Monday’s Musings

7 11 2011


SLPD dragnet catches another one of the Knockout Martin Luther Kingers.

Maybe one of these days, the SLPD will add two and two together and wind up with the sum of hate crime.

*  “Yo-Yoing?”  Sound like bait and switch, which is already a crime.  Or at least some sort of fraud.

Realize, though, that these are the automotive equivalent of subprime mortgages.

*  A funny thing happened on the way to Democrat dominance of St. Louis County politics — It got mired down in the same racial politics (white liberals vs black obsessives) for which St. Louis City has been famous for ages.

Yeah, the P-D doesn’t say race.  But that’s why I get paid the big bucks, to stick my ear to the ground and pick up on these sorts of things.

*  “Spectacular views.”  Depending on where this lake front property is on the Lake of the Ozarks, they might not actually be referring to the trees, bluffs, autumnal foliage, or water.

Hint:  Young, hard body, perfect dimensions, drunk, naked and over 18.  You think “Party Cove” means kids’ parties?

*  Mel Hancock, one of the very best members of Congress from the state of Missouri in my lifetime, has passed at the age of 82.

His only real big political mistake was letting the Southwest Missouri farm bureaus con him into voting for NAFTA, but he tried to undo that mistake in short order by being a cosponsor of the “Repeal NAFTA” bill.


Two things about this worth mentioning, because the story mostly speaks for itself.  One is “South Suburban,” as in southern Cook County that is not in the City of Chicago.  It is becoming the “New Southside,” as Chicago’s civic elite slowly convince and cajole southside blacks to move to South Suburban Cook to make life safe for white yuppies and gentrifiers.  Second, he is a “parolee.”  Let me guess, one of Quinn’s parolees.

Don’t blame me, I voted for Bill Brady.

The ACSE is always giving American infrastructure a low grade.  Duh, that’s because they’re directly invested in government spending on infrastructure.

FOP endorsing Eric “My People” Holder after Brian Terry, Fast & Furious, and the fact that Eric Holder’s “people” are the number one threat to the lives and safety of urban cops?

FOP just shot its credibility to hell.

*  Keith Ellison hearts black voter fraud.  What do you think this is all about?

*  Occutards = Tea Parties NOT, Exhibit #728,391.

*  So, the rat bum students at Harvard don’t want to learn anything, and walk out of a certain professor’s class?  Let ’em.  That’s their loss, or, more properly, their parents’ loss.

Mark me, this “walkout” was all dreamed up by a rival professor.

The takeaways from this polling data are that 18-30s support Obama less in terms of percentage and less enthusiastically than they did in 2008.  Politics are games of margins, so this will hurt Obama immensely going into 2012.

Even if “millennials” supported Obama as strongly and as enthusiastically as they did in 2008, it still doesn’t much matter, because 18-30s aren’t where the action is in Presidential electoral politics.  It’s middle aged working middle class whites in rust belt swing states.


Me, on August 3:

Even if we didn’t owe China one red cent, I wouldn’t want to go to war with Beijing over Taiwan anyway.  Are we to spill the increasingly precious and rare blood of white men over the question of should or shouldn’t a continential mainland country with 1.3 billion Chinese people rule over an island 140 miles off their coast populated with 23 million Chinese people?  In case you didn’t notice, even as Taiwan and Mainland China still trade verbal barbs, Taiwanese electronics maufacturers such as Sangean do their assembly on the Mainland.  Taiwan and China are getting economically linked more and more.  I predict that, notwithstanding any financial contretemps between Beijing and Washington, Taiwan will eventually rejoin the People’s Republic of China willingly.  Find the alternate universe with us not owing China anything, and do some time traveling, and I predict you would still see voluntary reunification.  Blood is thicker than ideology.

Take a gander at this news.

Hong Kong was forced into a shotgun marriage with Beijing in 1997, when the British lease on the peninsula expired.  Now, 14 years later, Hong Kong seems to be willing to accept and embrace reality, that they are Chinese, and blood is thicker than ideology.

Taiwan will by 2030.  Don’t doubt me.

The Religion of Peace that just wants to live in perfect harmony with the world strikes again.

People rightly bemoan the political volatility of using Middle Eastern oil.  But Nigerian oil isn’t any better.

Racism.  Can’t be anything but, correct?  After all, people who deal with dead bodies never make any mistakes.


*  Dinosaurs flirted pretty much the same way human beings flirt, by shaking their rear ends.  Or, in Ebonics terms, what their mama gave ’em.

*  If you didn’t know how big adult sharks can get, realize that this is a fetus.




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