Release Day

8 11 2011

Fedora 16, Firefox 8 and Thunderbird 8 all released today.  I guess today is some sort of crossroads in the software space-time continuum.  Or it could be just a coincidence.


Tuesday’s Tidbits

8 11 2011


*  Of course, school districts have a direct financial incentive to “prevent dropouts” and to get as many students as possible in school as often as possible.  It’s called the per capita per diem state compensation.  That these wannabe dropouts are made to go to school and cause problems for those students that want to learn?  NBD.

Former Missouri inmate now a Federal inmate for an ID theft scam he ran while behind Missouri’s bars.

Pardon me?  How can someone run such a sophisticated scam from a Missouri prison?

Embarassing.  I would be embarrassed if I were the warden of this prison at the time he was in.

Doubts?  Yes.  St. Louis drivers are rather rude, but that’s just St. Louis, and not the whole state.

The big red flag here is MADD, that wonderful organization that claims to be opposed to drunk driving but loves open borders with Mexico so much.  I bet they’re only grinding on Missouri because it doesn’t have either an open container law or social host liability.


The age wealth gap is really a racial wealth gap.  Don’t doubt me.

Lamar Smith on the payroll of the copywrong extremists?  Say it ain’t so?

It is so.

Another thing — I side with Lou Barletta on Smith’s immigration bill, that it’s a poison pill.  Hint:  The National Chamber Pot of Commerce supports it.

A Reagan statue vandalized in Orange County, California?  Not so long ago, that sort of thing would have been unthinkable, almost science fiction.

Then again, not so long ago, Reagan’s own pen helped to hearken Orange County’s demographic collapse.

Reading this makes me think of the many uses that post-Romans had for the Colosseum in the centuries after the “official” fall of the Western Roman Empire.

*  The Rickroller’s Presidential campaign just suffered a severe body blow.  He got props from Bill Clinton on immigration.

*  Haven’t you noticed?  Almost every non-white-on-white violent crime is “senseless,” “sad,” “random,” “isolated incident.”  One of these days, they might actually be racial hate crimes.  Of course, just between you, me and the gate post, I think most of them are already racial hate crimes.

Also, I can’t stomach the cruel irony of this happening in a town named Albion.

Rahm wants to double the city fine from $600 to $1,200 for Chicago city property owners that let their weeds grow taller than ten inches.

Is Rahm taller than ten inches?

God love her, she has a lot of courage, but this woman is screwing her own pooch by playing the “I’m not a racist” card.

What she should do is adopt the James Edwards strategy.  She should say that she’s not a racist because nobody is a racist, and nobody is a racist, because racism/racist doesn’t mean anything.  Except racist sometimes means “white person,” and that she definitely is.

Yeah, boo hoo.  But what I find interesting is that North Carolina’s eugenics board was operational as late as the year of my birth.  And that was long after the fall of the “eugenics loving” Nazis.

Reserve judgment on this story.  For the truth is probably far more practical and far less devious than it’s made out to be here.  For instance, everyone is running around thinking that the Tuskegee Experiment deliberately infected black men with syphilis.  In reality, it was a set of clinical trials on black men who already had syphilis, supervised by a black doctor.  At the time of Tuskegee, there was no really proven syphills treatment.


*  Michael Savage was so worried about being “banned” from Britain.  Turns out the UKBA doesn’t check anyway.

I guess this is worth reading.  But I really get frustrated when lamestream writers, even non-hostile ones like this George Friedman, link the growing success and popularity of European pop-nat parties (the “far right”) to the depressed economy, as if pop-nat is the exclusive province of economically frustrated people.  In reality, the pop-nat wing of European politics has been growing for a long time, even during a good economy, and it grew because man cannot live on bread alone.

Certain minorities can be just as obnoxious and criminal during a good economy as they can during a bad one.l

You yellow bastard.

Though I’m happy that Beijing doesn’t seem to want to bail out Europe, which is good news for Europe in the long run.

I really grind over this notion that white Europeans are “lazy.”  Just one island full of white Europeans almost brought China to its knees a little more than a century ago.

And what of all those “hard working” Chinese?  Seems like they’re a leading demographic when it comes to espionage, industrial esiponage, financial scams of one sort or another, or some sort of white collar crime, at least in the United States.  The infamous “Patel” operations when it comes to gas stations and hotels/motels?  The Chinese are big into that, too, albeit with other types of businesses.

Also, I find it ironic that Al Jazeera is giving voice to this screed.  One word:  Uyghurs.


As it gets older, its weight changes.  Yeah, I know, this hits home.  But it’s not clear here whether the “official” kilogram is getting heavier or lighter with age.

*  More alarmism debunked — The “global killer” really won’t be a global killer.

*  “Confound their language.”

Look at the map of eastern North America.  Notice how relatively unimportant is French, especially since a whole country is officially bilingual because of that little segment.

Computer scientists in Britain want to reconstruct the Babbage Engine, to ascertain just how influential Charles Babbage was in the genesis of modern computing.

One thing we know for sure was that it was not a digital device, so at least from an engineering standpoint, it is not like your desktop or laptop or tablet or smartphone.  But one similarity is that Babbage invented his engine for military purposes, which is the same motivation for ENIAC and various contemporary equivalents in Britain and Germany during WWII.