Tuesday’s Tidbits

12 10 2011


*  Not knowing the source, you would think this happened in Mexico, and that this story should be in the International stack.

Well, it did happen in Mexico, so to speak.  But it belongs in the local stack because it happened in what is becoming St. Louis’s Mexico Del Norte, Cherokee Street.

Want other SLPS magnets to be as “magnety” as Metro, McKinley and Kennard?  I’ll give you a hint:  Find out what’s different about Metro, McKinley and Kennard relative to other SPLS schools, including the other magnets.

ABC and the AP knew who Bob Cassilly was.  But once again, before he died, I couldn’t have told you why he was important to save my life.

*  Tragic.  Claire no longer hearts Barry as much as she used to.  Run as she might, but her being an Obamabot for the third and fourth years of her Senate tenure isn’t going to be forgotten so easily, no matter how moderate she was during her first two years.


*  Firefighters are expected to do and be a lot of things.  Now they’re also expected to be prison guards.

*  Politico Pw3ns Herman Cain’s main economic advisor, the author of “9-9-9,” for not being an economist.

But they do tell you that Rich Lowrie does have a masters’s degree in accountancy.

Let me put it to you this way — It’s not a master’s in economics, but you’re not earning a master’s in accountancy without learing plenty of economics along the way.

*  Yeah, sure.  He sustained all those injuries from “falling down.”  Wink wink.

IOW, Semper Fi.

*  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for young people developing healthy eating and fitness habits.


Way too young to be in a routine that strenuous.  Also way too young to be playing all those organized sports all the time.

Mark me, he’ll burn out by 20, at which time he’ll “catch” up on eating all the junk he denied himself earlier, and be an out-of-shape slob by 30.

*  See Paragraph Six — Black President comes out against a black victim of abusive law enforcement.

Is that the hope, or the change?

Secret provisions of the PATRIOT Act?  Which Obama renewed?

Is that the hope, or the change?

Worry not, I bet all the skinny is on that Lady Gaga CD.

*  The long predicted tidal wave of local and municipal bankruptcies has begun — Harrisburg, Penn. is first up.

According to Wikipedia, Harrisburg was:  As of the 2010 census … 30.7% White, 52.4% Black or African American, 0.5% Native American, 3.5% Asian, 0.1% Native Hawaiian, and 5.2% were two or more races. 18.0% of the population were of Hispanic or Latino ancestry.

Yeah, stupid.  The French Revolution “made a fundamental transformation.”  It transformed France from the dominant land power in the Occidental world into an also-ran full of third rate wimps.  Hint:  The chaos that the “liberty equality fraternity” Occutards of the last decade of 18th Century France stirred up became the order of Napoleon, who, in his pathological/megalomaniacal power trips, left the DNA of French masculinity to freeze to death on the Russian steppes.

*  Canada about to repeal its long gun registry.  California about to start one.

Who would have predicted this 30 years ago?  Maybe some people would have, the kind of people who were saying way back then that demography is destiny.


Can’t take pictures of your own daughter in a shopping mall?  Oh, I forgot, it’s a result of all those anal and dumb laws that try to deter the terrorism of 7th Century ragheads without deporting the 7th Century ragheads.

*  Slung fake docs and lied on his visa application.  But, oh no, he didn’t violate any immigration laws.

Translation:  If you’re non-white, you can do whatever you want, and nobody will ever have the stones to tell you no or deny you anything.

Before you turn Richard Branson into a hero, realize that (A) Nelson Mandela was also part of this group, (B) South Africa is almost as bad, and (C) The goal wasn’t to restore white rule in Zimbabwe, but merely to hand power over to a black who was only slightly less racist and brutal than Mugabe.

Henry Higgins might have had the answer.  But I know I do.

So many “English” teenagers are non-white these days.  And to the extent the (real) English are lagging on their communication and language skills, it is because the schools are dumbing down their curricula to pander to the blackest common denominator.

*  “Right to a family life.”  What about a right to an English England?

*  A country without a government?  Yes.  Also, a country without a flag.


Worried about lopsided soccer games?  This league should adopt some form of the Madre Hill Rule.  That would be a lot better than listing the scores as nothing more than pass/fail/tie.




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