Good Idea. Glad I Came Up With It.

29 11 2011

We’re winning.


A state Republican legislator has introduced a bill to the Illinois General Assembly to separate the Chicago’s county from the state–effectively making the midwestern city the 51st state in the union.

The bill, filed by State Rep. Bill Mitchell of Decatur Tuesday, would “enact legislation dividing Illinois and Cook County into separate states” because county residents “hold different and firmly seated views” on “politics, society, and economics” from people in the rest of the state. The bill’s supporters point to higher tax rates and strict gun laws in the Chicago area and contend that the northern county is out of step with its Illinois neighbors.

“These liberal policies are an insult to the traditional values of downstate families,” Mitchell told the Decatur Tribune. “When I talk to constituents, one of the biggest things I hear is ‘Chicago should be its own state . . . .Our voters’ voices were drowned out by Chicago.”

The measure would put the issue up to a vote by state residents through a referendum and then would require approval from the United States Congress and the president. As of this writing, the bill has just one other co-sponsor.

If that one other co-sponsor isn’t Bill Brady, then he’s hopeless.

Alec Baldwin Needs a Home

29 11 2011

And by “home,” I mean a special one.

Nutbar goes on a Twitter rampage, accusing AR, Mark Levin and Free Republic of being the same thing.

In reality, Mark Levin is a “don’t call me a neo-con” neo-con who sounds like Groucho Marx’s grandmother after a hysterectomy.  Invade the word, anti-”racism,” pro-Lincoln as the day is long, and all that.  I’ve already vented my spleen about him.

Free Republic — I think most Freepers mean well, but Jim Robinson is one I wouldn’t trust as far as I can throw him.  To me, he’s just another lamestream conservative Republican sans spine, who would rather die than be thought of by more than one in ten people as “racist” or harboring some sort of “phobia.”  I’ve had a run-in with him, and once was enough.  Censorship at the Free Republic is rampant, almost all of it at Robinson’s directive.

Only a screwball could put those two and AR in the same category.  That’s because a screwball did.

The Doc’s Paradox

29 11 2011

Ron Paul receives more campaign donations from civilian Federal employees than all other Republican Presidential candidates put together.

WaPo is beside itself trying to figure out why, when Ron Paul is the most likely person to put them out of their jobs.

I don’t work for the WaPo, but I figured out this “paradox” years ago, back in my brief few militia days, when I saw so many government employees involved.  (An observation that I am not the only one to have made.)  The reason so many Federal employees gravitate toward the ideology pejoratively called the “anti-government” right is because they’re in the belly of the “beast,” so to speak, and they see the shit that government is doing to people.  I’ll never say this person’s name, but I know someone personally, well enough to have his number stored in my phone’s memory, who is against affirmative action, organizes his political advocacy around being against it, joins groups and organizations opposed to it, but he makes his living as an affirmative action enforcement agent for some level of government.  Not saying any more than that.

Is Sanity Making a Comeback In Raleigh, N.C.?

29 11 2011

Sacramento Bee:

North Carolina’s death-row racial bias law may be dropped

RALEIGH, N.C. — All but three of North Carolina’s 157 death row inmates are waiting for their day in court to argue that racial bias played a role in their case. But the law that gives them hope is on shaky ground.

State lawmakers are scheduled to congregate in Raleigh Sunday night for the start of a three-day session that could result in the gutting of the historic Racial Justice Act.


The death row inmates have included findings in their complaints from Michigan State University law school researchers that show that defendants who killed a white person in North Carolina were two-and-a-half times more likely to be sentenced to death than those whose victims were black. The findings also show that juries were disproportionately white.

Prosecutors complain that using statistics without the facts of each case can skew the picture.

But defense attorneys who fought for the law say the statistics tell an alarming story: In North Carolina, African-American jury pool members who were not rejected for cause – such as opposition to the death penalty – were rejected by prosecutors at about two times the rate as similarly situated whites.

The disparity was even greater in Cumberland and Wake counties. In Wake County, qualified potential African-American jurors were rejected at 2.5 times the rate of all other jurors; their Cumberland County counterparts were rejected at 2.6 times the rate, according to the Michigan research.


Critics of the law argue it is a thinly veiled attempt to do away with the death penalty in North Carolina. Though people are still being sentenced to death in this state, no execution has been carried out since 2007, when a series of lawsuits sparked a de facto moratorium.

We’ve been through this before.  Defendants who kill a white person probably killed the white person under more heinous circumstances than the defendant who killed the black person.  Almost all the defendants in the killing of black people are themselves black (and maybe increasingly Hispanic, in North Carolina, Mexico’s newest colony), and it’s harder for any jury to pass out the death sentence against a black defendant.  Don’t forget, not every homicide is a first degree murder, often times they are charged as, or pled down to, Murder Two.  The defendants who kill white people are partly white and partly black, and white juries with white defendants and white victims are more likely than in any other circumstance to hand down the death penalty.

As for the juror rejection, that line they’re feeding you in this story is bullshit, because Federal civil rights laws disallow prosecutors from using preemptory challenges against prospective minority jurors when the minority is of the same race as the defendant.  If these black jurors were rejected without cause, i.e. preemptorily, it is the defense lawyers that did it.


Ed Martin Has All the Emotional Stability of a Kardashian

29 11 2011

First he wanted to run for the Senate.  Then he wanted to run for Congress in the new CD-2.  Now that Peter KinderCare is out, he wants to run for Governor.

What, because you came closer than any Republican ever did to winning CD-3 in 2010, the last cycle of a thirty-year run of CD-3 consisting of at least South City, South County and Jefferson County, that you think you’re all that and a bag of chips?

Maybe what Ed Martin really needs is a good nude yoga instructor.

Fun With The Great Cornholio, Part II

29 11 2011

LAT:  Long suspensions, heavy fines for Iran soccer players’ fanny pat

Come off it, Iran.  Straight guys who play team sports instinctively know how to whack each other in the ass without the “gay” accusastions being hauled out.

Daily Mail:  Could the Pontiff be fined £30 for not wearing a seatbelt in the Popemobile?

The answer is “shouldn’t.”  The Popemobile won’t get involved in an accident.  That and diplomatic immunity.

Daily Mail:  ‘We risk creating a generation without hope’: One in five young people are now NEETs, government figures reveal

“NEET.”  Not neat, more like marginal vagabounds.

CBS Miami:  3 Facing Prison Time In $1M Toilet Paper Scam

The victim is rumored to wear a Metallica T-shirt all the time.

HuffPo:  Cops: Woman Tried To Smuggle Drugs In Hollow Bible

What a friend she thought she had in Jesus.

RCP:  Cornel West: Ultimate Fight For Entitlements Will Be In “The Streets”

It will be more like this:  Look, America, this is what you’ve been funding with welfare for 45 years or more.

NYP:  A student a day busted in public schools

NYPD being too lenient.

Daily Mail:  Meet baby Jihad: Thirty-seven stone mother-of-fourteen names baby boy… after Muslim word for holy war

No, the real scandal is naming your son “Adolph.”  Then the “child protection” goony birds come swarming in like Caucasian on rice.

Long Thanksgiving Weekend Wrap-Up

29 11 2011

I’ve got a lot of stuff here, so I can’t elaborate on some of these stories to the extent I would like and usually do.


*  Drudge’s link to a story about people preparing for the End-All?  “St. Louis” is at the top.  Go figure.

Mizzou and Missouri State get prominent mention here.  Don’t look for it to stop.  One word:  Money.

The Boy Scouts might actually be worth it, if they didn’t pander to Hispanics.

P-D defends its calling Knockout Martin Luther King a “game” because the police call it a “game.”

Hello?  Journalism.  Not a cut and paste service for SPLD press releases.  I thought the P-D’s mission statement included something about not automatically trusting people in power.

Usury laws making a comeback?

Fake piss out of a fake dick to pass a dope test.

Crestwood is a great place to raise kids, and the reasoning is that it’s 13 miles away from the home of the World Series winners, and its school district has the IB program, which I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

*  Yes, Illinois.  We know you’re for diversity.  That Old Reprobate on all the license plates is proof enough for me.

This twit was something of a big story in KC this past weekend, when they weren’t going on and on about Black Friday.

If she’s mad now, she should just wait a few years:  Kris Kobach is in the bullpen of Kansas politics.

All four high school football teams from St. Louis County lost their respective state championship games, all to teams near Kansas City or in Southwest Missouri.  This is the second year in a row when St. Louis was shut out of football state championships, and the Show-Me Bowl is held at the Edward Jones Dome, no less.  Country Day, Burroughs, CBC and Kirkwood are the four St. Louis schools this year that came home empty handed.  And it couldn’t happen to nicer schools.  Country Day?  Old money, arrogant as hell.  Burroughs?  New money, the students are often caught sleeping in the hallways, and arrogant as hell.  CBC?  Any high school that calls itself “College” is arrogant, but CBC’s football team is heavily black because it (illegally) recruits, IMHO.  Kirkwood?  Well, you should know me well enough what I think about Jerkwood.  Kirkwood is pound for pound the snootiest place in St. Louis County.

Yes, I think there’s a racial angle to the football supremacy of Kansas City and Southwest Missouri.  It’s a bit of a stereotype, and it’s not without its errors, but KC/SW football tends to be white, and St. Louis football tends to the “caste system” black.


Will people quit paying attention to Pat Robertson like he’s still relevant or something?

Mac and Cheese is Sole Food — Let it sit for too long and it’s as hard as a rubber sole.

Really.  I would have never guessed.  Whites in the Southwest are screaming “DUH!”

*  When it comes to this row about sporting on Federal land, all is not as it seems.

Another reason to come up with a different drug policy.  My only slight defense of these tactics is that dope users and dealers also tend to be involved in violent crime.

Yet another reason to come up with a different drug policy.


Yankee Government wants to hire people fluent in both English and Ebonics.  Why?  The DEA needs help translating ghettoese into readable English.

Is our wonderful BRA Federal government somehow linking Ebonics and its native speakers to the illicit drug trade?  RACISM~!

You’re not comparing apples to apples, Hoft.  Just because only 1.6% of active Occutards are black and 6% of self-identified Tea Party Movement supporters are black doesn’t meant that blacks are far more sympathetic to the Occutards than the TPM.  The only kind of black people who go to TPM functions are speakers, there are almost none in the general crowd or audience.

Most Republican Governors aren’t on the “Holder Should Resign” train, including Jan Brewer, whose state was most impacted by F&F.  That’s disturbing, because that tells me that most Republican Governors would run Fast & Furious type scams if they were President.  They’re probably already doing something similar in their states.

Cue Irony.  Al Gore is an APPL Director.

*  This is a left-of-center writer;  You can tell from some of his weasel phrases.  But even he doesn’t buy into the Potok/CAIR bullshit.

This news preceded the Edsall bombshell in the NYT that stated that the Democrats are punting on the white working class.  Why would they do that, when the white working class was the important marginal demographic that handed Obama the Presidency in 2008, and will be crucial again in 2012?  The answer is that the Democrats are giving up on short term in lieu of the long term.  They’ll tolerate losing the next few cycles while they wait for their demographic time bomb to go off in their favor.

Vermont:  Mexico’s newest colony.  BTW, Vermont’s libs all love their anti-corporate attitudes, so why should Vermont farmers need all this Hispanic stoop labor?

*  The Bigmouth of Omaha, the one that says “us rich people should pay more taxes,” is suing the Feds over their almost two-thirds gigabuck tax bill on one of his firms.

Detroit:  Dhimmi USA.

*  Sorry, your precious Hispanic community was the cause of this.

*  Wal-Martinez breaking through in D.C. proper, but in order to grease the skids, it had to promise to dole out a lot of affirmative action sinecures, and not sell firearms or ammunition.

First off, if all the D.C. blacks are headed to PG County, why should this matter anymore?  In ten to twenty years, DC will be a white liberal yuppie town.

Second, I wish Wal-Martinez would get out of the gun/ammo business altogether.  That’s because I want the retail end of at least one industry to be the exclusive province of non-big box small operations, the mom and pop stores.

Just imagine what the D.C. Wal-Marts will be like next Black Friday.  I hope the people that run the Chimp Out website are there with HD video cameras.

Krispy Christie opposed to national reciprocity for CCW.  And NOT for the same reason that Ron Paul is, you can be assured of that.

I would have voted no, because the better way to get national reciprocity for CCW is for carry states to get together and form a uniform convention.  If the Feds force national reciprocity of CCW, the next step is gay “marriage.”

Who says that higher education is interested in education?

*  The rest of the world is finally coming around to realizing what I figured out weeks ago:  Big city and leftist politicians suck up to the Occutards because they ARE Occutards.

Now, Syracuse.  The big difference here is that Jim Boeheim already ran his mouth off defending Fine, accusing his accusers of being money grubbing liars.  Looks like Boeheim’s days are numbered.  By the end of this year, we could have both Jim Boehim and Joe Paterno on the unemployment line — Who saw that coming?

*  An 18-year old man, a Wisconsin college student, goes incognito.

Guess where he was found.

Duh.  Occutard.

A co-founder of Homespanic Depot says the economy won’t recover until Obama is out of power.

Maybe so, but that’s only part of the equation.

Blast from the past.  Relevant news now because Maxine Waters will now bring that Vashon Verve to the House Banking Committee.  She will be the ranking Democrat now that Barney Frank is “packing it in,” so to speak.  And she would run the HBC should the Democrats get control of the House any time soon.

BTW, I doubt Frank’s new redrawn district has anything to do with his sudden retirement.  He could win it easily.  If he didn’t lose in 2010, he could never lose.  I just happen to think he wants to retire because he wants to retire.

*  Romney:  Phony.  Proof.

I’m calling bullshit.  Obama already enacted most of the DREAM Act by executive fiat, and I’m sure Texas, under the open borders Rickroller, has an equivalent.

This is nothing more than the typical tragedy of a young man committing suicide for the usual reasons that young men commit suicide.

They probably cross dressed because they thought their victims would be less leery around black “women.”  Trust me, I wouldn’t turn my back on a lot of black women, either.

I look at this story from another angle:  The absolute bankruptcy and uselessness of conservative Republican ideology.  It ran California for the longest, and look at what good came of it.

*  Lucky reader, I did the work for you.  It strongly corresponds with the heavily black parts of Miami City.


Adidas will sell shoes for $1 in India, and still expect to turn a profit.  So why are we paying $100?

I think this goes in the same category as a dope dealer giving a kid his first dime bag for cheap.  Get ‘em hooked early, then they’re customers for life, no matter what you charge.

British immigration officers are going on strike?  How can you tell?

Black skin privilege.  There’s your answer.

Black skin privilege, Part 2.

To live and work in Dhimmiville.

Danish “Short Bus” schools are filling up fast with the progeny of Pakistani Muslim cousin marriages.

Because it’s Africa.

*  Because they are.  You’re not really paranoid if they’re really not out to help you.

Now it’s the cop’s fault?  You would have strung the cops up if they would have done anything.

*  Really, Nick.  Do you think there might be a good, sane, rational and logical reason for that?

BTW, we hear that same canard in America, that there are more black men in prison than in college.  It’s not true, as a matter of fact.  That probably says more about the sad state of higher education than anything, with all its affirmative action and racial pandering.  It’s also a sad commentary about our criminal justice system — If the system were really fair, many more black men would be in prison.  The system gives black chance on top of chance to avoid incarceration.  In a sane America, there WOULD be more black men in prison than in college.

*  Gender pay gap?  Gone in England, and in fact, among 20-somethings, women beat men.  Will the feminists stop whining about it now?  No.  Black obsessives are still whining about slavery.

*  I highly doubt this isn’t the first “racist rant” on London public transit.  It is the first one that Official Britain cares about.

Why do Australians love to vacation on Bali?  Remember the Bali terrorist bombing several years ago?  It’s insane to run around half naked on an island in an island country full of hateful Muslims who have an axe to grind against the white infidel.

*  Euro failed.  Nick-n-Ang’s solution?  More centralization.

*  Like the man named George wrote so long ago, some pigs are more equal than others.

*  Wyclef Jean:  His favorite charitable cause turned out to be himself and his cronies.

*  “No, it wouldn’t have to be Mandarin.”  But it’s gonna be.

*  “Group N may have leapt to humans from chimpanzees, possibly through the handling of bushmeat infected with the simian equivalent of HIV, scientists say.”

“Handling bush meat.”  Double entendre?

Pretty soon, this strain of HIV will be in a “Saint Louis” hospital far closer to me than Paris.

Canada ditches Kyoto.

*  CO2 pollution — It’s a third world thing, you better understand.


Is “Song of the South” part of this?

I think the odds of the Cardinals winning the World Series were even longer in late August.

Head bumping a sperm whale.  Not exactly “Bros Before Hoes.”

Miley Cyrus…Sheesh.  They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  For Billy Ray’s sake, I hope that’s not always true.

ESPN does a follow up profile on the woman coaching men.  I don’t doubt her football chops, but I am having trouble wrapping my mind around the “academic success story.”  We’ll eventually find out that that was all faked up.

*  In any other situation, atheism would be criticized as an outgrowth of white racism, just on the basis of disparate impact.

*  He did indeed get a racial pejorative thrown at him.  Just not from the group of people at whom this was supposed to be a preachy condescending moral lesson.

More and more accountants are lying about having taken an ethics course.  Which, in full circular logic, proves the point.

I get the feeling this “ethics course” is an outgrowth of Sarbannes-Oxley.  That monster piece of legislation did nothing to solve the problem which led to its adoption, the Enron-Arthur Andersen scandal.  That problem will only be solved when larger publicly traded corporations are forced to deposit the money they would spend to hire an auditing firm into a central pool which chooses and pays an auditing firm at random to audit the larger corporations.


The bionic eye might not have to be the whole eye.

Sam Francis’s home town might be the new Silicon Valley?  Be careful what you wish for, Chattanooga, you just might get it.

The computer industry is being rocked by a shortage of traditional mechanical hard drives.  That’s caused by floods in Thailand.  Come to find out, most of the world’s mechanical HDs, including the major well known brand names, are made in Thailand, and the whole industry is reeling.

Where is it written that HDs must be manufactured in Thailand?  Answer:

Thou must assemble in Phuket. — Seagate 3:16

Dude, you’re getting an FTC lawsuit.

The low-end Intel integrated graphics (HD 2000 on the Sandy Bridge CPUs) can run a typical Windows or Linux desktop or laptop at high resolutions comfortably for the things that most people do.  The only people who really need add on graphics cards these days are people who do a lot of 3D gaming with relatively new titles.

*  Remember, this was a keynote speaker at the Republican convention in 2008.  Another censorbuggerbear.

Better idea, Joltin’ Joe:  Don’t censor Google, but do disallow types like Muslims from the DR to immigrate into the United States.  Easy button.

*  This has been Kurzweil’s whole point with singularity.  We won’t intend for digital machines to rule over us, but they will by default because we’re letting ourselves become so dependent on them.


*  Translation:  Mama’s mama’s grandbaby, mommy and daddy maybe.

ESR has a seven-point tutorial on how to spot junk science riding over the horizon.


The more things change.

Short and Long Goodbyes

27 11 2011

A couple of news items about Presidential endorsements this morning.

First, the Manchester (N.H.) Union Leader endorsed Newt Gingrich.  It’s a blow to Romney, but I’m also disappointed they didn’t endorse Ron Paul.  In 1996, the paper endorsed PJB, so it wouldn’t be outside the MUL’s character if they did.

Second, is Joe Arpaio’s age finally catching up with him?  He’s endorsing the Rickroller.  That’s about as improbable as “McCoy for Governor” yard signs around the Hatfield house.

I’m Sure the Irony Is Lost On Him

26 11 2011


Mayor: Occupy LA Must Leave City Hall Camp Monday

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The mayor of Los Angeles set a deadline for anti-Wall Street protesters to leave an encampment by City Hall, while demonstrators elsewhere in California took their message about corporate greed to Black Friday shoppers, at times facing off with police.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa lauded the Occupy movement for “awakening the country’s conscience,” but he said that after 56 days, the encampments that flank the two grassy areas adjacent to City Hall must be removed by 12:01 a.m. Monday for public health and safety reasons.

At an afternoon news conference with police Chief Charlie Beck, Villaraigosa said the movement that has spread in two months from New York to numerous other U.S. cities has “awakened the country’s conscience” — but also trampled grass at City Hall that must be restored.

Let me get this straight. Antonio Villaraigosa, who is for amnesty and open borders, wants no immigration control whatsoever, endorses and enforces the city’s Special Order 40 (sanctuary city) policy, is upset that people are squatting and setting up residence in a place where they do not belong, in violation of the law?

Brain, meet BSOD.

Decline and Fall

25 11 2011

Whoever takes it upon him or her self to write The Decline and Fall of the American Empire centuries from now, he or she will devote an entire chapter to Black Friday.

I noticed in the small print in a lot of the TV spots last night that Massachusetts does not allow most retailers to be open at any time on Thanksgiving.  That state doesn’t get much right, but at least the state where the first Thanksgiving was held has sense enough to keep something sacred.  The only reason why this matters is because certain retailers opened last night a couple of hours before midnight.

If, in the coming years, we see a concerted effort on the part of politicians everywhere to limit the start of Black Friday to a certain time early in the morning after Thanksgiving, then we know we might be on track to reverse our decline.

UPDATE 6 PM:  I was channel surfing in my hotel room last night after arriving, and one of the local newscasts promised “complete and comprehensive coverage” of Black Friday.  As opposed to what?  Incomplete and non-comprehensive coverage?  How does one make news coverage of a bunch of drones lined up outside a big box mart overnight and then watching them stampede into the store like herds of ungulates “complete and comprehensive?”  I suppose they would have had to send a news crew to every Wal-Martinez in Kansas City, from way over here in Olathe to way over there in Blue Springs.  Also, Black Friday isn’t a “news” event that lends itself to complicated plot lines, so there’s no need for “comprehensive” coverage.  Film the waiting drones, film the stampede at opening, grab a few interviews of shoppers checking out, keep an ear on the police scanner for murders, robberies and tramplation deaths and send a crew to those Wal-Marts just in case, cut, edit, and you’re done.

Bad For BRA? Or Bad For Us?

23 11 2011


Federal judge tosses Harrisburg bankruptcy filing

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — A federal bankruptcy judge on Wednesday dismissed the petition by the City Council of Pennsylvania’s debt-choked capital of Harrisburg, saying it had been legally barred by state law from seeking bankruptcy protection and, in any case, had no authority to file it.

Federal bankruptcy Judge [*****] issued the ruling after hearing more than two hours of arguments by lawyers as to whether the bankruptcy petition, filed last month by a divided City Council, satisfied various legal issues and could move forward despite the objections of the city’s mayor, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, Dauphin County, bond insurers and others.

This has been a brewing issue under the radar screen.  Harrisburg’s main issue is environmental issues and EPA mandates, but there were a lot of authorities in a lot of big and heavily black cities and counties watching this ruling closely.  If this precedent holds up, then cities like Detroit and counties like Jefferson County, Alabama won’t be able to go into Federal bankruptcy court.  Will that be bad for BRA, or bad for us?  I’m laying money on “bad for us,” because then they’ll run to the Federal government begging for a bailout.  And while it’s obvious that the Democrats will say yes, most Republicans won’t be able to say no, because they’d rather die a death of a million paper cuts than be called “RACIST~!”

Wednesday’s Be-Gones

23 11 2011

Speaking of being gone, I’ll be in Kansas City for a job Friday through Monday, and in fact, I’ll have to drag across 70 tomorrow night, which, considering I’ll have a full stomach, should be really fun.  Expect little if any posting until Tuesday.


Two more Knockout Martin Luther King incidents on the Near South Side over the weekend.  The cops reeled in one of the doers from one of the incidents.

Other local media sources keep describing KK as a “game” where “youths choose random victims to assault for no reason.”  Translated into English, that means where thug blacks pick random non-blacks to assault for reasons of racial enmity.

Also from the Near South Side — Remember, that neighborhood, Benton Park, is supposed to be one of the hot ones for yuppies and rehabbers.

*  Not surprisingly, St. Louis is one of the most “ingrown” metropolitan areas.  The most ingrown ones are generally in the Pittsburgh to St. Louis belt, which somewhat corresponds to the Kraut Belt.  D.C., Seattle, Portland, Denver, Phoenix and Miami are the least “ingrown” areas, and it should be noted that a lot of their non-native populations are actually recent immigrants, not just American born in other places.

The Quincy, Illinois City Council endorses CCW.  The only way it will ever actually get CCW is if the state line miracuously moves ten miles to the east.


At least 40%, probalby more, of the human-caused wildfires in Arizona were at the hands of illegal aliens.  Most of those are probably drug cartels trying to create diversions.

*  Glory be.  DOJ sues Utah for essentially being a sanctuary state.  Even though Obama has made the United States a sanctuary country.

Harry Reid, let me put this in terms you would understand:

“This war…is not lost.”

*  Remember, you and I gave them their AKs.

Oklahoma:  Mexico’s and Indoamerica’s Newest Colony.

There’s a fancy word for this:  Insider trading.  It might be legal for members of Congress, but George Soros is not a member of Congress.

Paragraph #3 is the humdinger.  I’m sure that place does brisk business.

*  Oregon — the latest state to put a “hiatus” on executions, that will eventually mean that it will soon no longer have capital punishment.

In passing, we find out that the only kind of people who could have been executed are those convicted murderers who volunteer to be executed.  Kinda ironic, as Oregon also has legalized assisted suicide.

What we have here is a failure to communicate.  She admits to the detectives that she cracked in and changed her husband’s player’s grades to keep them team-eligible, but the school district said that her actions didn’t sway any student-athlete eligibility.

Pray tell, school district, what other reason would she have had for doing it?  Just for kicks?  For her health?

Amish commit a hate crime against other Amish?  Don’t put it past our Yankee government to think it possible.


*  The translation is a bit rough, but the message sadly is familiar and clear.


Jimmy McMillan, founder and leader of the Rent is Too Damn High party, got to vote for National League Most Valuable Player.

How?  I didn’t know he was in the sports media.


The Novell vs Microsoft anti-trust suits are still on-going.

What strikes me here is strange was Novell’s naivete in the mid-1990s.  They had to have heard of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office, and I’m sure they were aware of MSFT’s monopolistic ambitions.  The Office 4.x line was rolled out more than a year before Windows 95, and it was in common usage on Windows 3.1 boxes.  As a matter of fact, MSFT released Office 5.0 (“Office 95″) on the same day as Windows 95.  Could Novell not put two and two together to see that MSFT was going to jimmy Windows around its own office suite?

Fun With Thanksgiving Turkeylines

23 11 2011

P-D:  Sales up, prices down in St. Louis housing market

Sure, because it’s a paradox of economics that a good that costs less has higher sales.

5:  East St. Louis’ 2011 homicide total eclipses 2010

And it’s not even Kwanzaa yet.

RCW:  How Did the CIA Get Outsmarted by Hezbollah?

Because the CIA is big into affirmative action hiring.

Daily Mail:  Apple’s biggest ever store ‘to be unveiled at Grand Central Station’

Waiting for the Occutards to occupy the iCabal.

WCBS:  Imagine An Underground Park In NYC? It Could Become Reality

Good, it’ll send the Occutards under ground.  Fine by me.

The Blaze:  ‘Occupy CUNY’: NYC Students Drop Books on Police in Chaotic Tuition-Hike Protest

They don’t need no edu’kayshen.  Readin’ is so bourgeoise.

Washington Examiner:  DHS issues Turkey fryer warning

Especially worrisome are turkey fryers coming home from Iraq or Afghanistan, and ones with Ron Paul stickers on them.

The Blaze:  Vodka Company Takes Heat Over ‘Christmas Quality, Hanukkah Pricing‘ ’Anti-Semitic’ Billboard

I’ll be more content when someone starts offering Kwanzaa quality malt liquor.

Politico:  DC foreign policy debate: Mitt Romney promises first trip to Israel

I’m sure Israel will love him as much as they loved the last American Mormon that went on a condescending junket to Tel Aviv.

Reuters:  Romney picks up Thune endorsement for White House

I see how it happened — Thune saw Romney, pointed to him, said, “you should be President, handsome!,” then realized he wasn’t looking into a full length mirror.

WSJ:  Trump Threatens to Spend Millions on a Presidential Run

That proves his heart isn’t in it.  It will take billions to win.

Sydney Morning Herald:  Sex industry feels the pinch as NBA dispute drags on

Here’s a hint for NBA players:  It is possible to get sex yet not have to pay for it.  I’ll spell it out for you:  M-O-N-O-G-A-M-Y.

There You Are. I’ve Been Looking All Over For You.

23 11 2011

Even Rush Limbaugh was saying for weeks that what scared him about Newt Gingrich was his propensity to open mouth, say something embarrassingly leftist, and insert foot.  Nancy Pelosi, glow-BULL (not) warming, etc.

Well, that Newt showed up last night.

This might not be as big of an immigration gaffe as the Rickroller, but in the approximate half day since the end of the debate, most people are grokking it correctly.  I had one Newthead twit on Twitter try to argue with me by saying “Statute of Limitations.”  The problem with that?  An illegal alien here for 25 years didn’t just violate immigration law the day s/he hopped over the border or overstayed his or her visa (most illegal aliens are illegal b/c of overstayed visas), s/he is in violation every day that s/he remains here.  So you don’t start the SOL from the moment of border jumping or the visa expiring, you start it from the moment s/he stops being in violation of that law.

And his gaffe won’t make the open borders Razatards happy, because their question will be this — What is so “better” about an illegal alien here 25 years 1 day than one here 24 years 364 days?

Now you know why his time as Speaker of the House was a relative flop and disappointment.

It’s just as well.  I’ve been doing some research, and come to find out, Newt does have himself  a sugar daddy.  You don’t think he has a direct financial interest in open borders, do you?

Even if I wanted to vote for him, and I won’t, I couldn’t anyway.

UPDATE 1:40 PM:  Rush made a good point today about Newt’s boneheaded scheme — When all these blue ribbon panels get to decide which illegals get to stay and which must go home, the ACLU (probably also the SPLC) goes to court with “Equal Protection” lawsuits, and would probably win most of those.  At that time, there will be a full amnesty just to iron out the legal wrinkles.  I think Newt knows that, and he’s silently greasing the skids for full amnesty.

Also, if Newt thinks pro-amnesty Hispanics will be impressed with his plan, remember that he wants us to have the choice between himself and Barack Obama, who has already enacted “administrative amnesty” for all illegal aliens save a few that commit heinous felonies.  If Obama gets a second term, he’ll openly enact amnesty via executive order.

Tuesday’s Tidbits

22 11 2011


Nothing.  Chilly, cloudy, rainy, November, St. Louis.  Ergo, no interesting news.


This latest flash rob will probably get a lot of coverage here in the race blogs and forums.

First off, don’t look for the doers to be punished.  This is the People’s Republic of Maryland we’re talking about.

Second, you’ll notice at the end of the video that some parents are calling for a U18 curfew.  Which will be enforced as well as and work as well as laws against shoplifting.

*  Voter fraud in Milwaukee.  Guess what it looks like.

*  Good, but the real scandal is that Dodge County, Nebraska is 10% Hispanic.

Politico is getting a bit too hopeful for its own good.  The open borders issue isn’t as important to most Hispanic voters as they would like to think.  The best it could do is get the Hispanic vote in 2012 for Obama back to the same percentages and turnout as it was in 2008.  But then there are the rust belt white voters.  I’m sure Obama would rather have Pennsylvania and Ohio than Nevada and Colorado.

*  SMH.  Occutards take out after Ron Paul?  The only Republican Presidential candidate who agrees with them on a few of their (and my) pet issues?  These Occutards are nuttier than a fruitcake.

*  Is the third suspect the mother of the teenage girl?  If so, then this one is really interesting case — I bet mom and dad are in the process of a divorce, and mom wants the judge to give her custody of their daughter, and wants to use dad’s “dangerous crime ridden neighborhood” as grounds.  So in order to make the neighborhood “seem” dangerous, mom hires a couple of black ghetto thugs to kidnap her own daughter, coincidentally just as she’s out the door and on her way to school, at 6:30 AM, a time when most gang banger types are asleep and will be until noon.

As you can read, it all backfired (no pun intended) on her.

Talk about All Luck.  Once he gets over the trauma, this stepfather should have a talk with his stepdaughter about talking to strange men.

Sometimes, the law DOES work.  Not often, though.

BTW, since almost every “regular” college does everything it can to admit as many blacks as possible, why do we even have HBCUs anymore?


This one might be a keeper.  I’d respect him a lot more if he was in the BNP.

*  Dutch???  Looks like they’ve got ‘em over there, too.  Actually, I knew that already.  The one soccer game every four years that I’ll watch from start to finish is the World Cup final, and last year’s final was between Spain and The Netherlands.  The Dutch team had a lot of rude loutish black players, so that’s why I was happy that Spain won.

In a slight ironic twist, Halman is a native of Haarlem, the namesake of the Harlem neighborhood of that former Dutch colony.


Uh, because women read more, and their intelligence is skewed toward the verbal?

Something to think about in the near future, should we ever get in a trade war with Beijing.


If you still don’t grok the Penn State scandal after this video, then you’re hopeless.  I only wish NextMedia would have made the boy black, to reflect what I think is a taboo reality of this whole scandal.

Our Favorite Poverty Center Makes a Few Appearances Today

22 11 2011

Someone named Matt Barber writing in GOPUSA:

But none of this is surprising. The flames of violence against Lively, AFTAH and Christian Liberty Academy were ignited long ago. On the other end of the fuse is the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a hard-left outfit known in past years for monitoring true hate groups like the KKK and neo-Nazis.

After partnering with the admittedly communist GLN, the SPLC had declared, with much media fanfare, both AFTAH and Lively’s organization, Abiding Truth Ministries, along with several other highly respected Christian organizations, official “hate groups.”

This propagandist smear tactic has been increasingly used by the SPLC in an effort to marginalize Christian and conservative organizations with which the group disagrees. Unfortunately, however, we now see that this strategy to dehumanize, can also have unintended (presumably) consequences.

As in Illinois, the SPLC’s dangerous and irresponsible disinformation campaign can embolden and give license to like-minded, though less stable, left-wing extremists, creating a climate of true hate. Such a climate is ripe for violence. After all, these “hate groups” are just like the KKK, right?

Despite all this, even today the SPLC has somehow managed to maintain some level of mainstream credibility. But as it quickly moves further from its left-of-center moorings toward the far fringes of left-wing extremism, its own deceptive activities threaten to undo much of the good for which the organization was once recognized.

After the anti-Christian attack, Bob Schwartz, cofounder of GLN, refused to condemn the violence noting precisely that the victims were “SPLC-designated hate groups.” This comes as little surprise in that Schwartz once threatened to push AFTAH founder Peter LaBarbera into oncoming traffic.

Still, what is a bit surprising is that, like its GLN ally, the SPLC – a self-styled domestic terrorist watchdog organization – has additionally refused to condemn this overt act of domestic terrorism.

Instead, the SPLC released a statement, dripping with sarcasm, that piled on the victims. Rather than denouncing the attack, the organization simply lamented that the violence “only strengthened the absurd argument, promulgated by many [Christians]” that left-wing extremists “want to take over America and persecute Christians.”

Yes, it’s official. The SPLC has abandoned all pretense of objectivity.

And so, as left-wing violence continues to spike in coming months, not only should we expect to hear little about it from a sympathetic mainstream media; we should also expect little help from the once-respected Southern Poverty Law Center.

Indeed, it’s hard to do much about the problem when you’re a driving force behind it.

I’m glad the lamestream conservatives are coming around on the Poverty Palace, but I’m getting tired of their little hobby horse about how it “once did good work” but then “jumped the shark.”  It never did any good work.  And if you lamer cons had any brains or common sense, you would put two and two together and come up with the sum of the SPLC lying about those “true hate groups” long ago then like they’re lying about you now.

The Poverty Palace seems to be tangentially involved in Gunrunner aka Gunwalker aka Fast & Furious.  They get an honorable mention in the second blockquote.

Fun With Hooterlines

21 11 2011

Drudge:  US fears more than a dozen spooks may be executed…

All I can say is that twelve of the last thirteen death row convicts from Harris County, Texas are black.

5:  St. Charles County bodybuilders indicted for selling HGH

Drugs and roids in bodybuilding?  Hard to believe.  What next, football?

The Blaze:  Mother Upset After Hooters Waitress Invited to Speak at Fla. School

I can see why she’s mad — Her offspring at that school is a sixth-grade boy, who is not expected to grow boobs and hold the prime qualification to work there.

Breitbart:  NASCAR Crowd Boos Michelle Obama

What did she think would happen when she told 65,000 NASCAR fans that they have to eat Tofu?

WaPo:  Obamas to showcase legends, contemporary stars of country music

Monday’s Musings

21 11 2011


A Greyhound driver abandoned his bus and all its passengers on its Memphis-to-St. Louis route, in Charleston, Missouri.

Another source showed that almost all the passengers were black, though it did not show the driver.  Charleston is a heavily black town in Southeast Missouri.

Here’s the curious factor, though — All you have to do to get form Memphis to St. Louis is go straight up I-55.  Charleston is ten miles east of I-55 and a little farther east of Sikeston, along I-57.  Why did this driver take this diversion?  Did he have a dope hookup or a love interest just a bit out of the way?

*  Oh boy.  Just what the Near Northside needs, street art.  That’ll make it all better.

*  Good idea.  If schools will be getting various grants based on its high school graduation rates, then the method of figuring the graduation rate should be uniform.

Predictably, Missouri and Illinois, and various districts therein, don’t have graduation rates as good as previously advertised.

And yes, white elephant:  Critics have complained that graduation rates not only are difficult to compare, but also have been calculated in ways that obscure problems with high school completion — particularly among minority groups.

Predictably, black districts take the biggest tumble with this new honest methodology.


*  Another day, another “terror plot.”  Lemme guess, this one said a bunch of nasty shit then bought some firecrackers from a tent, and “boom,” instant terrorist conspiracy.  And boom, don’t you dare cut the budgets of the various Federal alphabet gangs “fighting terrorism.”

This latest one is a native of the Dominican Republic, which only goes to prove the point — Terrorism (quote-unquote) is an immigration issue.

(UPDATE 11/22:  The FBI wasn’t involved and didn’t want to be involved.  This was all NYPD.)

Reuters gets through a whole article about the fall of MF Global without using the word “Corzine” once.  To their credit, you will find a video involving Corzine in “Related Content” at the bottom.

Predictable, but the “conservative” white churches in Alabama aren’t that much better.  The Southern Baptist Convention is de facto (if not de jure) for open borders.

More young children living in poverty.  Mainly because we’re importing more poverty.

*  You think all the TARP money was paid back?  Think again.

*  Newt Gingrich is riding a wave now, but I still think it’s going to be Romney.  Mainly because Romney has the money to go the distance, even if Newt makes things interesting early.

That must be the calculation the Obamaites have, for Rahmbo is already treating Romney like the nominee.

*  Given enough time, EVERY legislative district in Texas will be a “Latino district.”

Strange behavior for a group of people that supposedly hate cigarettes so much and hate marketing cigarettes to minors even more.


*  Probably to combat anti-Semitism in Latin America, including among Hispanic-”Americans,” the ADL is sending various Hispanic journalists (some from the United States) on a junket to Israel.

It will backfire in the ADL’s face, because those journalists will come way even more sympathetic to the Palestinians, because they’ll see first hand Israeli prosperity versus Palestinian poverty.  They view their own struggle vis-a-vis gringo as symmetrical to that of the Palestinians vis-a-vis the Israelis.

*  The sad part of this news is that British firms have to be bribed in order to hire young Britons.  They should do that sort of thing naturally and out of pure ethnic and national loyalty.

*  How do you solve the immigration problem in Britain?  The same way you solve the crime problem in certain big American cities — Just ignore it and stop counting them.

Want proof that some of these “harsh” sentences handed to the summer rioters are just smokescreens?  Look at the bar graph.  For instance, the average bid for a U18 rioter was 24 months, while it’s not even nine months otherwise.  Most of the rioters will be out in nine months.  Don’t doubt me.


A DNA test to determine your kid’s most likely athletic success track?

Just wait until someone proposes the same thing with intelligence.

And yes, even with this sports test, there will be racial differences.  Eventually, that will be too much for Official America to bear, and these DNA tests will be prohibited.


Grok #10.  Ever wonder why more and more firms don’t allow employees to discuss their salaries, wages and pay scales with each other?  Aside from the fact that it’s none of their business, there are good reasons why two seemingly equal employees are paid different amounts.  And employees talking about their pay only makes office politics bitter, which in turn leads to lower productivity.

A Few Education Articles

21 11 2011

First, Tom Friedman writes in the NYT:

How About Better Parents?

IN recent years, we’ve been treated to reams of op-ed articles about how we need better teachers in our public schools and, if only the teachers’ unions would go away, our kids would score like Singapore’s on the big international tests. There’s no question that a great teacher can make a huge difference in a student’s achievement, and we need to recruit, train and reward more such teachers. But here’s what some new studies are also showing: We need better parents. Parents more focused on their children’s education can also make a huge difference in a student’s achievement.

How do we know? Every three years, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, or O.E.C.D., conducts exams as part of the Program for International Student Assessment, or PISA, which tests 15-year-olds in the world’s leading industrialized nations on their reading comprehension and ability to use what they’ve learned in math and science to solve real problems — the most important skills for succeeding in college and life. America’s 15-year-olds have not been distinguishing themselves in the PISA exams compared with students in Singapore, Finland and Shanghai.

To better understand why some students thrive taking the PISA tests and others do not, Andreas Schleicher, who oversees the exams for the O.E.C.D., was encouraged by the O.E.C.D. countries to look beyond the classrooms. So starting with four countries in 2006, and then adding 14 more in 2009, the PISA team went to the parents of 5,000 students and interviewed them “about how they raised their kids and then compared that with the test results” for each of those years, Schleicher explained to me. Two weeks ago, the PISA team published the three main findings of its study:

“Fifteen-year-old students whose parents often read books with them during their first year of primary school show markedly higher scores in PISA 2009 than students whose parents read with them infrequently or not at all. The performance advantage among students whose parents read to them in their early school years is evident regardless of the family’s socioeconomic background. Parents’ engagement with their 15-year-olds is strongly associated with better performance in PISA.”

First off, the right answer is better students (i.e. whiter students).  Second, PISA is unreliable, because some countries only test their smarter 15-year olds.  Third, by the time a student turns 15, parental involvement ought not matter as much as it did when s/he was in grade school.  For instance, my being age 15 corresponded to the last two months of my freshman year of high school and the first six months of sophomore year.  Some of my subjects in that time span were college algebra aka algebra two, trigonometry, world history, Latin, chemistry, Federal and Missouri constitutions, SAT prep English which had a college literature course-like reading list, among others.  I remember my science project in sophomore year, (which had nothing to do with chemistry, even though chemistry was my science class this year), had a report that was over 100 pages, including documentation.  With that kind of work load, parental involvement would have been far more a hindrance than a help.  Especially since the material in any one of these things went way over my mother’s head.

By the time you’re 15 years old, you should have enough internal motivation and self-responsibility such that your parents are almost irrelevant.  If you don’t have it by 15, you’ll never have it.

Second, one Robert Niles, writing in HuffPo, makes the case for public education, and he practices what he preaches.

He’s white, and presumably, his two children are white, and presumably, their public schools are mostly white.  So it’s perfectly obvious why public education is working for them.

His case is halfway sensible and halfway flaky, but it’s worth reading.  There are several instances where Niles wants to make the racial point, but pulls back from the brink because his own leftist ideology precludes him from seeing the obvious.

In the case of charter schools, the reason why most charters are turkeys is because charter schools are usually legally restricted to black and Hispanic cities, as some sort of panacea/cure-all for black and Hispanic academic failure that is almost nothing more than a direct result in low IQ.

Strange Cellmates

20 11 2011


Upscale Fla. town in fight over immigrant prison

SOUTHWEST RANCHES, Fla. (AP) — In one of South Florida’s upscale, rural enclaves, where peacocks roam and horse trails are as common as sidewalks, town leaders decided to bring in much of their money from an unusual business: a prison.

Only the leaders of Southwest Ranches kept their plans quiet from residents for almost a decade, and the project has now ballooned into what would be among the federal government’s largest immigrant detention centers. The town would have to pay $150,000 each year to keep the prison, but officials say the town would turn a profit by getting 4 percent of what U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement pays the company operating the prison to hold inmates there.

Many residents finally caught wind of the idea this year, when the immigration agency announced a tentative deal, and they’re angry. They’ve held protests at public meetings, contemplated whether to recall the mayor before his March election and whether to amend the town charter to make it easier to fire the city attorney pushing the deal.

The objection over the prison has created an odd set of allies among the town’s affluent residents, many of whom are wary of illegal immigrants, and longtime activists who fight for immigrants, legal or not.

I’ll fill in the rest of the blanks for you.  We know why the open borders rabble is opposed, because they don’t want immigration enforcement at all.  But the motivation for people who are of like mind to myself is fairly easy to discern.  Look at what happens in many rural Missouri towns that are near relatively new state prisons — A lot of blacks from St. Louis and Kansas City are sent there to do time, and their ghetto relatives move to the towns to be close to their “loved ones.”  Southwest Ranches seems to be one of the last majority white semi-affordable inland areas south of Fort Lauderdale.  Should a big new special hoosegow for illegal aliens open up, Southwest Gardens becomes a Spanish-speaking ghetto (remember, East Coast “Hispanics” are generally Afro- or Mulatto-Caribbean) within a few years.

Index Finger

20 11 2011


Editorial: Missouri and Illinois are shamelessly taxing the working poor.

In the spring of 1929, the Missouri Legislature created what was called the State Survey Commission to review how state government was organized and funded. It recommended overhauling the state’s tax structure, getting rid of the 1 percent flat rate and implementing a graduated state income tax — the more you earned, the more you paid.

In 1931, after bitter debate, the Legislature adopted the graduated tax. In those Depression days, the average family income was $1,850 a year — and falling. So the new tax structure said taxpayers who made less than $2,000 owed 2 percent of their income. The brackets moved higher until they reached the relatively few people making $9,000 a year, the equivalent of $134,000 today. They paid 6 percent on anything over $8,999.

This was pretty progressive for the time, but here’s the thing: The tax brackets haven’t been adjusted since then. The top bracket is still $9,000, and anyone with any kind of a job makes that much. The working poor pay at the same rate as billionaires.

So Missouri should index the income tax brackets to inflation?  That didn’t happen on the Federal level until 1985, and from what I understand, the P-D had an editorial position against that.

Incidentally, not indexing the brackets to inflation is how the Federal personal income tax gradually translated from just a minor expense to most people after WWII to the biggest expense of households in at least the working middle class by 1981.


In its study of the impact of state income taxes on low-income families, the left-leaning Center for Budget and Policy Priorities notes that Missouri and Illinois are among only 11 states that require a single-parent family of three earning below the poverty threshold of $17,374 to pay income taxes.

Both states require several hundred dollars in income taxes from near-poor two-parent families of four — total household income of $27,893, or 125 percent of poverty. Illinois goes so far as to require income taxes from families in severe poverty, meaning those at three-quarters or less of the poverty threshold.

Almost all of those “near poor” people don’t pay Federal income taxes.  The “top” (essentially flat) rate in Missouri is 6%, and in Illinois, it’s 5%.  We’re not talking a huge expense here.  Missouri allows the deductibility of Federal income tax liability on the state return, while Illinois does not.  But since most of these “near poor” don’t have any FIT liability (and in fact, have reverse liability through the EITC), Missouri and Illinois present their only opportunity to contribute into the system.

I’m not a big fan of exempting more and more lower income people from the tax rolls.  True, their overall liability should be lower, and I’ll also entertain an argument that their rates should be lower.  But from a matter of principle, they should contribute.  From a political standpoint, the more people you give “byes” from the tax system, the less and less effective tax issues are for rightist politicians.  The beauty of Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan wasn’t necessarily the details, but the philosophical verve — Get as many people as reasonably possible on the “paying” end of the ledger, so that the rates for everyone who pays can be lower.  Still, I would want a capital gains tax to remain, and a reverse stair stepped one.

The deductibility of Federal liability on Missouri returns came into play twice in the last decade.  At one point in both Bush 43 terms, there were tax rebates, of $300 per taxpayer.  What those really were were advance payments on decreased Federal income tax liability on the next tax return.  Therefore, since your FIT liability was about to be $300 less, you therefore had $300 less deductions on your Missouri return, meaning that you were liable for $300 times 6%, or $18, in extra taxes to Jefferson City.  Both times, though, the General Assembly intervened in the direction of not wanting those eighteen clams per person.

Let Me Make This Really Easy For You

20 11 2011


Older, Suburban and Struggling, ‘Near Poor’ Startle the Census

WASHINGTON — They drive cars, but seldom new ones. They earn paychecks, but not big ones. Many own homes. Most pay taxes. Half are married, and nearly half live in the suburbs. None are poor, but many describe themselves as barely scraping by.

Down but not quite out, these Americans form a diverse group sometimes called “near poor” and sometimes simply overlooked — and a new count suggests they are far more numerous than previously understood.

When the Census Bureau this month released a new measure of poverty, meant to better count disposable income, it began altering the portrait of national need. Perhaps the most startling differences between the old measure and the new involves data the government has not yet published, showing 51 million people with incomes less than 50 percent above the poverty line. That number of Americans is 76 percent higher than the official account, published in September. All told, that places 100 million people — one in three Americans — either in poverty or in the fretful zone just above it.


Outside the bureau, skeptics of the new measure warned that the phrase “near poor” — a common term, but not one the government officially uses — may suggest more hardship than most families in this income level experience. A family of four can fall into this range, adjusted for regional living costs, with an income of up to $25,500 in rural North Dakota or $51,000 in Silicon Valley.

Okay, hit the “Easy” Button.


Sunday Wrap-Up

20 11 2011


*  I’m surprised Kinloch had any public money left to steal.  Damned if someone wasn’t able to find any.

Agree.  One of the other problems they face is that their college campuses are full of hateful big mouth loud mouth anti-military kooks and leftist goofballs.

*  Katherine Dunham once went on a hunger strike about Haiti.  Well, she probably could have waited just a little longer and lived a few more years, to see her very own East St. Louis become Haiti.

*  We’re in a severe recession, yet St. Louis University Hospital wants to expand.

How does that work?

Oh, I know.  More imprisoned pimps must need health care.

SLPD thinks Occtuards broke into the old Muni Courts building.  One guess is all I need — They were trying to erase their own rap sheets.

*  I wonder if Channel 4′s reporters have ever been to Madison County, Illinois.  I doubt they have, for they can’t tell the difference between the Chain of Rocks Bridge and the Canal Bridge.  This project is about the latter.  The real big ticket item is the former.


*  Oh, wow.  He might have to be in juvie jail until he’s 18.  If he does that much time, it will be a surprise to me.

The about-to-be 13-year old is described as the “baddest boy in the building.”  We’ll see how long he stays the “baddest” once some 16-year old hardened thug goes all Sandusky on him.

*  A black man in his twenties, an inch shorter than six feet, is described as a “sex fiend.”

Hello, EVERY man in his twenties is a sex fiend.  It’s just that not every man in his twenties acts out his fiendish desires in felonious ways.

*  “Uvo Ologboride.”  Nice ideal name for an American nurse.

BTW, why is a regular hospital storing a lethal injection drug?

*  If you’re a young man in or around Charlottesville, Virginia, I would give up sleeping naked for awhile, at least until this perv is in the can.

Two CPD Officers were caught with their hands in the Latin Kings cookie jar.

Their names?  You’ll be shocked, utterly shocked.

Gerry McCarthy makes a “boo hoo whoa is us” appearance in this story.  Why should he think any of this is wrong?  After all, he’s against racism and for diversity.  Isn’t that the most important thing?  You do have to break a few eggs on order to make an omelet.

The consequences of the browning of California continue to metasasize.  Said one parent:

“It’s demeaning,” Michelle Raheja, the mother of a kindergartner at Condit Elementary School, wrote to her daughter’s teacher. “I’m sure you can appreciate the inappropriateness of asking children to dress up like slaves (and kind slave masters), or Jews (and friendly Nazis), or members of any other racial minority group who has struggled in our nation’s history.”

I have read stories recently about grade school teachers making their students dress up as slaves, in order to experience the horrors of slavery.

None of this news should be surprising anymore.  It has become perfectly apparent that Second Mile was nothing more than an escort/prostitution service for old perverted pederasts to hook up with vulnerable young (mostly black) prepubescent and barely pubescent boys.  Where there are tricks arranged and turned, there by definition must be a whore house.  Why do you think Second Mile paid Penn State for the use of facilities?  The shower rooms were the flop houses.

*  “We are the 99%”…that use the 0.01% of New York City hotel accommodations.

ACLU suing over the denial of a certain type of vanity license plate.  Unfortunately, it’s not in Texas.

*  Executive Summary:  Iowa is up for grabs, but Romney probably won’t win it.


*  African piracy:  Now on the other side of the continent.

Britain’s diverse teenagers don’t want to read Shakespeare and Chaucer and Milton and Byron?  No shit, Arthur Conan.

*  Why is everyone so surprised?  Yes, he’s a child rapist, but he’s also diverse.  And that’s the most important thing.  His very presence makes Britain stronger.

I would be offended, too.  Why must every decent human habit be justified in terms of the favored religion du jour?  Why can’t something be good and decent just because it’s good and decent?  Or, to put it another way, if Allah said it was okay to be a litterbug, does this mean that Official Britain wouldn’t care about a clean environment?

The new Prime Minister of Spain looks a lot like man my mother once dated.  He too had a Spanish surname but a German-sounding first name, and it was at his house was where I saw my very first home computer.  We’re talking like 1982 or so.  He worked for the Defense Mapping Agency in St. Louis.

What Lizz Brown conveniently left out about Ghana.


No, not the end.

This only demonstrates what I’ve always suspicioned, that the official story about the physical assassination, that someone could fire the given rifle from the given location at the given target, was/is possible.  It doesn’t actually prove that it happened.  And even if there was proof that that part of the official story is true, it still doesn’t address Oswald’s motive, if he had any external sugar daddies, and what motives they might have had for wanting to see the person of John Fitzgerald Kennedy dead.

Nick Clegg’s mother was imprisoned in a Japanese POW camp during WWII.

Yet, as brutally as she was treated, and as brutal as the Japanese were to POWs overall, she has “no resentment towards the Japanese.”

And her son leads a political party that calls itself “Liberal Democrat.”

Illiberalism is indeed a mental disorder.


*  We might soon be asked to march into Syria to “liberate” its people from the repressive regime.  Guess who is helping that repressive regime get away with its repression.

Old Apple ads.  I’m just old enough to have used cassette tapes to load programs onto computers, namely Commodores.  The only good that came of that is that it makes me be thankful that every other newer method was a lot faster.  It’s all a matter of knowing what you have because you never always had it.


*  There is hope for society after all, when 31,000 people are cheering a man who is helping to sequence the genome of a long extinct hominid species, and those 31,000 people aren’t in some open air temple dedicated to worshiping men wearing spandex, pads and helmets.


No, they’re not kidding.  I expect this to be the start of a fad in the ghetto.

St. John’s (New York City) University basketball team, BTW.

*  Are you a man considering tertiary education?  Cross Jacksonville State University off your list.

Is it even possible to enforce this policy?  What will JSU do?  Collect the gizz from the plumbing nadirs of the shower drainage systems, sequence its DNA, then ask for hair samples of every man in the dorm?

For the sake of gender fairness, I wonder if there are any such signs in the women’s showers.

Kinda puts a monkey wrench in the whole “random evolution” thing, doesn’t it?

This isn’t happening in the ghetto, or near an Occutard hovel.  How can you tell?  For one, they got a lot of money for playing songs with a cello, banjo and clarinet, and two, the money is still there.

*  I must be the world’s only man who has ever spent any appreciable amount of time in Arizona and never rented a Harley to drive around the state.

This is what happens when certain people with too much self-esteem get told “No” for the first time in their lives.

The Audacity of Resemblance

19 11 2011

No fifth grade for you, because you said that someone who looks a little like President Obama looks like President Obama.

In this medium, I have said that Harold Ford Jr and A-Rod look a bit like Obama, and that current University of Illinois starting QB Nathan Scheelhaase could have a nice movie career playing Obama if the football thing doesn’t work out.  I guess I should expel myself from my own blog.  And yes, that would make me about as smart as a fifth grader.

False Flag

19 11 2011

Left-wing British paper rips the curtain away from many of these Muslim “terrorist plots,” including the Liberty City Seven.  Hint:  You’re not engaged a serious conspiracy to blow up the Sears Tower if don’t know in which city the Sears Tower resides.

There is nothing in the world more dangerous than a law enforcement agency that fears getting its budget cut back even one penny.

Now, Guardian, let’s apply this same logic to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, and these supposed “bombings” on the part of supposed “K-People.”  Lyndon Johnson would have dressed up in a Klan robe and murdered a black infant with a machine gun if that’s what he thought he had to do to pass civil rights legislation.  Luckily for him, he had the FBI to do his dirty work.

As an aside, though I am a regular reader of Jihad Watch/Robert Spencer/Pamela Geller, that is one of my problems with their mentality.  They buy hook line and sinker into every one of these False Flag “terror plots” as if they’re real Muslim terrorism.


19 11 2011

Current B/F of St. Louis’s answer to Casey Anthony talks to the local MSM.

Surprise surprise.

He isn’t the deceased child’s father, just to be all perfectly clear slash Obama about it.

I do think that much more than just her current “boyfriend,” he might have been her meth hookup.  The reason I think that is that she looks significantly older than 20 years old (hint:  meth), and Hispanic gangs have moved in to fill the void that was opened when state and Federal laws made cooking your own meth almost impossible.

Hey, SLPD. You Still Want Local Control?

19 11 2011

The Chief-of-Staff of the CEO of the institution which will run you should local control happen just called your Officers’ Association former President an “extremist.”

Earth to Rainford:  The reason why the St. Louis Occutards weren’t as obnoxious as their cousins in other cities, and their “eviction” went far more smoothly, was because St. Louis’s left wing extremist presence isn’t as big or as arrogant as in other big cities.  Therefore, the Occutards who encamped Downtown weren’t as many or as hostile as one would find in Oakland or New York.


18 11 2011

It’s official.

I take this to mean that the conventional wisdom is that Nixon is a shoo-in for a second term.

I’m now old enough — I would run for Governor now if I were independently wealthy.  And I’m not joking around.  I would have mounted a campaign within the Republican Party even if KinderCare stayed in the race.  But I’m not about to whore my ass out to the special interests to which one must in order to raise the coin to fund a statewide campaign.  Therefore, my political season next year will be limited to being a foot soldier for Todd Akin’s Senate campaign.

In case you’re new here, and you’re wondering what is my big problem with KinderCare?  It’s a two word phrase, the second word is “lover.”  He panders to blacks something terrible.

The Yin and the Yang of Tim Tebow

18 11 2011

I’m going to address a couple of Tomm Looney’s hobby horses in regard to one Timothy Richard Tebow.

First, he thinks the Focus on the Family Super Bowl ad was in bad taste because it was a matter of someone who was still living at home and financially dependent on his parents “preaching” to adult women about an important “choice” that they must often make.

See the ad for yourself:

What I see is a middle aged self-sufficient adult woman talking about the difficult choice she had to made when she was a younger woman.  It just so happens the consequence of that choice was, at the time, on the vestibule of a professional football career.

Second, Looney thinks that Tebow would be liked a lot more if not for his evangelical verve in public.

The problem with that theory is that he would actually be liked less, but also hated less.  Tebow’s supporters and detractors dynamically feed off each other.  People who like Tebow like him precisely because they despise the people who sneer at him, and on the other side of the coin, people who don’t like Tebow don’t like him because they have contempt for the kind of people that like him.  Tebow is almost an innocent actor in this play, who just happens to be in the middle of a societal tug of war.  He is a polarizing figure, but I don’t think he’s deliberately provocative.  He is exactly who he is and wants to be.

You can’t have a yin without the yang, and you can’t have a yang without the yin.

Fun with Friday Headlines

18 11 2011

TMZ:  Richest Bankrupt Dude EVER!!!

People talk about “N***a Rich,” well Vick is “N***a Bankrupt.”

ABC:  Al Qaeda Head: My Fond Memories of Bin Laden

Recalling OBL’s softer side, when he only despised the infidels, instead of his normal attitude of wanting to kill them all.

Politico:  VP’s closed-door transparency chat

That can only mean he’s fixin’ to say something stupid.  Which of course goes in the same drawer as “sun rises in east.”

Reuters:  Anti-Wall Street protesters snarl Los Angeles freeways

How can you tell?

Daily Mail:  Double whammy: Dinosaurs wiped out by one-two death punch delivered by colossal volcanic eruptions AND meteorite impacts

I thought “double whammy” was George Michael’s long lost twin brother.

Smoking Gun:  Tennessee Man, 37, Arrested For Assaulting His Mother With A Ham

Shame on him, he cut a slice off of himself and threw it at his mother.


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