Tuesday’s Tidbits

21 09 2011


*  It’s really a national story, but I’m putting it in the local stack because MoDOT gets a metion.

And as far as the question, the answer is almost always the latter.

The anti-tobacco nuts are going to try for a cig tax hike again.  They whine about Missouri’s cig tax being the lowest of all the states in the union.

That’s a feature, not a bug.


There’s also a practical angle here.  The reason this particular judge of the 9th Circuit so easily equates “habitual drug users” to “career criminals” is because (A) Habitual drug users usually are or wind up being career violent criminals, and most importantly, (B) Those whose rap sheets only seem to have drug crimes really did commit a lot of other crimes, were arrested for other more serious violent crimes, but the prosecutors pled everything else out and down to the drug crimes because drug crimes have no victims that are too embarrassed to testify in court or are too intimidated to testify.

Vincente Fox in Oregon, or rather, the Mexican province that used to be called the American state of Oregon.

As an aside, what is now Oregon was never part of Mexico, so the Raza-Reconquista kooks can’t have a bug up their asses about that.

*  This is sorta what I have been saying — Terrorism is becoming passe and counterproductive for the Shari’ah crowd.

Would you spend time, money, blood and reputation to do something that someone else would be willing to for you for practically free?  Why should Muslims commit terrorism anymore to spread Shari’ah Law (aka Islam) when the Obama Justice Department, Obama’s judicial appointments and Obama’s favorite media outlets are willing to spread Shari’ah Law through the power of gavels, lawsuits and propaganda?

Oklahoma wants drug testing for welfare recipients.  In passing, we find out that almost one in ten new applicants to Florida’s welfare system have been turned down for a flunked dope test.

*  Really?  No money down/interest-only/no insurance required mortgages are a bad idea?

Did you just arrive from Mars, slappy?

They don’t call it “Filthadelphia” for nothing.

The Deputy Mayor’s excuse is that the bad economy is causing the city to get behind on “30 years of maintenance issues.”  Except the economy hasn’t been bad for all of the last 30 years.  Let me guess, the city was diverting police physical facility maintenance funds to Mumia’s LDF?

*  On the heels of the news that Texas TPM activists and TPM activists in general are finally getting over their honeymoon with the Rickroller, and busting his chops on amnesty and open borders, their Alabama counterparts are organizing street theater in support of the state’s immigration crackdown legislation.  The TPM isn’t everything I want, but at least it’s coming around on the immigration issue.  Now all they need to do is to get over their Herman Cain slash Allen West slash Tim Scott “Mandingo” love affair, and we’ll really have something to work with.

I told you earlier not to fall into the “Jewish” trap and instead to analyze NY-9’s sudden color change in light of the economy.  Forbes confirms — NY-9 is the least wealthy white Congressional district in NYC.  This is a bad barometer for Obama in the rust belt swing states next year.


*  “We let them down.”  Cue every violin ever made to play the saddest song ever composed.

It’s official — Clegg is my least favorite “Nick” of British politics.  Just in case you were wondering, Griffin is my favorite.

WSJ worries about what Europe will look like after the fiscal hangover:

Parties of the fringe will gain greater sway. Border checkpoints will return. Currencies will be resurrected, then devalued. Countries will choose decay over reform. It’s a long, likely parade of horribles.

Again, those are features, not bugs.

*  Today’s England:  Movie scenes of people smoking ciagrettes are too traumatic for people under the age of 18 to watch, but full frontal sex scenes?  You’re practically committing a hate crime if you don’t let your six-year old watch them.

*  A number of years back, the Republican Party organization of Carroll County, Maryland had a raffle where a pistol was the first prize.  The anti-gun nuts in the state legislature whined and moaned about it, and threatened to enact a state law prohibiting firearms from being a raffle prize — AFAIK, that went nowhere.

I wonder what all those bigmouths will say about this.  Prediction:  Nothing.  In fact, they’ll call you a bit for bringing this up.


I’m not quite that old, yet.  My first scientific calculator was the TI-30 STAT.  While my mother was nothing close to a math whiz, she did anticipate my almost outgrowing the four function, and plopped out the ten bucks for this in January 1988, halfway through my fifth grade school year.  At first, I thought it was an actual sin to touch “sin.”

*  HA!  Samsung might patent troll the iCabal’s next “smart” phone to death in Europe just like the iCabal patent trolled the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s second versions to death in Europe.

Payback…it’s a female dog.

What does all this mean?  Nobody will really want Windows 8 as a desktop OS, because it will be too much like a tablet or phone OS.  And nobody will want Windows 8 as a tablet OS, because it’s going to be underfeatured.

The Netflix auto-bifurcation into DVD-by-mail and streaming divisions I think wasn’t its only attempt to wean people away from physical media and toward streaming.  I think their most recent price increase was designed to do just that.  I’m a Netflix subscriber, formerly with the 3 DVD by mail plus unlimited instant streaming plan, and I noticed that, after the new price increases, if I downgraded from three to two physical DVDs, I would have the same monthly price.  That’s not a coincidence, IMHO.  In fact, the customer service rep who processed my request to do this seemed happy.




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