Joe? No! Don’t Ya Know.

31 10 2011

Our new manager?

Not if I had anything to do with it.

Here’s why.


Fun With Headlines (No Noose is Good Noose)

31 10 2011

P-D:  Teen found in noose at Fenton ‘scare park’

Our society has gotten so paranoid about nooses that the sight of one practically belongs in a haunted house.

Daily Mail:  The Greeks are revolting again: German flag burned on the streets as they react angrily to historic Eurozone deal

The same Germany which mortgaged its future to the tune of a trillion euros to save your asses?  Talk about My Big Fat Greek Ingrates.

Slashdot:  Is That an Android On Your Wrist?

That, and I am happy to see you.

SI:  Arizona makes beach volleyball high school sport

It would help if Arizona actually had beaches.  With apologies to George Strait.

McPaper:  Oakland protesters organize citywide strike

Oh no, nobody in Oakland will be working?  I can’t imagine what that will be like.

Daily Mail:  Kim Kardashian to file for divorce from Kris Humphries after just 72 days of marriage

He still doesn’t have a job, and I think she still does, so he might well be the world’s tallest alimony recipient.

In Related News, the Sun Rose in the East This Morning

31 10 2011


Foreign students say visa program abused

For years, it has been touted as a form of vacation diplomacy: a U.S. government program that selects college students from across the globe to come work at beach resorts, amusement parks and other seasonal jobs. In the process, the visitors are expected to imbibe American culture, practice English and take home fond memories.

But in August, students complained that their work conditions were closer to a sweatshop than a summer break, sparking demands for government intervention and a firestorm of bad publicity that federal officials are trying to tamp down.

Duh, what do you think is the point of this visa program?  To give various firms cheap and easily exploitable summer and seasonal labor.  For the alternative is hiring native born American high school and college students who recognize exploitation and slave wages from a mile away.

Start Your Stopwatches

31 10 2011

By the time your stopwatch gets to exactly 365:00:00:00.000, we’ll find out that there was fraud behind this:

Illinois test scores up, but fall short of federal standards


The Illinois state standardized test results released today show the gap in performance between different groups of students is narrowing at the elementary school level, particularly because of gains among African-American, special education and low-income students. The achievement gap between white and black students has narrowed by 11.4 percent in math and 7.9 percent in reading, according to the state.


Sunday Wrap-Up

30 10 2011


Cool.  But WTF was that last part all about?

Only in St. Louis.


Sounds familiar.

*  A lot of people have been worried about the Occutards becoming unmistakeably violent.  However, the conventional wisdom was that it would be either Occutard-on-Enemies of Occutard, or Occutard-on-Police, or Police-on-Occutard.

Nobody counted on Occutard-on-Occutard.

*  Huh?  Left wingers tell other left wingers they can’t do street theater in a left-wing city because of public masturbation?  That’s a new one on me.

They’re yanking their permit.  Those jerkoffs.

*  Yeah, Grant Park.  It has the perfect name.

*  Irony time:  Obama and Biden popping off about needing more cops, the rabble stirred up to help their re-election campaign floats a hypothetical trial balloon about killing cops.

*  More irony time:  Boston Occutards making life harder for Boston’s public transit regulars.  Doesn’t the left just love public transit?

*  Blackie O:  Don’t vote for Republicans, because they and her husband agree on something.

The Republicans need to be for “legal immigration,” Mr. Rubio?  I hate to tell you, but they already are.  The two most recent and most dramatic loosening of immigration law through the legal legislative process, 1986 IRCA, an amnesty and the “family reunification” racket, and a 1990 immigration package which started the H-xB visa program, were both signed by Republican Presidents.

Bug, not feature.

*  “Still no solution?”  That’s because they didn’t ask me.

Also political.  They’re being driven out to ensure that Democrats win everything in California forever.  If D.C. and Sacramento were so worried about the environment, they would start with Mexican drug cartels using some National Parks and Forests for pot growing farms, and then work their way forward from there.

*  “Asking why.”  You answered your own question when you first used the word “black.”

*  Dartmouth puts a black woman in charge of the college’s administration, and the first thing she complains about?


Most college bureaucracies white woman dominated, and so it seems to be the case at Dartmouth.

Gee, what of that precious gender solidarity?

*  This high school can’t have a more appropriate name:


*  Boys and girls, cats and dogs, we call this “FUD.”

*  “Big Society” is David CaMORON’s kinda sorta analogue to Bush’s “Compassionate Conservatism.”  The fine print?  Black American “former” gang bangers on the payroll of a BS-associated QUANGO import cocaine into London.

*  Ask Mike Freer who is his favorite political figure in the recent history of the United Kingdom.  He will probably tell you the name of a woman who demanded and got the importation of these very kind of people for their “family values.”

Tony Blair is another one — Says “Our Diversity Is Our Strength,” but doesn’t explain why or how it’s Britain’s strength.

It’s certainly a strength to his political party in the long term.

Notice that law enforcement is doing nothing.  And this we call an “ally?”  Their military and intelligence apparati held the world’s most wanted man prisoner for a long time.  Remember, if you used to have a textile job in South Carolina, and don’t have it anymore, it’s probably now in Pakistan because BushObama exported your job there to give these wonderful people an “alternative” to terrorism.  How’s that working out for you, or them, or us?

Take a close look at the middle picture.  Does that look like an ideal breeding ground for tolerance to you?

*  The “Anonymous” cracker cabal:  Not all bad, Part II.


American lawyers and British Barristers and Solicitors had a transatlantic debate about the “legality” of the Declaration of Independence.

While the debate was pretty much useless from a practical standpoint, for in the case of the DOI, it was all a matter of might making right, the BBC and the British side of this debate does properly refer to the DOI as a secessionist document, and the colonists as secessionists, not “revolutionaries.”

*  Not just The King’s Speech:  Margaret Thatcher (whom I referenced above in this post, in case it went over your head) had a stuttering problem that she had to cure before she could be taken seriously in the political arena.  George VI had the advantage of choosing the right parents, Thatcher had to win the esteem of her party then her party with her as the leader had to win the esteem of the electorate.

That reminds me, I have to put The King’s Speech in my Netflix Queue.


Yeah, but when are they going to get around to fixing the problem of the shower water becoming scalding hot when someone in the house flushes the john?  I would rather get that problem licked before having a TV on my shower curtain.  And, pray tell, do we really want to give people the ability to make phone calls while in the shower?


“In Living Color” is coming back for a few special episodes as part of Fox’s 25th Anniversary.

When it was on, ILC taught the world how to commit food stamp fraud.

Ford contracting with a California company to produce the steel bodies of the ’65 Mustang.

Wanna lay odds that this outsells any one single current model year Ford vehicle?

*  If the football thing doesn’t work out so well for one Nathan Scheelhaase, he has a future playing Obama in movies.

New York City has a problem with group nudity?  There’s a first.

No comment necessary.

Back to Reality

30 10 2011

I was a little busy with “other things” on Friday night.  Someone told me (and yes, there was a St. Louisan who wasn’t watching baseball on Friday night), that the talk show host who sounds like Groucho Marx’s grandmother after a hysterectomy really laid into Ron Paul on Friday night, over RP’s not explicitly refusing to rule out an independent campaign for President, should he not win the Republican nomination.

First off, I don’t think he would run as an independent, because he made these same “non-barking dog” noises in 2008.  As he said four years ago, every election he has ever won in his life was won while running as a Republican, every time he has run on a third party, he hasn’t won.  Second, it’s a matter of pure common sense — If you can’t win a plurality of Republican voters in enough states to get enough delegates to win a nomination, you won’t have the ability to win the general election.  Third, the timing is PR clusterfuck – Rand should take dad aside and read him the Riot Act, reminding him that he can’t hint around an independent candidacy before any Republican primary or caucus has taken place – That might actually drive off a lot of his own loyal supporters into the hands of other Republican candidates or into not voting in the primaries or caucuses.

But then there’s the matter of the talk show host who sounds like Groucho Marx’s grandmother after a hysterectomy.  I have never met him, doubt I ever will.  But just through listening to him enough, I take him for a fink.  And by “fink,” I mean someone who would sell out the lamestream Reaganite conservatism he claims to support – I have to make that clear, because I’m not a Reaganite, and the talk show host in question isn’t a white nationalist much less a race realist like me, for sure.  When I say “fink” here, I mean selling out his own purported worldview.

What makes me suspicious is that he saves the worst of his vituperative for Ron Paul, even more vicious than the same for the neo-cons and RINOs he claims he hates so much.  Complicating matters is that he has no problem with Rand Paul, even having him as a guest on his show, and a guest on good terms.  I mean, if you read the talk show host’s political books, like Liberty and Tyranny and Men In Black, then you would easily walk away thinking that the author of those books would vote for Ron Paul, or at the very least not be so hostile.  You would also think that the author of such books would like Pat Buchanan, but on several occasions, the author/talk show host has publicly announced his distaste toward PJB.

While he probably is a geunine Reaganite, (again, disclaimer:  I’m not), I get the feeling that Mark Levin is really birddogging for another agenda.  I don’t think it’s the obvious — You might put all these pieces together, his hatred toward Ron Paul (but not Rand Paul) and PJB to come up with Israel, but I don’t think it’s that, because Levin isn’t really a big pro-Israel talking head, in fact, I think that he’s less intensely pro-Israel than the average Reaganite.  I think it’s something else, but something on which I can’t put my finger.  Now that I allow comments, I hope that someone can lead my finger to the right button.

One more thing — Levin hates the South, and hates white Southerners, and has openly stated as much.  Yet, he abandoned his own native Philadelphia for the Northern Virginia suburbs.  Why?  Answer:  Philadelphia in particular and Pennsylvania in general aren’t conservative enough anymore for Reaganism, so he had to go to greener grass.  (Even though Northern Virginia’s grass is becoming less green by the year, as far as that goes.)  He hates white Southerners so much, yet during blue wave election years, white Southerners are the only people that will vote for Republicans and lamestream conservatives, and only because of the racial headcount nature of electoral politics in the South.  His good friend Sean Hannity is the same way — Really doesn’t like white Southerners, (but he’s not as obvious as Levin about it, you have to pick up on context clues), but Hannity’s radio career started in Huntsville, Alabama then picked up steam in Atlanta.  Left to his native metropolitan area, New York City, he would have never gotten anywhere in broadcast media, because it’s too liberal even for his milquetoast brand of conservatism.  Methinks he doth shitteth where he eateth.

That said, Liberty and Tyranny is a unique effort, and very much worth reading, if you can overlook the foibles of the author, and the occasional brain fart within.  Men in Black is worth the time, but it’s not my favorite book about the abuses of the Judiciary.  Batting for the home team, that honor goes to Phyllis Schlafly’s The Supremacists.

Bad Company

29 10 2011

When we won the World Series over Detroit five years ago, within 48 hours of the final out, Morgan Quitno (now CQ press) released their crime survey, that showed us and Detroit 1-2 in the list of the most dangerous cities.

Does anyone think there is some negative statistic where St. Louis is worst and Dallas-Fort Worth is second worst?