Thursday’s Toestubs

3 11 2011


Knowingly spread HIV/AIDS.

At some point, the kind of women that would have sex with these kind of men have to realize that they probably have a few unwanted gifts for them.

*  Oh joy.  The area that is a little bit east of my neck of the woods is quickly becoming The New Subcontinent.

If you recall, current U.S. Attorney for Eastern Missouri Richard Callahan spoke to the leaders of a Ballwin mosque about how Obama hearts Shari’ah Law so much.  I wonder if one of those mosques is one listed in this article.

*  Don’t doubt me.  In fact, I predicted it awhile back.  And by “it,” I mean consolidating larger urban black school districts into better prosperous white school districts, so that, for example, all of St. Louis and St. Charles County is under “one” school district, ergo desegregation and busing could continue because it’s all “intra” district.  “Inter” District deseg is ending, but “intra” district is cointinuing.  Part of the legerdemain would be to conceal black educational failure, too.


Uh, Bobby?  But for the NCAA, most of these black “afawetes” wouldn’t be qualified to look at a college, much less be admitted to one.

I’m directing you directly to the photos for a reason.

The United States shed some eight thousand manufacturing jobs in October.  I’d like to know where there were 8,000 manufacturing jobs to begin with such that we could lose them.

*  Finally, some (thankfully most) House Republicans are starting to ask questions about Obama’s administrative immigration amnesty.  AKA amnesty by means of non-enforcement.

Good.  Let ’em.  You should know by now how this benefits us.

*  Even though the words “a dirty low-down N-word” were never really used by anyone, the article only proves that this is true about this given suspect.  Also, nobody ever really said that “ever since Obama got into office black people think they can do anything.”  Except we all know it’s true.

Can’t even trust ’em with knives.

*  They told us Detroit was coming back.  They told us Detroit was experiencing a renaissance.

Stupid media.

The oblivious ex-jock that calls himself Mayor said that “City government has to live within its means.”  Yet, he won’t apply that logic to the Federal government.  Pray tell, Mr. Bing, how can you expect a city with almost no real tax base and a population full of welfare dependents to have a city government with means much less live within them?

*  Occutards:  They are the 1%.

Amusing:  Not sure about Tammy Bruce, but I know that all these hosts in the top seven, you have to pay in order to listen to their internet streams of their show, save the one who sounds like Groucho Marx’s grandmother after a hysterectomy, whose stream both live and archived is free.  Yet, he’s still only #7.


Africans whine and make excuses for their own failure.  Sounds so familiar.  Can’t quite put my finger on it.

*  “Conflict-free” diamonds.  Bull fucking shit.

Yeah, maybe “conflict-free,” but not genocide-free.

*  Canadian Muslims:  We want Canuckistan, complete with Shari’ah Law.

Without American funding, UNESCO states that “it will be impossible for us to maintain our current level of activity.”



*  I would have my own reasons not to go in blackface and pretend to be Jay-Z at a Halloween party.

I respect myself too much.

The third picture is the best, because it looks like the starlings are massing up in a pattern that looks like a huge bird itself.


London, minus 102 years.



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