistle around that point a few days ago, I stated it directly.  This was a referendum on the economy, not Israel or Jewish ethnocentricism.

Why is Darden Restaurants signing on to the Blackie O health nut agenda?

Answer:  Quid Pro O.  Her husband gave Darden Restaurants an ObamaCare waiver.

*  Obama to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus:  “I’d like to work my way around Congress…” to get amnesty passed, but “we’ve got laws on the books that have to be upheld.”

You already have, and you don’t care about those laws.  Two words:  Administrative amnesty.  (AKA refusing to enforce immigration law)

Maryland Governor Walter O’Mexico hearts the Rickroller.

In a sane world with a sane Republican Party, this would end the Rickroller’s Presidential campaign.

*  Five, six, seven, eight…

Illiberalism is a dangerous mental disorder.

Or maybe, poetic justice?

Or maybe both.

Bloomberg warns?  No, more like Bloomberg wants, so he (and Obama) can turn around and blame it on Republicans, capitalism and guns.

*  Feh?  This is simple compared to a lot of other IRS forms.  I actually think most people would grok the quadratic formula better with this pseudo IRS worksheet than with the way most algebra teachers teach it.

More Obama razzle dazzle on taxes.  Warren Buffet doesn’t pay a lower personal Federal income tax rate than his secretary because there’s a problem with the rates themselves, it’s because he can game so many deductions and write-offs that he gets his taxable income far lower than his real income.  Increasing the rates is just a smokescreen.


Belgium finally getting a government after more than a year of negotiation and horse trading.  Though what it’s getting seems to be even more tenuous and impossible than the Cameron-Clegg Odd Couple.  Just sit back and watch the wheels fall off.  Then maybe they’ll get it and partition Belgium by language.  Then the Brits will get it by sweeping the BNP to power.

*  On another medium, I used to do a daily tracking of the Zim$-US$ exchange rate.  I gave up on it when I realized that the daily number had a Potemkin quality.

Amazon to the rescue.

Here’s another impasse I can solve easily — No refugee processing, either on shore or off shore, restore the White Australia Policy, and vote for Pauline Hanson and One Nation.

See, that wasn’t hard.


*  Both relating to local education.  Judging by today’s impossible standards, I fail to see how Langston’s second, corrected statement is any less “bigoted” than his supposed first.

P-D profiles the heated but (unfortunately) ephemeral reaction that St. Louis’s white Catholic population had toward Archbishop (and eventually Cardinal) Joseph Ritter’s school integration edict.

I think the reason why the resistance died down so quickly is because actual integration would affect very few Catholic schools.  St. Louis’s Catholic school system couldn’t afford daily transportation, much less a cross-town desegregation scheme, either then or now.  Even today, the high school named in Ritter’s honor is the only local Catholic H.S. that is majority black.


This might not be the kind of “Star Wars” planet they’re making it out to be.

It is possible (in fact, now confirmed) that double star systems can have planets.  However, it is thought that the two stars in double systems, while orbiting around their common center of gravity, the barycenter, have to be far enough away from each other, such that any planet that could support liquid water and therefore life would be far closer to one of the two stars than the other, and therefore would be orbiting that star, with the second star being a distant bright light source that “seems” to be orbiting the same star as is the planet.  (If Alpha Centauri, our closest stellar neighbor, has any habitable planets or moons around planets, it would be that kind of setup.)  In theory, you can have a two-star system where the stars are close and a habitable planet is orbiting the barycenter of the two stars — That’s what you would need to have a true “Star Wars” type planet, to have dual sunsets a la the movie.

This article implies, but does not state directly, that Kepler-16b is orbiting the stars’ barycenter as opposed to one of the stars.




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