Fast and Furious Under Bush

7 11 2011

I have been co-blaming Bush and Obama for F&F.  Update on that.

John Lott:

The Obama people want to claim that they are no worse than the Bush administration. The “Wide Receiver” program gave direct notice to the Mexican authorities so that they could try to track the guns when they went to the Mexican side of the border. “Fast and Furious” made no such attempt to notify the Mexican authorities in anyway. “Fast and Furious” made no serious attempt to actually trace the guns and what is worse they knew that the guns weren’t being traced. The Bush officials might have learned that Mexican police weren’t up to tracing the guns, but at least they had a plan to try to have the guns followed. “Fast and Furious” gave out the guns, but agents and middle level people complained that the guns weren’t being traced.

While that’s a crucial operational difference, I think the whole concept was just as nutty.  Why bother with all that when you already know Mexico is full of ne’er-do-wells?  The reason is that Bush wanted open borders as much as Obama.  Real border security wasn’t an option before January 20, 2009, and it wasn’t an option after then.  My “Fast and Furious” would be 10,000 volts and 101st Airborne as fast and as furiously as possible.





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